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« It's The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year: Emmy Time! | Main | Three Cheers For Subtlety and Nuance! »

August 23, 2009

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 1

To kick off our look at this year's Emmy nominees, we're starting with the Outstanding Younger Actor category, a category that, every year, causes us consternation because we can never get a real handle on the age restriction (it's supposed to be 25, right? But Cornelius Smith Jr. was born in 1982, which means he was 26 last year. Or can you submit scenes from just before your 26th birthday? Why is this so confusing?).

After the jump are scenes from each actor's submitted episode for you to watch (or, if you're going to realistically play the role of an Emmy voter, blatantly ignore) and then a chance to vote for who you think deserves to win, and who you think will win.

*Special thanks go out to the good folks at Soap Opera Network who have painstakingly compiled descriptions of the submitted episodes and YouTube links to the clips.


Blake Berris (ex-Nick, Days Of Our Lives)

Our Take: We really miss Blake Berris and having Nick on the Days canvas. While this reel featured a whole lot of Molly Burnett, which is never a good thing for us, it also featured a ton of different emotions that Berris nailed handily.

EJ Bonila (Rafe, Guiding Light)

Our Take: This is quite possibly the most boring thing either of us have ever had the misfortune of sitting through (and one of us had the misfortune of sitting through Funny People last week. This was even more deadly dull!). Bonila wasn't bad from what we saw before our eyes started to glaze over, but that's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Darin Brooks (ex-Max, Days Of Our Lives)

Our Take: Darin Brooks doesn't have a whole lot of range, but one of the emotions he's best at conveying is anger, and he wisely submitted scenes where anger was the star of the show.

Bryton James (Devon, The Young and the Restless

Our Take: Bryton, as we all know, gets a handful of scenes per year on The Young and the Restless and is always an able performer in those scenes, so it's not surprising that his reel is pretty good, it's just...well, he didn't bring much new to the table, did he? We've seen all of this from him before. Bonus points for cunningly chosing scenes opposite Tyra and Ana, terrible characters played by two of the worst actresses in daytime, making his talent even more apparent. Well played, Bryton!

Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie, All My Children)

Our Take: The ensuing months of poor writing and silly storylines that Frankie was saddled with made Mallory forget how genuinely good he was at the beginning of last year. The writing for the Hubbards was, at that time, pretty stellar and Cornelius Smith hit all the right notes. There is just one problem: these scenes were all about Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan (HOW DID DARNELL WILLIAMS NOT GET A NOMINATION!?!), and there were times where we forgot that Frankie was even present. Fading into the background is not exactly an Emmy-worthy quality.


Who is Bryton James? LOL.

I watched the tapes, it should come down to either McClure, Brooks or Smith.

Berris tape was okay the middle part was the best, the beginning and end there was an awful lot of screeching though most of it is not his fault.

Also, though Smith turned 26 last year he can submit anything before his birthday

JC, Bryton changed his last name to James, according to the official Y&R site.

And thanks for clearing up the age confusion for me!

I would have voted Blake Berris but upon reviewing the clips I was reminded of that horrible girl that played Willow. Minus points for that. And minus a couple more for making me watch Melanie too.

After skimming those GL clips I couldn't even figure out who the nominee was so he certainly doesn't get my vote. The two bottom guys seemed too hard to be ACTING.

Therefore my "should" vote goes to Darin Brooks. Like you said on the whole his acting isn't fab but he pulls off grumpy bear quite well.

That said...Bryton James will get it. When in doubt, Y&R actors win awards.

I had no idea he changed his last name. He had just been going by Bryton in the Y&R end credits then submits his name for the Emmy's as Bryton McClure.

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