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August 06, 2009

This...Is An Interesting Analysis

I wanted so badly to be able to preface this entry with a statement about how I always enjoy it when actors give their take on a particular storyline, because it's interesting to see their interpretation of their character, but...let's be real, more often than not, my reaction to an actor's opinion of his/her story is, "...I liked you better before you said that".

On his official message board, Tyler Christopher responded to criticism of the potential Nikolas/Elizabeth pairing and attempted to explain his interpretation of the scenario. And explain it he did, with a lot of random buzzwords and an analysis of Nikolas that was quite...analyzed.

I've been getting quite a bit of negative reactions to this story both on and off this board. First, thats okay. Opinions negative or otherwise are always welcome. In the defense of how it's being written I'll say this: If every character were written with moral imperative it would become completely and utterly boring to watch.

"Completely and utterly boring to watch" quite nicely sums up General Hospital itself, no?

No matter how someone may seem everyone is flawed to some degree. Nikolas has walked the straight and narrow for far too long. He's always put others first even at the sacrifice of his own happiness. It's time for him to be a little selfish.

In fairness to TC, Nikolas DOES walk the straight and narrow compared to the vast majority of Port Charles residents. And since their heinous behavior and law-breaking and murdering is rewarded with leading man status, tons of screentime and the title of hero, I don't blame him for wanting to get in on the action. But, um, can I be provided with the dates of these alleged instances where the happiness of others were put ahead of Nikolas's own wants? Was it when Emily was raped by his look-alike and he was put off by how long it took her to get over that traumatic experience, and he turned to Courtney for comfort?

Was it when he abruptly ended his relationship with the (admittedly horrific and awful, although less so in retrospect, compared to Ethan and Rebecca. I never thought there would be a day when I'd long for plow patents and hammy facial expressions, but here we are) Nadine because Rebecca's heavily made-up self started skulking around GH? He was so desperate for anything Emily-like that I'm pretty sure he'd have dumped her for an actual raccoon who responded to the name Em. 

Or was it when he had a brain tumor and wanted to die from his ~*~*true love Emily tumor~*~* and leave Spencer an orphan? And yes, Spencer IS almost forty years old and can certainly take care of himself, but parental abandonment is no laughing matter at any age!

I think he's earned it. Is it wrong to "covet thy neighbors wife?" Of course it is. But have you ever been so attracted to someone that in the moment you suspended your values?

He does know that, for Nikolas, being a neighbor's wife is practically a prerequisite for his romantic interest, right? Emily had Zander and Courtney had Jax...doesn't suspending your values that often mean that you kind of don't have them?

ESPECIALLY when you add alcohol. Trust me this breech of ethics won't be without consequence but that is where the drama lies. This is about an attraction so strong...

Yeah, I'm...not seeing that. It may be there one day (Rebecca Herbst is a chemistry factory and could make any pairing spark, although her efforts are usually rewarded with a trip to Backburner City), and (indulge me) if it were written well, I'd be cool with it, but I'm not seeing it.

that they (Nikolas and Elizabeth) are willing to ignore the firestorm of repercussions that will inevitably follow.

Repercussions on General Hospital. I LOLed. Hilariously played, Tyler.


Forgot to add: It is obvious that the Nikolas/Liz hook up is another Guza plot point to give Nikolas and Rebecca angst and stick it to Lucky who must get other men's scraps.

ITA that BH has chemistry with everyone. While I might not like the pairings character wise, chemistry wise I cannot deny that any of her pairings are not successes. Especially Liric, LL2 with JJ, and liason back in 99-02.

I think the crappy writing that began with LL2 with GV and liason this time around led to the pairings because less positively received among fans although I believe the chemistry was certainly there.

However, Tyler needs to shut his mouth. Niz are great as friends and it's nice seeing the two originals still work together after 11 years. However, if people don't like Niz then that's their business. And the idea of Niz romantic is icky. Where did all this attraction, especially on Liz's part, come from? If they meant to go in the direction of Niz, they never should have had that contrived and pointless LL2 reunion.

Dear Tyler,
If you have to explain to me on a message board how and why Nikolas EARNED(?!?!) the right to pilfer his brother's ex-wife/current kinda girlfriend...you aren't doing your job of portraying that. Your job as an actor is to sell whatever ridiculousness the writers throw at you ON SCREEN. Now, maybe it is just because I don't have one of those fancy high-def tvs but I am not seeing it...So shut up and do your job.

You know, you should have blamed the writers. Now all my hatred will be dumped on you since you defend it up and down. What are your opinions on the non-Nikolas portions of the show? Can I blame you for those as well?

P.S. Please let Kim McCullough & Jason Thompson know I am praying they do not sign new contracts so I can stop watching this POS show. Thanks! Kisses!

Any storyline that minimizes the amount of time Remily is on screen is fine with me, but I am more disappointed that Nikolas doesn't just become evil Cassidine instead. Would love to see that!

sina - i liked stephen martinez's Nik as well. and he had a spark with Liz then too...but that is when Liason started - blast it all. and that coming from a liason fan.

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