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August 23, 2009

Three Cheers For Subtlety and Nuance!

When Paul finally learned the truth that Mary Jane, the psychopath tearing through Genoa City on a vengeful life-ruining spree, was not a random crazy but, in fact, his sister, Doug Davidson turned in one of the most thoughtful, nuanced performances in recent memory, using only his eyes to convey Paul's shock and horror.

I'm just kidding, he went totally batshit.

I hope that Y&R had a medic on set the day that this was filmed, because Doug Davidson looked to be three seconds away from either heart failure, bursting the vein in his forehead, popping his right eye out, choking to death on a piece of scenery or some gory combination of the four. I understand his thought process ("I get a meaty story once every five years, so damn it, I'm going to go for broke here! Right index finger, don't fail me now!"), but he could have seriously hurt himself! Is this show worth risking your life for, Doug?!

Learning that your sister had plastic surgery to change her appearance and then came to town on a crazy-fueled reign of terror would shock anyone, sure, but Paul's complete and utter meltdown was slightly...excessive.











That doesn't mean that I didn't say a little thank you to Philo Farnsworth for inventing the television and bringing that into my life, or that I'm not responsible for at least 1,384 of those YouTube views, but I just don't think that was a proportionate response...


I don't watch Y&R, so thanks for posting this. That was probably the funniest scroll down I've ever had... still giggling...

Aside from Doug's horrible (over) acting, the funniest thing about this scene was, that after she spent ten minutes trying to convince Paul she WAS his sister, MJ said, "I wanted to start a new life, but I couldn't fool you." WHAT?! She's been making a complete ass out of her private investigator brother for MONTHS!
It's like the writers don't even read the crap they put out.

Call me a soapy drama queen, but I totally loved it! This guy has been through the ringer a la Nikki etc... and to find out his sad missing weak disturbed sister was now this psycho sad crazy life ruiner in a new face broke him into a million pieces. He is a very loyal family guy, and to find out what his sister has become and the terrible position that now puts him in just slammed him like a runaway bus. And he just went w/ that horror and flipped the shit out. And as much as I loathe over acting, unless it's intentional, I loved his reaction. It was real and unreal and soapy in the best way IMO.

I can run with over the top when it makes sense and is done well. And I think that was all present here. I mean I loved crazy Mary Jane and her dead cat, so why wouldn't I love this? Oooh, wait til he finds out about kitty and how she murdered Zapato :-)

BRAVO DD! I can't wait to see what happens next. I never say that about GH or AMC.

Over the top? Perhaps, but I loved it. Besides, Paul has had a very rough time lately. His fiancée left him the night before the wedding, and now he finds out that psycho freak Mary Jane is his beloved little sister Patty? I can't blame him for having a complete meltdown.

It's rare that we get to see Paul have any emotion so when this happened, yes, I was blown away by the severity of his response but I welcomed it. It's about time Paul's character had some depth again and we know how much Paul loves his family--opening up this secret door to his conflicted feelings about his sister and what has happened to her is necessary and I think also helps resolve some of those anticlimatic moments when Nikki was leaving and he just let her go.

Watching it, I got caught up in the emotion and the power of the scene. Only after it was over - and about ten minutes later - did I start to think "Boy, that was a bit over the top. He acted like Mary Jane just physically peeled her face off in front of him."

^ Mike! I just snorted out loud (REALLY LOUD) at work! Ha!

^ Mike! I just snorted out loud (REALLY LOUD) at work! Ha!

It was way over the top, but I still loved it. I got weepy and laughed and was terrified all at the same time.

Note to self for future reference: Pointing the right finger conveys soooooooo much.

Maybe you have to watch that show and be involved with the characters/storyline not to laugh but I laughed a lot especially at the very end and WHAT WAS WITH HIS FINGER?????
Now I feel guilty because he is Rick Springfield's friend...

Maybe I'm juvenile, but I would have absolutely died if Mary Jane had pulled his finger at some point in the scene. In any event, I have not laughed harder than I just did at anything in a very long time. Thank you, Doug Davidson. Thank you.

With the finger pointing he reminds me of the evil monkey in Chris's closet from Family Guy.

U leave DD he was just do happy to act that he didn't know what to do w/ himself/ lol. I love him w/JT.

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