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September 18, 2009

I'm Unhappy Just To Dance With You

When I first learned of the AMC dance marathon, I naturally thought it was a terrible idea,since I have the misfortune of watching this show during the Carruthers/Pratt era, and am all too familiar with the knowledge that terrible is effortless for them. I was, however, hopeful that it would at least be terrible. You know, the "so wrong, it's right" kind of bad where you're afraid to miss a minute because of how campy or over-the-top or ridiculously awful it could be. And this had the potential to be all of those things at once, what with the dancing and the distressing fact that basically none of these people can dance (Vincent Irizarry. OH EM GEE. I wanted to look away out of respect for him, but I couldn't stop watching. He has so little rhythm that it's hypnotic) and...it's a freaking dance marathon that will last two weeks, written and produced by hacks of the highest order. How could that NOT be awesomely bad?

Well, it turns out that even when you expect the show to hit rock bottom in terms of quality, it still surprises you, because this dance marathon is not addictively bad, it's merely dreadfully dull.

Yes, there is the added ludicrous element of all of these people (including Trevor David Jr., because a dance-a-thon is a perfectly reasonable place for a baby to be hanging out, and excluding Kendall, who is in her secret hole in the wall whipping herself into a territorial frenzy) in the same place, dancing for charity, but that is ALL that is different about the show. Other than the new setting and the added bonus of Tad roaming around playing oh-so-hilarious emcee, all we're doing is rehashing the same stories that we've been rehashing for weeks while the writers drag their feet and take their sweet time deciding how to resolve any of these plots. Liza is still all over Zach, Kendall is still jealous of Liza, Amanda still has RIDICULOUS plans, Ryan is still suspicious of Annie and Randi is still a pretty mannequin--oh, sorry, I meant she's still haunted by what happened with Henry. Didn't we all get that at the beginning of August? Can this show do ANYTHING right?


I'm totally put off by the idea that this marathon is happening in the Fusion offices with file cabinets as the back ground....

Like you, I'm put off by ongoing rehash of the same old storylines... I wouldn't be surprised to see at the end of the show a giant yellow bat superimposed on the screen with a voiceover saying 'Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat station'!

But my biggest gripe is how AMC has turned an incredible charity (Feed the Children)into nothing more than a 10 day plot point. I have a new level of contempt for the braintrust at ABCD and Disney that I did not ever think I would ever feel for anyone in my lifetime. It's truly appalling what they have done.

As a result, I'm hoping Susan Lucci(whom I adore) is as mad as I am to see how what seemed to be a truly life altering event for her has been diminished and used.

It kills me to say this but I now hope she tells this show to take a flying leap and stays in NY.

Oh and to answer your question, no this show can no longer do anything right. : (

I thought you were joking so I had to YouTube to verify. They really are just revolving storylines around a dance marathon.

I will never doubt your word on the depths on ridiculousness soaps fall into.

They needed to save money by keeping the same sets up for two weeks so the great idea they came up with was a dance marathon? I feel bad for the actors that had to suffer through this crap for 2 weeks. They should have done something like GH's nurses ball. This cast has lots of talented singers who could perform and it would be a lot more entertaining than watching the actors do the chicken dance.

And this cast can't dance! All I keep thinking is, "Would anyone seriously donate money to these people? For what? Crappy dancing?" I will say that Petey has brought a spark here and there, but it's been one horrendously boring pile of poo.

I've witnessed some truly atrocious things on AMC over the years. But ten days of bad dancing, static storylines, and the two dumbest and least sympathetic women in Pine Valley (Randi and Amanda) as the focus of this is just enough to make me give up completely.

Frons may live to eat his snarky comments about the demise of Guiding Light. With crap like this, and the other madness that Pratt has been churning out for the past year on AMC, ain't no way in hell that AMC is going to win its time slot either!

You are so right...this is not just bad...it is horrindous. Madison is lurking around, out in the open, and no one sees her? Zach thinks he needs to make Annie believe he has moved on from Kendall? Then what...she will just spill everything to him? Amanda's plan is to get David to fall in love with her...and Jake's jealousy helps in that plan? And then what? And what is with the background dancers...can they even hear the music they are dancing to? Is there music they are dancing to? This is just terribly, boring writing that does nothing to move stories. I think Kendall is the lucky one...she isn't there...and I would suggest she do what I have done...turn it off.

I find the whole thing boring in the extreme and the whole 'let's switch dance partners' willy-nilly ridiculous. Other than Petey having to go to the bathroom and no one pledging money for him and Colby, the whole thing is a yawn. And yes, I have never seen so many rhythmless people including poor Vincent Irizarry who is a lovely man in real life and deserves better than this dreck. Oh, and the baby's name is still Trevor. At least he conceded on that point.

And why is it that everything is happening in the ladies room? Including Jake and Amanda fighting? Madison sneaking around, drugging Randi? Who knew it would be that easy?

Now this week Kendall abandons baby Ian to head over to Fusion and I'm still waiting for this Tad/Taylor romance.

Boring is the word yes but offensive as well. It's bad enough the dancers can't dance, the characters have lost their common sense and smarts, the storylines are repetitive and ridiculous...but now we are being asked to watch them in the name of world hunger. I mean gimme a break..

If this was about world hunger, how come there is no phone number on the bottom of the screen or at the end of the show asking viewers to donate to a real cause? At least we might believe that this IS about the starving children in Africa.

Instead, the starving children in Africa are now being used to pimp Ryan-Erica, Annie, Randi, and Liza...good grief.

And this..what did ABC say... is the most elaborate undertaking they have ever taken? Really..my mind must be playing tricks on me..cause I remember elaborate balls, weddings, etc with costumes, sets, etc. This is much ado about absolutely nothing.

And someone really expected all the big wigs of AMC to uproot their lives and move entire families across country for this?

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