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August 06, 2009

This...Is An Interesting Analysis

I wanted so badly to be able to preface this entry with a statement about how I always enjoy it when actors give their take on a particular storyline, because it's interesting to see their interpretation of their character, but...let's be real, more often than not, my reaction to an actor's opinion of his/her story is, "...I liked you better before you said that".

On his official message board, Tyler Christopher responded to criticism of the potential Nikolas/Elizabeth pairing and attempted to explain his interpretation of the scenario. And explain it he did, with a lot of random buzzwords and an analysis of Nikolas that was quite...analyzed.

I've been getting quite a bit of negative reactions to this story both on and off this board. First, thats okay. Opinions negative or otherwise are always welcome. In the defense of how it's being written I'll say this: If every character were written with moral imperative it would become completely and utterly boring to watch.

"Completely and utterly boring to watch" quite nicely sums up General Hospital itself, no?

No matter how someone may seem everyone is flawed to some degree. Nikolas has walked the straight and narrow for far too long. He's always put others first even at the sacrifice of his own happiness. It's time for him to be a little selfish.

In fairness to TC, Nikolas DOES walk the straight and narrow compared to the vast majority of Port Charles residents. And since their heinous behavior and law-breaking and murdering is rewarded with leading man status, tons of screentime and the title of hero, I don't blame him for wanting to get in on the action. But, um, can I be provided with the dates of these alleged instances where the happiness of others were put ahead of Nikolas's own wants? Was it when Emily was raped by his look-alike and he was put off by how long it took her to get over that traumatic experience, and he turned to Courtney for comfort?

Was it when he abruptly ended his relationship with the (admittedly horrific and awful, although less so in retrospect, compared to Ethan and Rebecca. I never thought there would be a day when I'd long for plow patents and hammy facial expressions, but here we are) Nadine because Rebecca's heavily made-up self started skulking around GH? He was so desperate for anything Emily-like that I'm pretty sure he'd have dumped her for an actual raccoon who responded to the name Em. 

Or was it when he had a brain tumor and wanted to die from his ~*~*true love Emily tumor~*~* and leave Spencer an orphan? And yes, Spencer IS almost forty years old and can certainly take care of himself, but parental abandonment is no laughing matter at any age!

I think he's earned it. Is it wrong to "covet thy neighbors wife?" Of course it is. But have you ever been so attracted to someone that in the moment you suspended your values?

He does know that, for Nikolas, being a neighbor's wife is practically a prerequisite for his romantic interest, right? Emily had Zander and Courtney had Jax...doesn't suspending your values that often mean that you kind of don't have them?

ESPECIALLY when you add alcohol. Trust me this breech of ethics won't be without consequence but that is where the drama lies. This is about an attraction so strong...

Yeah, I'm...not seeing that. It may be there one day (Rebecca Herbst is a chemistry factory and could make any pairing spark, although her efforts are usually rewarded with a trip to Backburner City), and (indulge me) if it were written well, I'd be cool with it, but I'm not seeing it.

that they (Nikolas and Elizabeth) are willing to ignore the firestorm of repercussions that will inevitably follow.

Repercussions on General Hospital. I LOLed. Hilariously played, Tyler.


Dude. THANK. YOU. I couldn't even believe when I read that. I'm like, uh...you WATCH the show you're in, right, Ty? Or at least read the scripts? Right?

Same reaction Mal...and I totally wanted the same dates you did......Clearly he's been taking notes from Tony Geary

Oh, so much catharsis in reading this post, Mallory. So. much.

And I disagree with Tyler that giving everyone a moral imperative would make the show boring. It would make the show make FREAKING SENSE, something it could use, you know, EVERY DAY. A moral imperative is just one FREAKING principle per character that they will stick to. Moral imperative = character consistency.

Oh, the writers have gotten to another actor. Reading so much dreck in GH scripts has scarred the mind of another actor.

