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September 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Reactions

When trusty news correspondent Beth R. let me know the epic news that Greg Vaughan was let go from General Hospital and that the role of Lucky will once again be played by Jonathan Jackson, I didn't know what to do. I let out a muffled shriek and all I could type was "OMG!" (Seriously, when I posted this on Facebook, I used OMG six times. And that was after deleting a few more because I didn't want to seem COMPLETELY unhinged).  I may have even flailed, which I usually only do ironically.

This is BIG NEWS. And I had A BIG RESPONSE. Two big responses, actually. It went a little something like this:

PRESENT DAY MALLORY: I cannot believe that Jonathan Jackson is back. I can't. I never thought that would happen.


PRESENT DAY MALLORY: I KNOW, it's completely crazy. And unexpected.


PDM: I KNOW! Remember when there was that rumor when Genie Francis came back for Luke and Laura's 25th anniversay (in a story that the writers predictably and epically botched) that Jonathan Jackson would be back, too, and I got really excited and then it didn't happen?

14YOGHFM: Remember when Jonathan Jackson won, like, a million Daytime Emmys?

PDM: I do remember that.

14YOGHFM: And remember how his birthday is May 11, and you're also born in May and he's a year older than you and you thought that was just the coolest?

PDM: I am chagrined to say that I do remember that his birthday is May 11.

14YOGHFM: And how you used to have three hour long conversations during and following GH where you and your friend Jill would talk for hours about how adorable Lucky and Liz were?

PDM: Yes.

14YOGHFM: And remember when Lucky "died" and you cried so hard that your eyes were still puffy and bloodshot the next morning and you considered staying home from school?

PDM: ...vaguely. But poor Greg Vaughan! He has shafted so spectacularly, so many times by the people in charge of ruining--oh, I mean running this show. See what I did there?

14YOGHFM: Yeah, I got it. You didn't get any more clever as you aged, did you?

PDM: He was always the show's afterthought, losing to everybody, and Jason most of all, when he could have been a leading man. And now he's gone! But what a classy man he is.

14YOGHFM: That's true, he is.

PDM: He was so gracious in talking about General Hospital! And so pretty!


14YOGHFM: He was pretty in his Tweet?

PDM: Well, I'm assuming so, since he usually is. And oh! This means no more scenes of him being hot and adorable with Cam and Jake.



It's going to be so weird seeing them with a different Lucky. I was just going to say, "I totally can't picture Jonathan Jackson as a dad", but he actually is a dad. And he's married to Hannah.

14YOGHFM: Ugh, Hannah. Hannah sucked.

PDM: Hannah DID suck. Oh. Another weird, possibly awkward thing--I don't know if I can buy Jonathan Jackson as a cop.

14YOGHFM: Yeah, but he's, like, an awesome actor and can, like, make people believe anything, so I'm sure he will really sell himself as a cop.

PDM: Do you think this will make Bob Guza give up his insane belief that the police are the root of all evil in the world? Or do you think it will be like, "Oh, psych, Lucky's not going to be a cop anymore, he's going to be [insert name of career not as reviled as cop or doctor here]? Do you think the writers are going to nip this Nikolas/Liz thing in the bud? Oooh, do you think it will be weird to have Lucky and Lulu played by people pretty much the same age and then have their brother Nikolas who...is not exactly looking as youthful as the two of them? Do you think this is going to be the start of an epic revitalization of the Spencer family, and that maybe Lucky will stop being shunned by his father and sister at every opportunity? Or do you think this is a classic Guza bait and switch where he dangles something shiny in your face and gets you all intrigued and excited, and then he shoots it all to hell?

14YOGHFM: ...remember when you had at least twenty articles of clothing with sunflowers on them?

PDM: Are you deliberately changing the subject because even the biggest, Jonathan Jackson loving part of me knows that the current GH powers-that-be can ruin anything without even trying and that if I get my hopes up even a little bit my heart will wind up broken in a major way?

14YOGHFM: ...you had a sunflower hat and everything!

PDM: Shit.


