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July 09, 2009

Well, This Mystery Is Just Un-Solvable

Scenes with Alexis and Diane are almost always delightful, and today was no exception. Diane complimenting Molly's choice of book, Pandora Gets Jealous written by none other than Carolyn Hennessy (she writes YA lit! That makes her ten times greater than I previously thought she was and I previously thought she was pretty damn great) was adorable, their banter over the lameness of the fake emails sent to the Player Mayorwas fantastic ("bad greeting cards sent from a lunatic". Hee!) and Nancy Lee Grahn and Carolyn Hennessy work together so well that I'd eagerly vote for an Alexis/Diane spinoff, if such things were decided by vote; naturally, I'd stipulate that said spinoff could not involve Guza, Phelps & Co. in any way, but since I unfortunately have no sway over television lineups, this is a moot point.

So I almost feel bad complaining about scenes that were, overall, fabulous and much better than the rest of the show. However.

Alexis: The only emails I ever wrote to Floyd were grants, line item budgets and you better believe me.

Diane: I do believe you. These emails seem desperate and coy, and made up somehow, but they were sent from your computer.

Alexis: That's impossible.

Why did Alexis or Diane not immediately remember that they both know a person in town who (a) is involved in every story in the show and will be involved in this one at some point, so why not just hurry things up and call him now and (b) is skilled at all things computer related, including investigations? And that they also know a person--Alexis is in fact the mother of said person--whose latest job is solving crimes and could probably back up Alexis's assertions that she did not send these desperate sounding emails.

But if I start asking questions like that, I'll have to ask why no one at the hospital wonders why Andrea Floyd is always lurking around obviously eavesdropping with a look on her face that plainly says, "I AM DOING SHADY THINGS" and then we'd all be asking each other why the crazy plot holes on this show exist and then our heads will explode.


Alexis: I hope the media, and even all the blogs, are moving onto something a lot more interesting.

Did Alexis just give me permission to stop watching General Hospital? Because I will gladly take her advice...


i think she totally just did. Thanks Alexis!

Yeah Spinelli will eventually solve this so can we just hurry along to that part so we can move on?

I think it's great CH got to plug her book on air. It was probably instead of paying her salary, but it's something. And it was far less nauseating than Spinelli and Stone Cold debating magic berry juice for a whole episode dedicated to a pizza virus requiring Claudia to become Spin and Borg's roommate for a few shows. Ewww. I don't even wish her upon Spin and St. Jasus.

I usually agree with you but your claim that Alexis & Diane scenes are fabulous....I just can't. Alexis is obviously amazing no matter what but I am just not with you on the Diane part at all.

I just discovered your delightful site. My name is Jackie and I'm a GH fan. (Hi, Jackie) You are hilarious and spot-on. I look forward to your future posts. BTW, Dominante is amazing...I don't know if you invented it, but I'm giving you credit because you introduced it to me! Happy soaping!

I say we pool our genius writing skills together and write the Alexis/Diane spinoff - but only if Tracy Q can come, too!!!

To add to the Carolyn Hennesy love, her YA books are quite good. Funny and smart -- just like Diane! Now if only they let her and Alexis and Kate (remember her???) hang out again ...

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