I was thinking the same thing. Tyler sounds almost as bad as Tony Geary. But let's be real: no one is as bad as Tony Geary.

um, also...isn't your neighbor different from your BROTHER?

Uhmm Tyler, the scenes between Nik and Liz WERE totally and utterly boring to watch. So now what's your excuse? And seriously, if two gorgeous actors like you can't create a spark of some kind, it's just sad and NOT at all soapy.

Totally do NOT agree about Rebecca Herbst being a chemistry factory and could make any pairing spark. Well it didn't happen with Jason, nor Lucky this time either and now maybe not even with Nic, which only time will tell.

There are talented actresses who have made other pairings work but Rebecca Herbst is not one of them for me.

I wouldn't compare TC comments to TG. TG went over the top and continue to trash what made him, Luke and Laura.

I think TC is trying to get fans to give the story a chance. Maybe his words weren't perfect but I understand. TC and Natalia Livingston are not working as Nic with Emily or Rebecca. Seems like He and Rebecca Herbst want to give this pairing a chance.

I'm curious to see it and think it could work.

Keeping an open mind

You are SO lucky you threw a Zander reference in there. lol.

Apart from the bit on Becky being a chemistry factory, I am 110% behind every word of this.

He's been drinking Guza's Kool Aid.

ACtually I think it's the Monavie.....

Eh, he tried this with Nik and Courtney - anyone remember his "light and fun" comment? In that he did this before anything has actually HAPPENED I don't think bodes well for this pairing, hmm? Sorry Ty, there's really no justification for schtupping the brother's ex-wife.

I totally agree about the chemistry that Becky has had over the years. I can think of only one person I hated Liz with and that was Lucky2.0

I can understand the part about morality because in all honesty if I wanted my soap to be exactly like real life I would turn off the tv. I want a Soap to make some common sense (I know a big thing to ask from GH writers) I want stories to have a beginning, middle and end. This constant dropping of stories and of course the need to recycle is annoying.

I could get behind a Liz/Nik pairing because they have always been close to each other, and friendship is an easy catalyst for a romance, and with Nik being Lucky's brother it brings just the right amount of soapy angst.

Repercussions? Oh, Lord. Please tell me that this new pairing doesn't result in yet another accidental pregnancy for Liz and another ignored and abnormally fast growing child for Nikolas.

sarah you are so wrong: every person they have accidently pair RH with there has been chemistry: ric, zander, jason, even that dream seq with patrick.

even though i am not a liz/lucky (pairing fan) i will say they have a nice homey feel to them.

she has never NOT had chemistry with the guys she has worked with.

i could even get behind the liz/nik thing...it's so soapy - 2 brothers in love with the same woman! shocking.

way better than bringing remily back.

I'm not saying that i don't see potential in a classic 2 brothers/one woman storyline. I'm sure as donuts that was how this mess was pitched to the actors (if it was...Becky was apparently told by the director that in three days Liz would kiss Nik at Jake's...the writers never did). I'm sure that's the spin the magazines, espeically SID I know, will give it.

That's not my main issue with the idea of this story..

My issue is Guza doesn't write triangles. He writes "This couple here you should root for and this person over here you shouldn't." He's not written for my money a compelling triangle since Jax/Brenda/Sonny.

Of course I also know that discussion like this is exactly what they were aiming for and the more we talk about it the more likely it is something will happen (i agree with you Beth that the fact Tyler has to defend this before anythign ACTUALLY happened does not bode well. Then again I tend to live in denial land) so I'm just going to try to shut up now and concentrate my efforts elsewhere.....

I agree with Tyler's comments about the moral imperative issue -- there would be no soaps if people didn't fall in love with inappropriate people; that's the bread and butter of daytime television. But there are just some things that go too far. And Nik's already gone too far by getting with Zander's wife and Jax's wife and by cheating on his own wife because it was just taking that bitch too long to wanna get busy after being brutally raped by his identical twin.

Totally agree about Becky Herbst being a chemistry factory, but it's just not there yet with these two. And it's not just an issue from Nik's end. Liz shouldn't really be going after her the love of her dead best friend's life.