Mallory I am not mad at your kind of, sort of, glee that JJ is coming back. I actually loved him as Lucky......when Lucky was a kid. I could probably deal with him as New Old Lucky now if the decision to leave was truly that of Greg Vaughn and we all know that it wasn't. THAT is what my problem is with this. If it was Greg's decision to leave I would probably be like "Eh, I don't see JJ as adult Lucky but okay let's try it". But of course this is not what went down. It is truly unscrupulous that ABC Daytime released a statement saying that GREG decided to move on to other things. Greg then comes out and says that ABC and TPTB decided to take Lucky in a different direction (which, by the way, has me going what direction are they taking Lucky in that could not be played by Greg???), so basically ABC blatantly LIED about the situation and didn't give a flying fig about it. That is what I can not deal with. ON TOP OF THAT, JJ gave an interview to TV Guide and said that this has been in the works for a little while and he had been thinking about it for quite some time and he even spoke with Tony Geary about it who told him to go for it. So apparently JJ and TG knew that this was happening and knew Greg would get fired and DIDN'T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT IT. Although it is not said in the interview a HUGE part of me believes that both of them knew that Greg did not know this was coming. I don't care that JJ was the first Lucky, Greg played Lucky the LONGEST. He did not pull that "I am going off to do bigger and better things" crap that JJ pulled. He stuck with the character even though they were giving him garbage and has said repeatedly that he just loves to work. Greg was happy where he was as long as he was working and the fact that he continually rose above the crap thrown at him proved that. JJ left for brighter pastures and when that did not go quite as planned here he is coming back. I am disgusted by the whole thing. I despise all things ABC Daytime. They are deceptive, unscrupulous, and don't give a damn about the fans of this or any other show as they have proven over and over again. This is why I will never again in life watch another ABC soap.

Mike I love your post but I don't think waiting for JJ to return was the reason Guza never wrote for Greg. JJ's Lucky was written for by Claire Labine, not Guza. I doubt seriously that Guza will write any better for JJ then he did for GV. He just doesn't know how. It's called being a big ole HACK. Take Sarah Brown as an example of that. She was great as Carly because Claire Labine wrote her, she sucked as Claudia because Guza wrote her. See the pattern.........

Every board I've been too for months have been blaming GV for the downturn of Lucky. If the writing doesn't improve for the character, they'll find that JJ doesn't save it either. I also read somewhere that JJ only signed for six months. We'll see. I won't, since I quit watching last week when fall TV came on and I found things much better than GH to watch.

The only way I could see this working and I could accept JJ back in the role (and yes, he's a great actor but I can't see him pulling off Lucky) is this (and I don't see the writers pulling this off). There have been rumors of another Cassidine captive with Luke. Maybe Lucky hasn't been Lucky all of these years. Of course, I said this during the Ethan intro debacle. Ugh.

But no, they'll stick JJ the baby face back in the role one day and expect everyone to accept him as Lucky with all of his past.

Glad I'm done with the show.

Hmm...my post never showed up. Blech. Yes, JJ was a great lucky. But he *looks* too young to play Lucky as he is now and I don't see him being comfortable with Lucky's past. The only way it could work for me is the same as someone else posted: Have the real Lucky still being held by Helena and current Lucky having been brainwashed into believing he was Lucky ala Roman/John on Days. Then we could have a grand mystery (not that they could write it) into trying to find out who current Lucky really is. But no. They'd rather treat someone who did the best he could with crap writing like crap and bring back an actor they won't do justice to. And am I correct that I read that JJ is only signed for 6 months? Then what? Lucky and Liz leave? Lucky is killed off? Another recast?

And to whomever asked (and I can't remember if this was asked here or DC), the destruction of characters began while JJ was on in order to prop Sonny and Jason as the show heroes.

JJ's only signed for 6 months? Mark my words: this is the end of Lucky Spencer. Guza's probably licking his lips to write this undoubtedly violent death.

On another note: Mallory & Becca: is this your most-commented upon post ever?

That's what I saw somewhere. If it's truth or rumor, I don't know.

I looked up the actors' real ages and JJ is 27 while GV is 36. GV looks more like a "man" than JJ and it seems jarring to replace GV with JJ who could still probably play a teenager. When GH did the recasts they picked a much more mature actor (not to mean "old"). Lucky is older than Ethan, but I think Ethan is going to look older, even though he is younger in real life. The people have to be believable for their age and situation and sometimes the casting doesn't sync up, even if the actors are very good.

