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September 01, 2009

The Daytime Emmy Award Winners: Our Take

The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards have come and gone, and were a blend of bizarre, awkward, and terrible, with a few fleeting glimpses of quality. We found ourselves this year in the unfamiliar position of being familiar with nearly all of the winners. Thoughts? Yes, we have some.

Outstanding Supporting Actor: TIE! Vincent Irizarry (David, AMC) and Jeff Branson (Shayne, GL)

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

What's with the Daytime Emmys and their ties? It seems wrong! We're not sure what the most viable tiebreaker option would be (Our minds always go to dance-offs, but that seems impractical and doesn't, strictly speaking, have anything to do with soaps. Then again, most of this inane broadcast had nothing to do with soaps, either, so it's perhaps more plausible than we originally thought.), but we shouldn't complain too much, since two very good actors were rewarded for their performances this year. Jeff Branson's reel was Mallory's favorite, and Vincent Irizarry's win led to his adorable speech...

(Fun fact: Jeff Branson was the overwhelming pick by Serial Drama voters for who should win the Emmy and was the only one of your picks to actually do so.)

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Tamara Braun (ex-Ava, DAYS)

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

We're equally surprised and happy that Tamara Braun won this year, because she was simply so much FUN as Ava, and her shock upon winning was adorable. Plus, she looked gorge.

Okay, so according to most of you Bree Williamson probably should have won (we'd ask Louise for comment, but she's currently in the fetal position, weeping), but we can't deny the entertaining power of Braun's reel, plus, we like to think of this award as a big "We're so sorry that you were saddled with the worst character in the worst soap storyline in the history of the world" statement. 

Outstanding Younger Actor: Darin Brooks (ex-Max, DAYS)

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

We don't like to admit being wrong and so we rarely ever do, but we have to admit in this case: we seriously didn't think Brooks had a chance in hell of winning. It's not that he's bad, exactly; his submission scenes were kind of one-note, but he played the hell out of that one note. We just thought Blake Berris was better, and that Bryton has the Emmys wrapped around his little finger, so we thought either one of them would win.  There is also the small point that Max was annoying or boring as hell with terrible hair 98% of the time, but he solved that problem by leaving Salem so we'll stick with "we just thought Blake Berris was better."

Outstanding Younger Actress: Julie Marie Berman (Lulu, GH)

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

Julie Marie Berman should have won last year, and we felt awful that she didn't, but then Lulu became AWFUL and shrieky and horrible, and Berman got a bit lazy with her performances plus had anti-chemistry with Brandon Barash, so we weren't exactly engaged in a long-term mourning process regarding her having been robbed of an Emmy.  Now she's won, and we're happy for her, but it seems obvious that it's a make-up award.  Further, non-acting-based evidence?  She looked super fantastic last year and was a disaster this time around.  Sigh. 

Outstanding Lead Actor: Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R)

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles

Well...he's a great actor and gave a great, if hammy, performance in an episode that was written specifically to be an Emmy reel. And not just any Emmy reel, but a "SEE ME ACT! I AM AN AC-TOR!" Emmy reel. And then Michael pretty much became a tertiary character, so that was pretty much the last time LeBlanc acted, rather than just blended into the background. It sounds like we're bitter, but we're mostly disappointed that Peter Reckell didn't win. We didn't know we were rooting so hard for him until he lost! 

Outstanding Lead Actress: Susan Haskell (Marty, OLTL)

36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

We don't watch OLTL, but apparently she's great, so good for her.  This was a competitive category and there probably couldn't have been an undeserving winner.  Pity about her dress, though.  Yowza.

Outstanding Writing: General Hospital

This will be discussed in a separate post, so as not to contaminate deserving (and even less-than-deserving) winners with our rage, disgust, outrage, threats of retaliation, and so forth.

Outstanding Daytime Drama: The Bold & The Beautiful

We don't watch it, but this show has: a plot involving a real live bear, one of The Soup’s best and most famous clips of the week ever (though "Chicken Tetrazini" is catching up), Ron Moss's scarves, guest appearances by Betty White, and Susan Flannery.  We can't argue with it winning.  Sure, Days would have been our pick (by default), and AMC winning would have served the purpose of deflecting some of our outrage away from GH's writing win, but overall we're fine with this.


I am totally cool with Jeff Branson's win. Completly well deserved.

I also like to think Tamara Braun's was also a make up for years of having to play off Carly's insanity as actual normal behavior and hey that couldn't have been easy.

All I could think when I saw Julie was clearly whoever in that wardrobe/make up department at GH who hates her inexplicably got hired as her stylist.

Julie Marie Berman seems to have aged approximately 90 years in the 6 months since I stopped watching GH. Pity.

