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August 19, 2009

Our Column In The 8/25 Issue of Soap Opera Digest

The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest is on newsstands now, and features several interesting pieces, from the Sam/Jason cover story (The cover reads "Fans won't be disappointed!" We...seriously doubt that), to an article on AMC's move and an interview with Bryton James (Devon, Y&R) about his friendship with Michael Jackson, as well as our latest My Take/My Take, Too column. This month, Mallory appreciates that General Hospital and All My Children at least tried to be creative with their latest front burner romances, but is so unhappy with the Spinelli/Maxie, and Adam/Annie pairings that she wishes they hadn't bothered, while Becca asks the GH and Days of Our Lives writers two questions: (1) what's with all of the miscarriages and pregnant women in peril? and (2) why do you find these things entertaining?


Sick of what is happening on General Hospital? Sick of seeing your favorites forgotten about? And with the show at it's lowest rating, it's time we as fan stand out and make a difference. To get General Hospital back to what it used to be. We as fans can make a difference, we just need to stand together and make that difference. So lets stand together and make that difference. To get balance and romance back in to General Hospital. And most important get the Hospital back in General Hospital.


Hope to see there.

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