I confess that I am glad JJ is coming back because my favorite time on GH was with JJ, Amber Tamblyn, Liz & Nikolas, but in Guza's hands I am uneasy. I do feel bad for Greg Vaughan who seems like a very nice person and has played all kinds of crap with dignity and enthusiasm and then ABC says he "decided" to leave the role. I really doubt it since he was so anxious to assure his fans that he was not on recurring status. Unfortunately the actors are seen to be disposable. Notice how many great GH actors have ended up on other soaps when GH can't be bothered to write for them anymore?

If it weren't for the fact that As The World Turns is currently the lowest rated soap, I'd vote for GV to head there...after all, they have Lucy, Kevin, Alan...who ironically is playing a mobster.

One Life to Live would be a good fit, but they're rumored to be on the edge of the chopping block.

Maybe GV would do well on Desperate Housewives...Katherine could use a man, lol.

oh thank you soap gods!. no offense to G.V. but he is twice rebecca herbst's age. i totally disliked him as lucky and excuse me, but lucky was a total dick to luke. any idea of when the switch will be?

Uh, Ruthie, JJ's Lucky was a total dick to LAURA at the end of his run. He just could not understand why she would take Luke back after he raped her. Also his Lucky was a dick to Luke too. And Luke was a bigger dick to Lucky then Lucky (GV's Lucky) EVER was to him. The minute Lucky became a cop Luke started to treat him like crap. None of that was the actor's fault but that of the writer, so unless they get rid of Guza JJ is going to be playing the same Lucky GV did because Guza is writing for him.

Wow, I thought Rebecca Herbst was older than 18. It was also not GV's fault how Lucky was written and I feel the need to point out that Luke was a total dick to Lucky as well.

JJ starts taping on Thursday. Hopefully the writing will be better for him or you'll find that Lucky is still a jerk in your eyes.

Added: Rebecca Herbst is 32, Greg Vaughan is 36. Hmm...not so double her age.

Cindy I was just about to post about the age thing. Thank you for beating me to it. Also let's not forget the fact that Becky is 5 years older than JJ. He is only 27.

I'm so beyond furious with this bullshit. I was watching while JJ was on the show and I hated his whiny, entitled version of Lucky. I detested JY's version as well but then GV came along and I fell deeply in love with the character.

Everything that made Lucky so special for me was brought to the role by Greg Vaughan. The warmth, the raditing goodness and the ability to forgive and forget.

I will not forgive GH, Jonathan Jackson or Tony Geary for this. They can all congradulate themselves to death for all I care and once GV exits, the role of Lucky will become dead.to.me.

Jonathan was teenage Lucky and frankly, he still looks about 12 so I don't buy him as a cop and a father. He also has zero sex appeal and sensuality so his love scenes are going be like watching a grown woman deflowering a junior high schooler.

Urg, fuck off GH, TG and JJ. They have finally drove me away from a show I have faithfully watched for 17 years.

JJ was an AWESOME Lucky back in the day...I'm not sure how he's going to fit with the way Lucky has been written the last few years but out of resect for what he brought to the role originally and my appreciation for his great acting ability from such a young age... I may start watching again.
HOWEVER...this totally blows for GV. :( He's fantastic in his own right and did wonders with the garbage Guza gave him. I hope he hits it big and tells Guza where to stick it. How about Greg on one of the thousand CSI spin offs? lol

Bring back Greg Vaughan as SLY!!!

Then we can have our cake and eat it. I loved Sly back in the day, and I can definitely picture him as GV grown. I am sad to see GV go as Lucky - a hot, decent guy who's a great dad! - but it sounds as if tptb were never going to give him much more to do. (Weren't they close to putting him on recurring status anyway?) Bringing JJ back could be great, or it could be a debacle, but I have to admit I'll check it out.

I'm excited that JJ is coming back as Lucky. He is a tremendous actor and has loads of charisma. But it sure does look like TG has a lot of power. He wanted JJ back and he got him. Now, if he could only let Ethan be a Scorpio, I would be really happy.

had to post again...still not cooled off.

I watched gh back in da day...with the 4 musketeers on. liz/lucky/nic/emily...back then all soaps had a super teen storyline..this was the last time that GH did it successfully (which makes people all misty eyed for a return to that time period).

They were fun yes...BUT JJ looks like a freaking kid - who are they going to pair him with - one of sonny's girls or maxi or will we suddenly find out lulu isnt luke/laura's?

He will not fit into the right age bracket.

I really didnt like lucky back then (in some ways lulu on her bad days reminds me of the writing of him - you know the shreiking/ranting).

I didn't like lucky #2.

