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September 07, 2009

Congeniality Lessons With Victor Newman

Can you imagine a self-help book written by Victor Newman? It would include lots misplaced anger, detailed instructions for how to never accept responsibility, and lots of YOU GOT THAT?'s.


There are days that I forget how awful he is (these are usually days when Victor is not onscreen at all) and then there are days like last Wednesday (I'm behind) that Paul confronts Victor about Victor bringing Crazy Pants Patty to town and giving her the identity of Mary Jane as part of his never-ending war with Jack, and Victor glares and sneers and lies through his teeth condescendingly, and blames Paul for the entire ordeal and, well, the hatred comes rushing back.


Paul, righteously angry: So my sister comes home as Mary Jane Benson and targets Jack from the very beginning. You give my poor, lonely, confused sister a new life, a new face and a trumped-up résumé for one reason and one reason alone-- to get at Jack Abbott. And now she's completely out of control, so every mistake she makes is on your head. 


Victor, sneers condescendingly



Paul, apoplectic with rage: And your sick need for vengeance. My sister was so in love with that guy, and she's so mixed up, she was bound to spin out of control, and you knew it. You knew it, and you didn't care. All you cared about was getting even with Jack Abbott and making him pay!


Victor, completely over this conversation


Paul, attempting to end on a dramatic note: You cannot dodge forever. I will find my sister, and she will tell me everything you did to her. And when she does-- 


Victor, going for the jugular: You're my friend. I understand that you're upset. But you talk about family? You didn't even recognize your own sister right in front of you, plastic surgery be damned. You know why you're here? Because you failed as an investigator, and you failed as a brother.


Paul has no comeback

That was needlessly cruel! Paul, his index finger and the throbbing vein in his right eye have had a very hard time of it lately, and there's no need for you to make him feel any worse, Victor!


lol. Jeez Victor... poor Paul.
Wait until you see Friday's episode when he's talking to Colleen who is probably wrong in this situation but Vic dismisses her completely and utterly..and rolls his eyes through the whole thing. Plus when he is talking to Tracy and basically says "I have nothing against you but get out of my damn house!!... your sister isn't crazy because I say so.. you got it?"

It's official. I loathe Victor more than Sonny. He was so vile this week and so endlessly destructive I was hoping that Paul would strangle him to death right there in that ugly living room of the House of Horrors!

If anyone out there actually likes or roots for VN PLEASE tell me why. I've read why fans still love Sonny, and not one of them has swayed me at all. And every three years I actually enjoy a Sonny scene.

What I hate even more than this story (which still makes no sense to me -- what was this revenge plan Victor had for Jack? Why would he use a woman who was obviously a lunatic?) is that I think they want us to see Victor as being in the right because he's tough and strong and never backs down. I think we're somehow supposed to be impressed.

Y&R is clogged up with these assholes passed off as leading men.

Victor is pure, unapologetic evil. If they don't see it, or think the audience doesn't, then they must be smoking something really powerful. I just want to put my fist through his smug, condescending, self-important face the entire time Paul was talking. Glurg!

Oh and thank you for pointing out the "you got that" thing. At first I thought I was just crazy but he really does say that ALL the time. I've begun shouting back at my TV/computer screen "NO, a**hole, I DON'T got that!" Should I seek help?

Loved Friday's show, when Billy was carrying Ashley out, and he told Adam to tell Victor, Billy Abbott says "screw you"....Loooovvvveeeedddd it.

Poor Paul...no one wins against Victor...even with the killer Index Finger O'Doom!

I thought Paul stood a chance. When he lifted that right index finger, I said to myself, "Oh, it is ON!!!"

Sadly, Victor just turned everything back on Paul and Paul could only walk away. Damn!

At least Billy was there with the line of the week.

"Let me tell you something;"
I actually root for Victor Newman for two main reasons:
1. I LOATHE Jack Abbott, so therefore I root for his arch enemy:)
2. He amuses me, "Ya got that" and all; standing there drinking glass after glass of room temp water while staring out the window. He doesn't seem very busy for a guy who should have lots to do!!
I think it's along the lines of rooting for Tony Soprano; obviously he's depraved but he's the star.

He tweets.
Check out @victornewman .
Probably not him but hilarious all the same with his 'ya got thats'.

I love Victor.I love that he kick butt.He can do whatever he wants and I will still love him.No leading man has ever been perfect and I like them flawed and all.Perfect leading men and women are beyond boring and if I wanted boring a soap would not be my thing.Victor Rocks!Besides,I hate Jack Abbott and anytime Victor makes his life miserable is a good day in my book.Same goes for Sonny.I love him so.Rock on Victor and Sonny,loves those bad boys.Wooza!!

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