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June 11, 2009

Where Have You Gone, Summer Storylines?

We were completely flattered that Soap Opera Digest's Naomi Rabinowitz once again asked us for our opinion on soaps outside of our normal we-hate-basically-everything column. And since her article about the state of--or lack of--"summer" storylines on soaps today afforded us the opportunity to engage in two of our favorite traditions (complaining about bad writing and reminiscing about soaps' glory days), we had plenty to say.

Check out the article after the jump (click on the images to enlarge to full-size).  Fun side task:  Keep track of how many quotes in the article, from basically everyone interviewed, actually translate to "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ENOUGH WITH THE SHITTY WRITING!" 



Heee! i do love all the "IT'S THE WRITING STUPIDS" comments. I admit I got drawn into soaps over the summer when I was 12...but what kept me watching was the stories. Oh and my summer intro to soaps story? Crazy Janet from another planet had Natalie in the well. Not exactly aimed at the teens.

I loved the little dig at CGI, ehem GH, too!

I loved the little dig at CGI, ehem GH, too!

Is there a quote in there that doesn't say it's all about the writing? lol.

It's so "funny" that MAB is the only soap HW I can read quotes from and not feel an overwhelming urge to do physical harm to said writer.

P.S. Becca-I could not love SYTYCD more either. :)

Luke and Laura and the summer on the run-- I am showing my age but that was terrific. They were on everyday --basically 1/2 of the show was Luke and Laura with the whole Beecher COrner People! Great stuff....

What is missing from soaps today-- good storytelling! The storylines are horrible -- imagination is free --and the soaps don't seem to use it.

Agreed, it is the writing. The actors are fine, the sets are fine, I don't need an actual waterfall, but the storylines? Horrible.

On GH...it is because there is no consistency with history and character development. Instead of embracing the great elements of the genre--long term histories with characters and an audience invested in the history, the writers shift everything based on the idea of the day. Why watch a soap if there isn't respect for history and the shows characters?

That picture of KS and JC on the beach is kind of hot. It makes me even more interested in a Maxie and Matt pairing!

The problem with daytime or at least GH is the writing. Irregardless of age, I think people want to see good stories. People want to tune in and not have there intelligence insulted. People want current stories to build on a shows history not destroy it. People want the entire cast to be involved and not just the favorites.

I was drawn into soaps during the summer as a tween. It had little to do with featuring teens and had everything to do with great characters and stories. My first soap loves were Another World (and was so happy to see the shout out in the article!) and Days. I loved watching the relationships develop and the obstacles appear, some overcome, others not so much, in thought out, well-written and well-paced -- but still soaptastic -- plots. Relationships lasted years...YEARS!

Vicky and Ryan, Bo and Hope, Jake and Paulina, Steve and Kayla, Jack and Jennifer, Cass and Frankie (RIP). THAT'S why I loved soaps.

I think my favorite summer soap storyline was White Knight v. Black King, Ryan v. Carl, leading to the best "I'm your father" moment since The Empire Strikes Back. I believe it was 1992 and I was 13. Carl Hutchins was no teen and I still tuned in every day.

Time to search for some video clips...

OMG Emmy I totally agree with you about Another World my all time favorite soap. I have been rewatching it on Hulu and love it as much now as I did back then.

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