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August 24, 2009

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 2

Today, we take a look at the lovely ladies nominated in the Outstanding Younger Actress category, a category that has rebounded quite nicely from last year's "OMGWTF?" group of nominees.

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu, General Hospital)

Our Take: The "Lulu kills Logan and then goes on the run" story was terrible, yes, but JMB did get the chance to play devastated, hysterical and scared and she hit all of the right notes. Her scenes with "Laura" in Shadybrooke were fantastic and truth be told, we're still disappointed that she didn't win in 2007, so we wouldn't be opposed to giving her a makeup Emmy (although her submission more than stands on its own).

After the jump, the rest of the reels and a chance to vote for the most deserving, and the most likely to win the big prize.

Meredith Hagner (Liberty, As The World Turns)

The scenes from the episode Ms. Hagner actually submitted have been removed from YouTube, so we can't judge her Emmy reel. We can, however, take a look at some of her other scenes, and ask As the World Turns viewers for their input.

Rachel Melvin (ex-Chelsea, Days Of Our Lives)

Our Take: This, along with Julie Marie Berman, is our favorite of the actresses' submissions. It blows our minds that Rachel Melvin came so far from Chelsea's horrible beginnings and her very green acting, to such a great performance here. There's a real naturalness here, and she is able to be completely emotional without being over the top and unrealistic. Plus, she and Kristian Alfonso are excellent together and their talk about Zack is note-perfect.

Emily O'Brien (Jana, The Young and the Restless)

Our Take: She's a great actress, and was probably the best throughout Sabrina's death (possibly the longest storyline on record), which is the very definition of faint praise. Maybe in another year where her competition wasn't so strong we'd have a bit more to say besides "meh".

Kirsten Storms (Maxie, General Hospital)

Our Take: This is the very definition of a soapy breakdown: the screaming! The throwing plates! The sobbing at the end. It had the potential to be complete camp, but Kirsten Storms managed to stop it from being too cheesy.


Only familiar with 3 of the 5, but Kirsten Storms seems like the type the voters go for. Though I have to say that she wouldn't have my vote -- her work around Georgie's death was very strong, but her "fantasy BJ Day" was dreadful and she proved that while she can certainly emote, she has no range. (Let's just hope they never give her multiple personalities.)

I didn't watch any of these in the original run, but as a former GH and Days watcher, I may have some bias, as those are the characters I (once) care(d) about. That said, the two actresses that made me misty-eyed were Melvin and Storms. I think my love of Georgie may have clouded my viewing of the Storms video. But I think Melvin blew it away and I hope she wins.

Is it wrong that I want Kristen to win just because those scenes were penned by the scabs and not Guza? Its wrong right?

Bradford Anderson is about 10 times better in Kirsten Storms's clip than in what he submitted... That being said, great as KS is, I think this should be Julie Marie Berman's year. Rachel Melvin's also a strong contender, however, and I wouldn't be upset if it went to her.

You can find Hagner's submission here:
PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roU2a-_hheU

PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhu3AeQb7lM&feature=related

Part 3:

It is the entire episode so you have to scan for Hagner's parts.

In less than 2 minutes KS gave us snark, anger and sorrow. KS is my pick. However, I wouldn't be too upset if JMB or CM took it because their submits were strong.

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