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September 08, 2009

"Edward Puts Many Lives In Jeopardy"

That, according to Tivo, was the synopsis of today's General Hospital

"ABC Puts Many GH Writers' Jobs in Jeopardy."

That is the synopsis of the soap opera in my head.  It's the old-fashioned kind of soap opera -- you know, silly and outlandish and like a fairy tale.


But Michael's "gift"!! I am not gonna lie, I eat that shit up like a particularly delicious pastry. It was my favorite part of what I thought was a pretty neat episode.

Where's the "I'm loving it!" option? Because that's the one I would have chosen. But then I never hate it as much as you guys seem to.

The GH men are going to have to take off a lot more than their shirts if they think that's going to make me watch.

This show is repulsive on every level.

The whole thing smqcks of PASSIONS opening weeks (Tabitha disguised as a fortune teller giving the residents of Harmony sneak peeks at their futures) and just about every PASSIONS sweeps stunt ("Death" lurking around every corner just waiting to take out the least missed non-contract player so that "Death" can be appeased and the teasers won't be complete lies).

Only with the late James E. Reilly writing it, it would've been entertaining and made sense within the world of PASSIONS; with Guza at the helm, it just feels like the last gasps of a show clinging to the last vestiges of life.

And poor Laura Wright is kind of like the kiss of soap death: LOVING, THE CITY, GUIDING LIGHT, now GENERAL HOSPITAL...

Dirk...I have been saying that this reminded me of how Passions opened! I'm with you! I keep waiting for one of those stuffed animals to come to life!

I'm irked that everyone is in danger because of a Quartermaine (see? we're all JUST as in danger from the Qs as the mob!) and surely he'll be blamed regardless of being poisoned.

I also don't read spoilers so I don't know what kind of torture this is going to lead to (though the commercials seem to imply that Jake will be in danger and this will inexplicably bring Sam and Jason closer together???), but in the now it felt kind of old-school(ish) GH.

However, I'll puke if Michael being shot in the head gives him the power to see the future.

Also, since I'm not new, I know this'll lead to nothing good.

Molly dunks hot men with the power of Mathematics! That is all that matters.

How about, " Guza puts fans lives in jeopardy with his ineptitude!"

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