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« Countdown to the Emmys: Day 7 | Main | Open Thread: The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards »

August 30, 2009

Open Thread: The Daytime Emmy Red Carpet!

Join us in the comments for all of your "I love that dress!", "What the HELL is he/she wearing?", "I don't know who that person is..." and "Ronn Moss's formal mullet looks divine!" observations!



I have a question for people better at numbers than I am: Susan Lucci's hair makes up what percentage of her body weight?

Ric Hearst, dreamy as ever!

42.6% :-)

All that shellac on little Mrs. AMC puts her at serious risk in the tinderbox that is currently LA. I wouldn't stand anywhere near her tonight. FIRE HAZARD! Note to Susan Lucci, don't move to LA if you are gonna sport that NY heavy product glam look. Not safe.

Elizabeth Hendrickson... where are you in that ensemble, worst use of jewelry so far tonight. Does she have on bike shorts underneath that billowy yet tiny dress?


As for Ron Moss and his icky use of scarves for the 20th year in a row. Tonight it makes sense. With the hazardous air quality from the fires he is using those scarves to filter the air he breathes. Bravo, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I need the names and at least the email addresses of whomever votes for the writing category. Seriously?! Even if you really think the crap is good, take a look at who is nominated for best show, and do the math. Maybe they just see the crap, and are amazed that the writers make it fit into an hour long show?

NO SPEECH FOR THE B&B!!?!?!?!?!?! That is just WRONG. Brad Bell's & the show's first win and they cut him off before he even gets on stage.

That was very poor producing. Dr. Phil's wife rambles on and on poorly and then that happens at the hilite of the show?

Not cool, not cool at all.

Tamara Braun looked AMAZING


Dawn: Satan.

LOL at the Writing Comments. Though the same voters don't vote in Writing/Directing and Series.

Stacy Haiduk brought Kitty with her! Most non-soap viewers now think she is crazy though.

My biggest issue is the hair and the amount of short dresses. Oh and whatever Elizabeth Hendrickson was wearing... Ladies its the emmyS!! Get your roots done, no one wants to see a 2 inch strip, or patches (coughkellymenighanhensleycough) wash your hair! (coughsharoncasecough) and tame flyaways!!!!

Ohhh and if u have a large forehead, regardless of how beautiful you are... fringe is your friend... or sorry bangs for those in the US!!

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