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September 02, 2009

Even The Tanner Children Faced Harsher Consequences!

Really, Carly and Alexis?

Michael: That I'm sorry, for everything. All the reckless driving, the attitude, the lies, and then taking Kristina and running off with her. The list goes on, you know, but I haven't made one right decision since I woke up, and I'm gonna try and do better.

Carly: Well, that's all any of us can ask, you know.

"[Trying] and [doing] better" is all anybody can ask? Doing better than what? Because if all you're asking is that he behave better than he did before the car accident, that's not setting the bar very high at all, as I believe prison inmates are routinely better behaved than Michael was before his jaunt to Mexico.

Alexis: Listen to me. There's gonna be an important lesson that we're all gonna learn here, all right? And we're gonna take that information and we're gonna incorporate it into our future decisions. Is that understood? I want you to promise me something from now on.That when you get this upset and when things feel too big for you to handle that you will come to me, do you understand?

I guess I missed the "The part of Alexis Davis will now be played by Bob Saget as Danny Tanner" voiceover at the start of the episode...

Carly: You're not broken or pathetic. And not that I condone you and Kristina running off to Mexico, but...It does prove how resourceful and capable you are.
Michael: Well, I get that from my mother.
Carly: I'm proud of you. And I love you very much.


Your children maybe run their stepmother off the road and then run away to a posh Mexican resort, and when the local hitman/hero brings them back, your only reaction is to plagiarize a speech given at the end of an episode of Blossom? What the what?!


I find this crap more offensive than the endless mob nonsense on GH.

Michael is just like Carly. OG Carly, not this whitewashed version LW plays. They are both selfish, manipulative, reckless, prone to insane stupid violent outbursts, immature, needy, rude, disrespectful, entitled, annoying, mob worshippers, greedy, impatient...need I go on?

And what about Sam? Playing the moral voice in all this? WTF?!?!?!?! She has the nerve to rail against Alexis regarding consequences? Sam is a mob moll!!! A con woman who lets kids be kidnapped. She praises Jason for his goodness as a parent/role model? IS she freaking joking? She worships mobsters just like Carly. Nobody in these kids lives ever takes responsibility or goes to prison for their crimes. Alexis is by far the only responsible parent in the bunch. Not a high distinction, but in PC she is stellar by comparison.

I don't understand the writers at all. I mean how can they produce such nonsense? Just where exactly are Sonny's kids supposed to learn about consequences and good citizenship? From all of their stellar role models? Which consist of a population 85% mobsters, psychopaths, and mob molls?

Ridiculous and offensive. Best writing for this shit? Unreal.

'Member when little Mikey bought a gun and accidentally shot Daddy's girlfriend with it, thought he'd killed her, and then ran away for a couple weeks? Mom and Dad kept telling him they were so proud of him then, so maybe all of these actions were just to re-earn their approval after he'd spent a year unable to make such pride-worthy choices?

I mean obviously he's not *really* going to earn his parents' (and uncle's) respect until he actually kills someone (in the name of loyalty, mind you), but at least he's laying some groundwork.

And Sarah, I completely agree -- Sam insisting that Kristina accept responsibility while Sam herself has led a life of crime... a little tough to swallow.

I am not the least bit surprised that this was Carly's response. This is, after all, the same woman that NEVER aplogized to Kate for her son SHOOTING HER, nor did she make SAID SON apologize or take any responsiblity for it. In fact she still attacked Kate every chance she got after her son ALMOST KILLED HER.

Um, Sarah, Louise, and Dawn? So much word to everything you posted. You said it all for me. Sitting through that episode was truly an experience. Not a good experience, but an experience all the same.

I am not the least bit surprised by Carly's reaction to Michael because, well, it's Carly. Remember when Michael accidentally shot Kate and then ran away and eventually caused his pregnant mother to lose her baby?! At least he tried to do better...that's all we can apparently ask for.

I would say that I am surprised by Alexis' reaction to Kristina's behavior but...well, not really, at least not with Bob "middle name should be Misogyny" Guza writing this show...for which he now has ANOTHER writing Emmy!!! Seriously...I don't even have the words to convey my horror, shock, and rage.

if either one of them had actually received any kind of punishment at all, I would have said that I wasn't watching GH! THIS IS THE SAME SHOW THAT MAKES A HITMAN BE THE TOWN HERO. The only one that made any sense was Sam, and this is in spite of her many, many, mistakes and bad taste in men. At least she was saying Hello? this is not o.k. a well I guess in her case it would be a do as I say not as I do when in comes to bad behavior. but I agree with you ladies: What the what?!

I seriously can't believe this shit hole won an Emmy for best writing. it's just further proof of how truly ridiculous and fucked up the daytime Emmys really are. The fact that the mob boss in training Micheal NEVER pays for his many CRIMINAL "mistakes" and just goes on with life like it's all good and the fact that the so called "adults" in his life treat him like he can do no wrong and also the fact that none of them know the definition of right or wrong for that matter just make me wanna... IDK and as for Kristina, I was really surprised of how Alexis reacted but then I remembered that she is a smart, good mother and an independent woman who doesn't glorify the mob so there for Dick Head Guza will use any chance he can to make her look as bad as possible. Seriously though HOW THE HELL DID THIS SHOW WIN FOR BEST WRITING? HOW?????????????

Maybe their consequence is they are stuck on this show until they get killed instead of Sonny or Jason?

becuase otherwise I think my brain might implode from other the weight of trying to figure that out!

and i know i'm trying to ascribe logic to something Guza penned...but wasn't Sam all "Kristina only did this because of this immense pressure Evil Alexis places on her". So why does she NOW suddenly think Kristina consequneces? I'd be surprised at the whole her not being aware of why she shouldn't be advocating this what with her entire history going against this but then again...she and Jason were the ones who were "counseling" Michael and Kristina about how crime is bad and they shouldn't do bad.

sometime I think the most self aware person on this show is Cameron. I've yet to see him lecture Spencer and Jake on why they shouldn't play with matches.

Michael didnt run Claudia off the road though..yes he was acting like a jerk to his mother and he apologized for that she forgave him and he seems to have changed.
I dont see anything wrong with the way Carly and Michael acted toward eachother.

and all due respect when Michael thought he ran Claudia off the road he went to the police and confessed then he told his father what happened unlike Kristina who kept it hidden until she was forced to tell the truth.
Michael is the better child here.and Carlys the better parent.

Oh man, I gave this show up for a year, came back for a few months, and after giving it up again a few weeks ago I'm so glad that I can satisfy my curiosity by reading about the absurdity here. I think those quotes exemplify what frustrates me about this show: waiting and waiting for comeuppance that never comes.

Now, if you guys would get back to recapping Days, you'd be doing all of my soap dirty work for me. Come on, we've got a Passions trio on there now!

What Sarah and Sweetgjb said to infinity and BEYOND.

Anyone else remember that when Carly, Jason and Sonny thought that Michael had murdered AJ, they threw him a party with cake and ice cream?

I'm okay with the way Michael and Carly reacted toward each other because it was in character for Carly, but I was really disappointed with alexis' belief that by ignoring it, it will all be okay. I mean, SHE should know better. We all know Carly doesn't.

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