Then Greg came on and lucky grew up in front of my eyes..he became laura's son...which was refreshing as opposed to luke's son. (yes i am one who doesn't forgive RAPE even on a soap). Even with crappy storylines, Greg V manages to convey a goodness to Lucky that smacks of laura...even his tendency to forgive IS laura.

This is a major mistake - recasting or bringing back other actors will not fix GH only changing the powers that be could do that.

I had stopped watching for a year then heard about the possible nik/liz/lucky triangle (spencer vs cassidine) - how soapy! Started watching again.

There is no way JJ can step into lucky as he is now - a MAN.

I watched Sarah Connor - I thought JJ was miscast on it too - as too young. JJ is coming back cause he cant make it in hollywood and ABC tossed Greg aside cause Tony G snapped his fingers.

Tony G needs to be fired..he treats the soap like a burden as did JJ when he left it 10 years ago.

Greg is lucky - he played him the longest and is loyal to the fans and the show.

this sucks... and guza can suck it!

I really don't believe Tony Geary has all this power - think he's just a pawn in the Frons/Guza game of chess.

I guess since everyone else has commented, I have to...

I too have grown to like GV's Lucky, but he's not the strongest actor, and I've seen everything else ABC has done, so I'm not surprised they're dumping him for a publicity stunt.

That said, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I was also born in May, I also was a teenager who was all Liz and Lucky 4eva! JJ is not the hottest guy ever, but he was the best Lucky. Though he looks young, maybe he'll be able to channel his experience as a real life dad into being a tv dad. And, maybe Guza will write a better Lucky because he's more interested in JJ! And then pigs will fly, but whatever, obviously I'm not totally dead inside and can still kind of hope. But, maybe that's cuz I haven't watched this show in more than a year, so ask me again in two months?

Also, I've got to defend my boy. Why's everyone all hating on JJ? He didn't totally fail at Hollywood, as some are saying. He's generally been applauded in his roles. He was almost Darth Vader for christ's sake! I think he's a more successful actor than GV. His music career hasn't been bad either. One of his songs was in the top ten at iTunes recently. I dont' know why he chose to come back, but I don't think it's with his tail between his legs or anything.

I know whatever happens is going to suck. Because this is the new millennium GH.
But, what if...while Luke has been held captive by Helena he found the REAL Lucky (played by JJ) who has been a captive ever since the fire AND they kept GV as an orphan (or some similar story) Helena took from an orphanage and brainwashed to think he was Lucky. Then we could have our cake and eat it too. Also Lucky could go back to being more like JJ's original character and GV's character could find out who he really is.
I don't actually watch GH anymore but this JJ news really makes me consider it. I am not going to watch though if they are just going to ruin the character some more...

I don't see JJ committing himself to anything more than a few months. Lucky's options are 1. leaving town, or 2. dying. Which option do you think that Guza prefers? GV was robbed.

I should clarify that I love Greg V. and am praying to the TV gods that he finds a better role on a better show, daytime or nighttime. I'm even willing to sacrifice small animals...well, maybe big vegetables. For some reason, I have (probably totally unwarranted) optimism that he will be okay, and will move on to something better.

And again, this may be totally unfounded optimism, but JJ coming on board indicates two things to me, neither which I dislike:
1) Nik and Liz is over. It will be retconned away -- not without causing some problems, but either Helena will confess to having brainwashed the two of them, or they'll decide that they really don't like each other That Way any more. Poor, abused GV could have been kept around if they wanted Lucky as the cuckolded goat. I don't see them bringing JJ back for that.
2) Ethan will decrease in importance. TG has Luke's "real" son back now. I wouldn't be surprised if Ethan's paternity were changed again and he left town, with or without Rebecca. In fact...I wouldn't be stunned if Rebecca somehow were to turn out to be Emily after all.

Do I think the show will be good? No. But I don't think TPTB would be making the effort to get JJ back if they thought the Nik/Liz and Ethan/Luke stories were working. YMMV.

Can this mean that Vanessa will be back soon???? Or can I not possibly that "lucky"????

boo! hopefully Greg V will find a role where they can actually write for him. He is pretty to look at!

Well I am very disappointed, I think JJ is too young looking to portray the man Lucky is today. I just hope that Cam gives him the BITCH face when they are together....that would make my day. Good luck to GV wishing you all the Best!
Sorry I was not able to attach the PHOTO!!

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