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« Open Thread: The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards | Main | Daytime Emmys Recap: Worst Dressed »

August 31, 2009

Daytime Emmys Recap: Best Dressed

You are all probably observant enough to learn a few things about us over the years, dear readers. We're both bitter, for example. We have foul mouths. And we also have a deep and abiding love for things that are pretty.

The Daytime Emmys, for all of its faults, did give us a whole lot of pretty last night. Below, the Serial Drama Best Dressed List for the 2009 Daytime Emmys.


Tyra Banks

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Do you know how strange it feels to be complimentary of a Tyra Banks outfit, let alone put her at the very top of our Best Dressed list? It feels VERY FOREIGN, let's just say that. Just a short year ago, we deemed her "just the worst" and she was the overwhelming pick for worst dressed. So to see her looking so chic and gorgeous is unsettling, to say the least, but we have to give it to her: she looks spectacular.  (Fortunately, later in the evening Emmy voters once again encouraged Tyra's delusion that she is both informative and the next Oprah by giving her another damn award, so overall we had a night of love-hate balance with Ty-Ty.)

Marcy Rylan

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Mallory: Maternity adorability!

Becca: She looks adorable, but like she's due yesterday, and possibly with a human/giant hybrid.  I worry about her center of gravity.  And OMG, the poor thing in that heat! Let's give her an award just for showing up, let alone looking so cute.

She looks cute and comfortable, and the hair and makeup are impeccable.

Tamara Braun

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Show

Gorgeous!  She looked like a million bucks from head to toe, and the contrasting earrings were an especially fabulous touch.

Sharon Case

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

She should wear that color at all possible times. It's perfect for her! And even her hair looked cute.  (Which is, you know, not the norm.)

Heather Tom

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Her hair and makeup look divine, and she pulls off this tricky style like whoa.  She manages to look beautiful and at ease in what would look like a costume on many people.  Also:  shoes = want.

Kristian Alfonso

Daytime Emmy Awards 2009

Another perfect color choice.  We're not huge fans of the asymmetrical sleeves look, but if we had arms like hers we would probably insist that at least one was fully exposed to the world at all times.  (She also endeared herself to us with how excited she was for Peter Reckell's nomination in her red carpet interview.  80s supercouples are the cutest evah!)

Kelly Monaco

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Show

How does one manage to look so hot in a white tank dress?  And her makeup demonstrates yet again that GH ruins everything it touches.  They put her cosmetics on a with a trowel and spray gun! (It is also worth noting, in one of those "most improved" moments, that Tony Geary is not wearing anything oddly colored or shiny.)

Kirsten Storms

We're torn on Kirsten Storms. On one hand, she looks adorably modern and the hair is fun. On the other hand, it's uncannily close to what Kim Zimmer wore (this has never in history been a good thing) and the white looks kind of like a first grade craft project.

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

What say you?

(There is no such question about Julie Marie Berman. Her hair and makeup are a national tragedy.  And the dress would have been better suited to a ceremony in the winter.  But mostly it's the hair and lipstick.  Eegads.  We almost feel sorry for her that she won and therefore that look is going to forever be preserved as a highlight of her career.)


So, what did you think?  Who rocked the admittedly small and not that competitive Daytime Emmys fashion world the most?


I had to go w/ Heather Tom. Although I think I liked her "on stage" dress better w/ her dark hair than the navy 'n' black number pictured above that she wore outside the theatre for press. I don't usually go for shiny, but that silvery number she presented in looked stunning on her.

Tamara Braun was indeed the best of everything, style wise. But she is one of the soap actresses who often wavers into the wayyyy too skinny zone and to me, it is unattractive. Seeing all her joints and bones so clearly made me squeamish. But her dress, jewelry, make up, hair, and probably her shoes which I never saw were definitely my favorite.

I really hope you do a worst dressed post. Talk about a huge pen of nominees. HOLY HORROR! There was a whole lot of WTF and NO WAY going on there last night :-)

I voted for Heather Tom, but I do give credit for Kelly Monaco looking... pretty. I'm not so crazy about the dress, but her face almost gave me that skipped heartbeat I used to get when, ten years or so ago, I wished I looked just like Vanessa Marcil.

I've got to give you both props for your self-control. I was sure your first post Emmy entry would be an operatically foul rant on the Award That Shall Not Be Named.

That's coming, right? Please tell me it is.

Please don't shoot me but I thought Julie Berman looked great.***ducks for cover*****

I loved Julie Berman...the one who suffered in comparison was Kim Zimmer. I like all your picks.

I don't think Kelly should have even made this list. Everyone else dressed badly or not tried anyway. She looked like she got up and threw on whatever and pined her hair back on one side and said.... "I'm Ready"

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