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July 02, 2009

Eileen Davidson's "Dial Emmy For Murder"

Dialemmy If you're anything like me, your eyes instinctively roll when you hear that a celebrity has written a novel (I freely admit that this is partly out of jealousy on my part. If Lauren Conrad can "write" a novel, why can't I?!). But! If you rolled your eyes when you heard that Eileen Davidson has a series of soap opera mystery books, you eyerolled too soon, because her latest, Dial Emmy For Murder, is pretty damn good. And I don't mean that in a "well, it's so terrible that it's good" or "I heart Eileen Davidson, so let's just say that this is good"" kind of way; I am being completely sincere! If you're looking for an inanely entertaining summer read, this is it.

Quick background: Alexis Peterson is a soap star, formerly of The Yearning Tide and now playing the dual roles of Felicia and Fannie (Felicia's ugly twin, who is played with fake teeth and a prosthetic nose. Shades of Susan Banks!) on The Bare and the Brazen who again finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery when her Emmy co-presenter winds up dead. I will say no more because it's a mystery, duh, and I don't want to give anything away. 

I love, love, love Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott and I adored her on Days, and it turns out that she's a great storyteller, too. She's funny, is great with dialogue and Alex is a fantastic, clever character. I really feel like soap headwriters should consult with ED before they write another of their harebrained mysteries (Charles Pratt, I am sneering in your general direction).

Has anybody else read this book, or her previous novel, Death in Daytime? Share in the comments!


Yes, she is good as Ashley, but in my heart and mind, she will never top, "Mr. Stefano DiMera is king of the vampires!!!"

I loved that so, so much. Especially when she was triplets.

I almost bought the first book when it came out, but the positive blurb from Ron Moss kinda made me think that it must be bad if she had to ask her former B&B love interest for a quote. But I might try it now, with your recommendation!

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