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August 04, 2009

Now I'm Getting Really Nervous

As Daytime Confidential reported, and as Soap Opera Digest confirmed, production of All My Childrenis moving to Los Angeles:

ALL MY CHILDREN's cast and crew was told today, August 4, that they are moving to LA, following weeks of speculation. OLTL will relocate to AMC's space, and ABC will take over OLTL for office space. The big question now is, how many actors will be willing to relocate? More to come...

Obviously, my first reaction upon hearing this news was terror!

What actors will be following the show to the West Coast? Many of them have family and their roots in New York, and I am interested in seeing if anybody declines to head to LA. Interested is clearly a code word for SCARED OUT OF MY MIND.

And which actors will attempt to make the move, but find their path thwarted by a series of obstacles designed by the show in an effort to get rid of them without having to do it up front? I am bracing myself for a series of stories about certain actors being placed on FBI watch lists and barred from flying!

And the most horrifying thought of all: AMC and General Hospital will now be filmed in the same area. Do you know what this means? Crossovers. The possibility of many bizarre and random crossovers in which Sonny and Jason and Ryan do terrible things together for the entertainment of Brian Frons. I am going to go pour bleach in my eyes as a preemptive strike.


I saw this just a few moments ago too and definitely got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Just out of curiosity, which actors do you all think are the most likely to DECLINE to go to LA?

Sonny, Jason, and Ryan all on one show? Can't happen. Millions (thousands? hundreds? it's been a while since I've checked the ratings) of television sets across the country would implode from that much suck.

Susan Lucci, David Canary, Thorsten Kaye, Alicia Minchew. These are four people I can think of right off the bat who would have trouble moving..the first two because they are too settled, the last two because their spouses are based in NYC. This is perhaps the stupidest idea I can think of. Perhaps it is TPTB's way of phasing out the soap.

Even more terrifying...Pratt and Guza will be near enough to each other to not only rip off each other some more....but PLAN STORIES TOGETHER and bounce upcoming ideas off each other....


I don't think TPTB are purposely trying to phase out the soap.I think it would have stayed put if that was their intention.I think moving AMC to LA and OLTL into their old studio is a desperate move to try and save AMC and OLTL.

Rmember the "Real Greenlee" campaign? Didn't Rebecca Budig only do AMC for a short while because her husband/dogs/life are all in LA. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Personally I hope Thorsten takes this chance to go back to OLTL with the wife. AMC's loss could be OLTL's gain!

This is the beginning of the end. But I'm not scared anymore. I say we just need to pull the plug. I'm sick and tired watching the same writers and producers ruin my beloved shows. No one at ABC seems to care. The fans cry for change and we get the same sh#t day in and day out. I say pull the plug on all three soaps. I predict they'll all be gone in 5 years.

I'm close to yet still not so soap jaded that I can't see the possibilites, and hope for the best.Silver lining to the move: Devane Scorpio cross overs. I would love to see Aidan in Port Charles hanging out with Robin. Maybe Finola and Tristan will comeback. I loved David when he was with Anna. Thorsten Kaye was really great on OLTL. It could be a great soap twist if Marty and John get together only to have Patrick return.

Feel free to throw my optimism in my face if this winds up being an epic failure.

I swear everyday things just get worse for AMC. I'm fully expecting to check this blog tomorrow and reading about how a bomb exploded on set killing the entire cast and crew. It will only be a mild shocker at this point.

Gotta say that the only crossover I wouldn't mind is if cousins Aidan Devane and Robin Scorpio got to actually interact. What with Robin, Patrick, Mac, Maxie, and Matt still on the GH canvas, it would be nice to have a "solid" and "good" (read not tainted by mob-life) family be front and center on GH. And if Robert, Anna and Noah were to visit more often, I wouldn't complain. Love me my extended family Scorpio-Drake-Devane!

Thanks. IMO i would love to see TK on OLTL. as a new charater, he would rock THAT SHOW and it will bring a BOAT load of fans[TK FANS]/VIEWERS to OLTL, i say it would be a smart move to keep him at this POINT he has a big FAN BASE. JMO

I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end for AMC. I'm sure a lot of the actors who have families here may be reluctant to make a cross country move so quickly. No one at abc seems to care about any of the shows on abc daytime. I think they are all doing whatever they can to get these shows cancelled instead of trying to save them. It's a shame that soaps, which have been around for as long as 70yrs, probably won't be around in another 5yrs.

This is crappy news. For one thing, the fashion level is going to PLUMMET once they move to L.A.

I think this is an honest attempt to save the shows. However, if this is the beginning of the end, then I think ABC should consider spending the time after they cancel each show, showing old 80s episodes. Turn ABCD into what Soapnet should have been. And then if things change, if viewers come back for the nostalgia and get rehooked, find a way to bring back some of those actors back to play those roles and start again -- as if the intervening years never happened. No Ethan, no Georgie's death. Maybe with a little time off (a few years) and the opportunity to see some great storytelling, new writers and execs can come in and return daytime to it's former glory.

The move is scheduled for Jan 2010. Who says AMC will still be on the air in six months?

omg, the crossovers ... how many synonyms can you find for ughhhhhhhhhh

I get that ABC may be doing this in some way to save AMC - but really, all ABC had to do to save ANY of their shows was hire writers and producers who actually cared, who actually wanted to improve the show. Anyone with any degree of taste or respect for the soap genre would see that the stories by today's writers are sloppy, ill advised, and over the top ridiculous, with no respect for the history of the show or characters.

With NBC down to one show, CBS starting the cancellation roll, ABC driving their shows into the ground, and SOAPNET turning into an MTV and starting to fill their schedules with anything but soaps - I think the writing is on the wall. I almost wish the networks would just admit it and get it over with instead of slowly strangling our once favorite shows to death.

This is heartbreaking news. I can only hope this will lead to better ratings for OLTL somehow because as of now it inexplicably is the lowest-rated ABC soap, despite being far and away the best.

So much for AMC hanging on to strong actors by allowing them flexibility to work on and off-Broadway. For that matter, so much for AMC being a place for thousands of theatre writers and actors and directors to actually earn a living in this city.

I hope Susan Lucci tells them to suck it. I don't even want this show to get fixed anymore.

Ugh. And just a few months after hundreds of daytime actors and writers and designers will be out of work from the end of GL.

Pratt and Guza in the same zip code?? Damn, I am so happy I live in the midwest, even with the craptastic winters.

Say goodnight, Gracie.
ABC's reasoning makes absolutely no sense. They're converting OLTL's studios into offices for whom? The loads of people in the entertainment industry in NYC who've been laid off? Or maybe they'll rent them because real estate (particularly corporate real estate) is on fire right now in Manhattan?
Their reasoning is b.s. They know it, the soap mags know it, the actors know it and most of the fans know it. The only reason they're even making this gesture is so they can use the same excuse the P&G execs used with GL: "But look! We tried! Everything we could think of!"
The sad thing is at the end of the day when the dust clears and AMC has been put down, Pratt and his minions will be the only ones left with a job.

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