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August 04, 2009

Next Great Supercouple Alert!

I hope you've all been busy thinking up 'shipper names for Nikolas and Liz, because judging by the end of today's General Hospital, we're in for a new romance!

It's not that a Nikolas/Liz pairing in and of itself is a terrible idea (or at least, it's no worse than the other terrible ideas the writers churn out on a daily basis; Becca has thought for quite some time that this would be an intriguing possibility, were it written well and organically, which she admits is a humorous pipe dream). What IS a terrible idea is putting these two particular characters together in a rushed, uncomfortable attempt at creating an obstacle for the Nikolas/Rebecca endgame that we all know is coming (because, obviously, the elephant in the room that is the looming memory of Emily isn't enough of a spoiler for their relationship. It's not like a classic novel  was written with that very premise or anything! No, what we need is a weird maybe love triangle.). And in such a poorly written, WTFy scene, nonetheless! 

Nikolas: Rebecca will be back with me in a week, two at the most.
Liz: If that's what you want, then I want it for you.
Nikolas: That's what I want. Although it would have been nice if she hadn't left in the first place.
Liz: Please, I wouldn't have.
Nikolas: You wouldn't?
Liz: No, I wouldn't.
Nikolas: Well, I don't know if it's the tequila or what, but every time I get drunk, I really want to kiss you.

I always imagined princes would be a bit more suave when it comes to flirting, but I guess Nikolas does have the gothic Cassadine weirdness going on that, coupled with alcohol, leads to an awkward conversation which includes Nikolas spending the better part of a drunken evening bemoaning the state of his relationship with his dead fiancee's twin sister and remarking that they will be back on in a few days, tops, and following that up by admitting that he wants to kiss Liz (his brother's ex-wife and current--??? I think? Do we know what their status is for sure? Does the show even remember that Lucky is a thing?--girlfriend-ish type person), and has wanted to kiss her in the past, but only after consuming alcohol. Because what girl wouldn't want to hear "I'd totally hit it with beer goggles on", amirite?

This show is so damn weird. And terrible, obviously.


The best way to watch GH is with antipsychotic medication goggles on. That way the show won't give you chronic pain and stress, plus you'll be far less likely to throw your televisions out the window.

Nikobeth? Elizolas? Niz? Lizolas? I don't have it in me to get behind any stunt pairing anymore. GH has killed the fangurl in me.

I know I swooned when I heard entire scenes devoted to him whinning about Rebecca and then the basic beer goggles "compliment". They could have at least done something like "I know we've been friends for over a decade adn we have drunk together more than just that one off in May....but really i've always thought you were awewsome".

In the end I can't help but shake the feelign this will be nothign but a big old tease designed to show that Rebecca really DOES like Nikolas...it's not just a con!

Aint' no way Guza's giving up that sinkign ship this quickly. See him still trying to make Claudia work.

They're often referred to as Lik :p

Regardless of the circumstances, they ARE hot :D

I love the potentiality of LIK but yesterday's scenes didn't compare to their last drunk encounter at Jake's. I'm worried the writers are going to fuck up what could be a very good thing.

Might fuck it up? Don't we sound optimistic. The last couple Guza gave a hoot about...wait. Wait. Let me think. Yeah, I can't remember. If he's so obsessed with Nik and NotEmilyReallyRebeccaThoughCouldBeEmily, why can't he come up with something mildly creative for them? I haven't liked Nik and Emily since she was played by Amber Tamblyn and I'm not changing my mind on that. Nikolas and Liz makes my stomach hurt and considering what I've heard (I can't watch this contrived would-be plot) I won't have to endure this for much longer.

I'm just going to sit here and remember a better time, like when Guza tried out Scrubs. and thanks to the actors' chemistry, hit a home run.

Did anyone else notice/cringe at how many times that evil song was played on Tuesday's episode?


I used to love GH, then I tolerated GH, now its like torture to watch and this Niz/Lik crap only adds to it. They've been friends forever, more like brother and sister in my mind. And for the life of me I can't figure out how if Liz can't be with Jason because it's not safe for she and Jake and Cam, it would be safe for them to be with a Cassadine. Aren't they supposed to be dangerous? And have enemies? And can anyone really see Helena allowing Nikky to raise Jason Morgan's son? Yeah...so much safer there.

I realize trying to apply logic to GH is ridiculous and even slightly delusional, but its a bad habit I have and I just can't seem to break it. I've found a support group and am starting on Monday. LOL

Mark my words: I will never call them Lik. I will never find this pairing "hot," especially because TRUE "hot" is already there in Lucky and Patrick.

I used to like Nikolas, but could Guza have turned him into any more of a skeeve?

Never thought I'd EVER say this, but St. Jaysus is actually the most watchable thing on this show at the moment besides scrubs. I do enjoy watching him show emotion in a way that's not "secret pain."

Even if I DID see chemistry in Lik I still dont want this because I dont need to see Lucky screwed over again.

And the whole, "How do I do a shot again?" thing, with the flying lime wedge and the hand licking ('cause it's SO HARD to remember the order of doing a shot of tequila).

It totally reminded me of the painting scene in Rebecca's apartment, when Nikolas intently painted one strip of wall over and over and over. Is that really how he'd behave? Are these moments supposed to be believable? Kitchy? Entertaining?

