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September 01, 2009

Dancing (And Soap Writing) In The Dark

Maybe this won't be two horrific weeks of cheesy, over-the-top badness. 

All My Children will riff on the classic Jane Fonda film “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” with an epic dance marathon that’ll run a full 10 episodes. The special event (airing September 17-30) involves the entire cast, headlined by former Dancing With the Starscontenders Susan Lucci (Erica) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan). The plot has the citizens of Pine Valley pulling together to help Erica raise money her new pet cause—starving kids in Africa—via a local telethon. The rules: Couples must maintain physical contact at all times and never stop moving. In order to earn a break from the dance floor, a couple has to bring in a big donation from telephone call-ins. Mass exhaustion ensues, but so does the sex and mayhem.

“We’ve got characters making time for a five-minute quickie, there are fights in the ladies room, a little stalking, a possible murder. It’s fun!” says exec producer Julie Hanan Carruthers. [Stalking and murder! HEE! That IS fun, JHC! --Ed.] Things also get a little goofy. “I promise you a chicken dance with full cast participation,” Carruthers says. “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Thorsten Kaye [Zach] doing the finger snap.”

It is POSSIBLE that it could be entertaining on purpose, and hilarious in the good way, and soapy like a soap opera is supposed to be, because ANYTHING is possible. But as AMC is never any of those things under the best of circumstances, and since they handle gimmicks even worse than they do day-to-day writing, I'd say that it is PROBABLE that after ten days of watching these fools dance and engage in mayhem, we will be cursing the invention of the television.

I will admit to being more than a bit intrigued by the idea of Zach chicken dancing. And how riffy will this riff on They Shoot Horses, Don't They? be? Will we see (Do we still say spoiler alert if the movie is 40 years old? Just in case: SPOILER!) an exhausted, depressed participant be put out of their misery by a bullet? If so, please let Ryan get tired, please let Ryan get tired, please let Ryan get tired.



I'd be more impressed if I heard that whatever amount of $ they "raise" on the fake telethon was what ABC/AMC was donating to the actual cause. Now THAT would make me tune to give them ratings, even if I only had it on in the background.

Since Pratt this show on a daily basis is a joke. What makes anyone in their right mind think this is must see TV? I could see maybe 1 day, 3 days at the most but 2 weeks is torture. I will record and clip out what I need, the rest is garbage as this writer is. If Pratt thinks that Ryerica is a good couple, he is sniffing something very powerful. The character of Ryan needed to be gone years ago and this pairing is barfworthy at it's best. I give the show a year in LA, less if some of the big stars don't go.

Let Ryan be tired, let Ryan be tired, let Ryan be tired- bwaaah! I'm with you in being more than a bit intrigued at Zach Slater/TK dancing anything- especially teh finger-snap or chicken dance or whatever it's going to be! I know that has to be good, regardless of the rest. But I'm not sure it's going to be what they're billing it. Not sure they're capable.

entire cast chicken dancing? are they trying to make people quit?

Not that I'm a regular AMC viewer, but I did like the original film a lot so maybe I might take a look out of morbid curiosity. I am with you though on wondering how far they're going to take this riff. Specifically, who's going to be the master of ceremonies and will he channel Gig Young to do it. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, picture one of the AMC men in a bad suit, smoking, repeating the same phrase over and over
"Youza,youza,youza!" That actually might be more horrifying than the chicken dance :)

I'm scared.

Well, it can't make the show *worse*, at least. Right? I mean, is "worse than current AMC" a thing?

10 days?


Don't tempt fate, Louise. If you think something might not be able to get any worse, I'll just say to you what I say to others who ask the same thing.........."Wait."

So do you all think it's possible that a bunch of concerned citizens can ban together and get someone committed to a mental institution against their will? Because as someone who used to watch Passions and completely accepted and loved Timmy the doll who made kick ass cocktails and Precious the orangatun who just wanted love.......Even I am going what the friggedity frack!!!

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