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August 28, 2009

What's REALLY Important About The Daytime Emmys

So, we've looked at all of the reels of the nominated actors and actresses this year, and while, ostensibly, the Daytime Emmys are about rewarding excellence (Please imagine us doing sarcastic, Sam McCall airquotes on those last two words), we know that there's so much more that make Emmy night...something else.


I think the fact that the best soap of last year is ineligible for an Emmy-- either daytime or primetime--just sucks! Yes, I refer to GH: Nightshift! Writing, directing,acting, producing--all heads and tails above its mothership.

Other big snub?! Kimberly McCullough who basically carried off a 10 month pregnancy on 2 shows, father with cancer storyline, coming to terms with getting married, almost dying in labor, 2 weddings, and of course the damn PPD arc that took months on end. Kimberly is a subtle actress who does not do soap histrionics--and she had plenty of chances to go in that direction with the badly written PPD story, but she never does. Even though she probably knows what kind of acting will get her the Emmy nod. I respect her choices and her integrity. But I'm still angry that the writers botched 2 major socially relevant storylines with the HIV pregnancy and the PPD!

Julie, big fat WORD about Kim McCullough. I also hate how Jason Thompson is wasted on that show. Both he and Kim continually try and find redeeming moments out of the crap they are given. I almost wish in some ways that there was never a Night Shift 2, as we got to see what life would be like on GH had they been given good material.

And just as a general comment, we all know that GH is going to win the writing Emmy, right?

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