When I read this on some other site (not Tyler's), I could almost read the post I knew you were going to respond with. Not to say that you're too predictable -- just that you're Just. That. Right.

I don't watch GH anymore but I really would be interested in the version that seems to happen in the actor's heads when they are describing it. Unfortunately, every time I tune in for a second -- or read about it here -- I realize that version of GH doesn't exist in our reality.

I guess this is what people do when they are "forced" by circumstance to remain on a show that has fallen by the wayside. It's like an actor's version of Stockholm Syndrome or something.

I have a VERY short mental list of GH actors who can say things in public/print and make me love them more. Tyler is NOT on that list.

Tanya. The post's author is named underneath each post. My post did not state anything about R. Herbst's many onscreen pairings and a lack of chemistry with all of them. Not me . I wrote only about TC's interview and the scenes of them kissing @ Jake's.

This or any pairing can work if there is chemistry and good writing. Sometimes just one part of that equation is enough. I didn't feel any chemistry here. JMO, but I am not alone. And as for being well written, well it's GH were talking about here!

This pairing is just a forced plot tryout. Imagine if over the past several months or years even that Nik and Liz have been having small moments of attraction that they had to ignore or fight off because they were always with other people. Maybe longing looks across a dinner table with Lucky and Emily as their spouses. Or weird tingly goodbye hugs when it should be innocent friends saying goodnite? Or that they genuinely wanted to be together but one tragedy or another made that too hard. Like Courtney's getting pregnant or Lucky's addiction or Nik's powerful connection to Emily even when they were apart or Liz's bond to Lucky in the same way.

My point being that this is classic GH crap. Nik and Liz could work if it were organic and written well. If some time were taken to make it both believable and soapy. But just two drunken kisses unrelated to anything current or past is sad and pathetic. GH doesn't write characters or stories, just stupid plots.

Sarah- may I stalk you in a non-creepy way? Word to the wordy word!

sorry about the name confusion...i have to have RH's back.

god forgive me (as we all know that GH writing sucks and has for years) but i can see how two friends and former in laws can all of the sudden feel something they haven't before.

I would be willing to watch GH again on a daily basis if they paired or played with pairing Nik/Liz.

Thoughout the years Nik/Liz has always been close to a romance but Liz always turned down Nik's advances. Nik wanted Liz before but Jason came in the picture. I would like to see where this goes.

I still believe Stephen Martinez was the best Nik and his chemistry with Liz was great but I see chemistry with TC. Becky H is a chemistry factory.

Nikolas is such a boring character to begin with, but this pairing with Liz is the first romantic coupling he's had (or will have, I guess) that's been even remotely interesting. I'm all for it.

I totally agree with you on Rebecca Herbst having tons of CHEMISTRY with ANYONE she works with. To the people that are saying that she is wrong and that RH does not have chemistry with anyone, you are looking only at your own feeling toward the pairings and not the overall reception to the pairings (I hate Jasam but they are a successful pairing).
The FACT is that Liason, Liric, Liz and Lucky # 1 and 3, Liz and Zander are considered successful tested pairings (I also see plenty of chemistry with Liz and Patrick, although I want Scrubs to stay together). Like any successful pairing some fans love them some hate them and some are indifferent to them.
Also the actors should not be blamed for poor writing and who the President of ABC decides he wants to be on 24/7. Nic and Liz will fail as a couple regardless of chemistry because it absolutely makes no sense and its only happening because Nic/ Rebecca has been a bust and they also want the Liz character to look bad now that Jasam are getting back together.

TC's comments are silly. Nikolas never faces any consequences for his actions. Same is true for all Guza's faves. Truthfully, I don't care who Nikolas and Liz screw. I only care about Lucky who deserves his own love interest.

I have never gotten the hype about Rebecca
Herbst. She is just there. Nothing special. I never seen any chemistry with her with any of her love interests so chemistry is clearly subjective.

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