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July 02, 2009

It's Like They Are Begging Me To Make a Joke About This Show Choking

I am not sure who is crazier at the end of this clip (the last scene of today's episode):

Erica, for deliberately provoking a person she KNOWS is insane and violent and who has, in fact, STABBED HER in the past, with her hilarious quips and her steely determination to send said insane person up the river for Stuart's murder? Really, Erica? That's how you deal with someone you believe to be a deranged murderer? By stalking and needling them and rubbing your gloriously voluminous hair in their face? That doesn't seem wise.

Annie, for coping with listening to things she doesn't want to hear by going, "Lalalala, I can't hear you, I can't hear you, GAH! STOP! I WILL KILL YOU"?

The audience, for continuing to watch even though it is causing our brain cells to rapidly deplete to the point where we maybe, I don't know, hypothetically lose all hand-eye coordination and wind up hitting our heads getting out of our cars? Twice in one day?

It's us, isn't it?

*Also, did anybody else catch Kendall saying "You might as well just bury me now" in front of Tad, who actually did bury someone a few years ago? It made me laugh until I cried. And those tears were the devastated tears of a person who just realized that maybe Megan McTavish wasn't so bad after all...


I personally am not a fan of AMC but people in my family are HUGE fans of the show. They were all so happy when McTrash was let go and I was always the one saying be careful what you wish for. From the sound of it, it appears I was right. When I heard they hired Pratt I knew that was a fate worse than McTrash. He and Guza share the "Worlds Greatest Hack" title.

Oh, the audience for continuing to watch even though it is causing our brain cells to delete - no question about it!!

Zach clearly still refuses to tell Kendall who killed Madden, doesn't he?!

I realized that about McTavish long ago when the Bears came along... and realized it even harder when Prass got here....

This story has put Annie in a very harsh light. It's all her worst (insanity, and a creepy relationship with Adam which reduces Adam to a nothing role). I'm tired of her.

Now let's not get crazy. MMT sucked hard-core as well. Pratt didn't seem so bad at the start but he's certainly gone out of his way to prove that any hope I had for him turning the show around was total stupidity on my part.

Pratt makes even B&E look good. Be careful what you wish for!

Well, McT did give us Zen & that marvelous slow-burn of theirs & Pratt obviously hasn't a clue on how to do that, so for me,
I'd take McT in a skinny min over this crap. As for myself, this show is such a total joke now that I only watch to see Zach Slater's sexy stuff & hope some day we'll get to see Zen reunited for real. That's all I got. Hope it lasts long enough for that.

Bite your tongue, Mallory! Yes, McTavish was that bad. It's just that Pratt is the George Bush of daytime, so it makes McTavish look better. LOL!

Seriously, MEK should have an addendum to his contract that states "The words 'bury' and 'Tad' will never be uttered in the same sentence by any character." Daytime viewers have looooonnnng memories. Erica's poking the bear routine with Annie is just further evidence that this show is slipping closer to the Twilight Zone.

I can't decide if Pratt is trying to resurrect Passions or if he truly believes that Melrose Place and All My Children are interchangeable. Annie was interesting before Pratt decided to have her channel Kimberly Shaw. Janet Green made crazy fun to watch. Annie makes crazy just plain crazy.

Since Pratt pretty much destroyed my Zen(my only reason for watching AMC), I've pretty much stopped watching this crap. To think we were all so happy to get rid of McTavish. The show has gotten progressively worse with each new head writer. Sometimes I think abc is really trying to get this show cancelled.

I just love the way Annie brought up Erica's alcoholism and Erica's hilarious reaction to it.

The only reason, and I mean the only reason that I continue to watch this crapfest, is it is the only way I have to support the actors/ charactors that I once cared about and thank them for all the great years of entertainment they have given me.

Pratt is a cheap,lazy,uncreative, plot stealing, hack writing SOB, but he is only one the weapons of choice for Brian Frons and Anne Sweeney as they pillage and ruin ABC Daytime. JMHO.

B&E were 100x better that Pratt. Their stuff draaaaaaaaggggggged at times and they did have some BAD ideas (Erica as inmate/Sam Woods etc) BUT they were really starting to get it together just as they were fired! The ONS reveal, the Jangie wedding, etc.. I wonder what could have been if Pratt hadn't swooped in with all his craptastic glory.

At least when Kendall slept with Aidan - she never doubted she loved Zach. They may have done some shitty stuff, but they still GOT the characters for the most part.

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