And that SONG! "Rebecca loves that song so I'm going to buy her the CD." It was perhaps the most thought-provoking line in the whole flimsy and poorly-written scene. Really? She loves that song? And there's a CD? And you'd buy it for her? Not just get her an iTunes gift card so she can just download that one song?


I actually think that this could be great...with a COMPLETELY different writing team. I like Lucky and Liz together, but soap operas are about conflict (Note to Guza: of the inter-personal kind, not the mob kind) and 2 brothers who once hated each other, grew to love and respect each other, and then fall for the same woman? That's soap gold! Ultimately I'd want Lucky and Liz to end up back together and after a brief period of estrangement for Lucky and Nik to reconcile, but this could be interesting TV if it was handled organically and with respect to the long history between to characters.

Which means, of course, that it will be completely botched by the current GH writing staff. So, although I am intrigued by the match-up, I am now as always glad that I quit GH over a year ago.

Lik is the most unattractive name ever (the couple does not actually bother me, if it were actually fleshed out and not brushed aside).

I prefer Lizolas.

I don't want "Niz" for a variety of reasons. But on the purely superficial level, I have never particularly found Tyler Christopher attractive and lately I really REALLY don't find him attractive and I've ALWAYS found his kissing/love scenes skeevy and unwatchable and I don't want my fave, Becky Herbst, stuck with that.

If that makes me shallow or awful, so be it.

Now every time I here "Blame It on the Alcohol" song I will think of them.I know this crappola doesn't and will NEVER MAKE SENSE,but you must admit in those scenes Rebecca is showing up and looking at Tyler's lips awfully hard. (Pun intended). Can't say I blame her. I would LOVE to feast on his lips my damn self.

Here's the thing: I don't cringe at a possible Elizabeth/Nik pairing (b/c my LL2 love has left the building; sorry, but I no longer see the sparkage, which pains me greatly to admit b/c Greg Vaughan is my sexy), but I know it's not going to be written well, and it's clear tptb don't have a plan for who they want Liz to be with. That said, while I do think the only time Nik comes alive is when he's crying or in a scene with Liz, I love the fact that they've been friends for over a decade without it getting romantic. I cherish those kinds of relationships, which is why I love Alexis and Jax so much.

Plus, as someone has already mentioned, how can it not be okay for Jason to grow a pair, do what he really wants and be with his family, but it's okay for Liz and the boys to be connected to a notoriously dangerous (yet entertaining) family like the Cassadines? What are the showrunners thinking??? I hope they realize that if they go for Lik/Niz, they no longer have any excuse to keep Liz and Jason apart. Just saying. What will reactions be if Cake start referring to Helena as Grammy Hella.....or will they become and urban legend like Spencer?!

*how can it not be okay for Jason to grow a pair, do what he really wants and be with his family, but it's okay for Liz and the boys to be connected to a notoriously dangerous (yet entertaining) family like the Cassadines? What are the showrunners thinking???*

1. This implies the showrunners "think" or "plan" or otherwise rub two brain cells together when coming up with the stuff they're throwing at walls to see what sticks.

2. *Clearly* this "danger" thing only applies to Jason with respect to Liz because . . .well. . .because because. They say so. Plus, they needed a contrived way to never ever ever give Liz/Jason actual time and story together as a pairing.

3. Yes, I'm still bitter. Sorry. To the topic at hand: I much prefer Nik/Liz as lifelong friends and wouldn't want them to go there romantically. (Liason or no Liason). Maybe I can understand Nik lusting after her because of his messed up state of mind, but she's been about Lucky and Jason for years now and even already rebuffed Nik once long ago. And she's just going to go "oh! Nik! Right! Well, I'm lonely so, OK!" And we're supposed to buy that? Hmmm. Come to think of it, Nik going kind of psycho stalker-y on Liz kind of like his papa did to Laura, might be interesting. But . . . this show doesn't do interesting. It does stupid. So nevermind.

4. I really wish they *would* stop using Liz as a puppet and give her a dang story and POV of her very own. Also, I want a pony and world peace.

I understand, Mary Beth, and I, too want a pony and world peace..............and a lifetime supply of gummi bears.

It was said so well before and it is worth repeating now, this show is an asshole.

i don't have a lot to say when it comes to this pairing except for... train wreck

i don't have a lot to say when it comes to this pairing except for... train wreck

I like Nikobeth

You forgot to mention that the "Would you like it song" was played at the beginning of the episode when Rebecca and Nik were playing pool

It made me think of you guys

i actually tuned in to watch based on the spoilers...note that i have not watched GH since last summer.

I could get behind a liz/nic pairing...but they need to get rid of
remily, toothy, the tony danza dude and if they could fix it sonny and claudia too - oh okay all of the mob.

There's no way I believe GH is seriously going to do an Elizabeth/Nikolas pairing. The way GH's writers operate, the couple will have sex and its entire purpose will be to defame Elizabeth for the purpose of redeeming Sam.

That's the direction this show has been taking for some time. Jason and Sam both look bad, so every character in their way will be thrown under the bus.

What does Sam have to do with Liz being a total skeeve with her two-time husband's BROTHER? I swear agendas run rampant on this site and let's just blame everyone but the two losers who are going to hurt Lucky so badly.

Two-time husband? You mean two-timing husband!


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