I am emerging from my fetal position slowly but surely, and I'll say a couple of things -- firstly, for Daytime Emmys from this year forward (if they happen), what are the chances that OLTL or ATWT will ever win anything again considering the LA soap community will consist of 5 voting bodies and the NY soap community will consist of 2?

Also, if voters were basing their decisions on an entire body of work, Braun FAR deserved it over Williamson. Tamara Braun is a better actress by miles, while Bree Williamson is usually stuck being either incredibly bland or playing her cheesily embarrassing multiple personalities. It was just this specific reel, this specific performance that I thought was so phenomenal, and I'd been rooting for her Emmy since it first aired (after I stopped shaking and blubbering like an infant). And she won't get the chance again.

Agreed on Julie Berman. She made me insane last year, but definitely deserved it for the year before.

And I should add that I've calmed down a little bit regarding the GH writing win because I came up with a possibly legitimate reason (reason, not defense) for it, but I will save that for its place!

Julie Marie Berman is adorable so I will not begrudge her winning the emmy Kirsten Storms deserved. As for Bree Williamson I still think she has a chance to win next year if she submits the scenes with Vikki where Jessica finally remembers the night her baby died.

I am glad Tamara won. If for no other reason to just cast a look at some of her old GH peeps and yell out HA BITCHES!!! CARLY WHAT ?!!!! TAKE CARLY AND STUFF IT HARD WHERE THE SUN WILL NEVER SHINE!!! I do wish Peter Reckell had won too, I love me some Bo and Hope back in the day as they are the ONLY COUPLE left to wear the LAST SUPER COUPLE medal, after 25 years they are relatively still together. Take that Luke and Laura!!! Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Julie Berman looks like a Kim Basinger halloween costume.

I did think Bree Williamson deserved to win. Her performances usually don't do anything for me, but she kicked booty with her multiple personalities last year. However, I would never begrudge Tamara Braun winning because of her general fabulousness and the idea of her yelling, "Suck it, GH!"

I was rooting for Susan Haskell and/or Debbi Morgan, so I was quite happy with the outcome there.

GH for writing almost feels like a really, REALLY bad Monty Python sketch.

Vincent Irizarry rules, so kudos!

It's quite ironic that you mention that dance-offs don't have anything to do with soaps. I just read the horrific news that AMC is going to do a 10-episode dance marathon in September. Yeah, I think that's one of the signs of the apocalypse....

I think Bryton (is he back to one name again?) actually won for younger actor, but someone went back and changed all the ballots the other week when Devon slept with his "Aunt" Tyra!

I didn't watch, but as I glanced at JMB while scrolling, I actually gasped at how much she looked like Genie Francis at a glance. Then, yes, I realized she looked *exactly* like Francis, which means 20+ years older than her actual age.

Is there any level of irony to capture casting a young actress to look like the actress they refuse to give her damn role back, the role that she carved in stone with her talents while these schmucks were all still nothing but toady assistant whoeverIhavetoblowtogetajobs? I don't think so.

I have to google image Darin Brooks to figure out what soap he was on. It's because his hair didn't look like it did as Max. So sad.

And I picked the right bad plastic surgery closeted actor for Best Actor! Who-hoo!

I feel bad for Bree fans. I think we've all experienced a time when we thought someone went above and beyond in an episode/ sl, that someone makes it all they way through to an Emmy nod and then that same someone doesn't get it because someone else is getting a "life time achievement award" of sorts. It sucks, but I am a TB fan so personally, I don't feel bad. TB is talented and she's the only actress who's played Carly who actually made me like Carly (on special occasions, of course). In my book, she is deserving of an Emmy and the Emmys are finally making up for past errors. Plus, her submission was good.

I am only really bitter about Peter Reckell losing and GH's writing winning. I watched Days a long long time ago. It was my favorite and I never understood why it was always overlooked by the Emmys. I feel bad for them because they really do have some excellent actors on the show, but it just seems to me that those same actors could do the same work on a GL, OLTL, Y&R or even GH and they would have a 50% greater chance of getting recognized. I know it's jaded but I really do have that feeling.

I actually thought Genie Francis WAS in the audience, based on a quick high audience shot, and was then wracking my brain trying to remember if a missed a post about her being back on GH this past year, which would have therefore given her some reason to be at the Emmy's until JMB went on-stage & I discovered who that GF-lookalike really was.

Wow is all I can say, whether it was intentional or not.

Last year there was the huge outcry because Kirsten Storms deserved the Emmy, but she didn't even get a nomination. This year's nom made up for last year's snub, and while I was really hoping she would get it, I'm happy for Julie Berman.

Thrilled for Julie Marie Berman. Emmys are all about submission tape. And JMB's tape was by far the best out of all the younger nominees. That scene with her confessing/confiding to Laura with a wig-Emmy worthy stuff! Glad she won!

So so happy for Tamara Braun. Ava would have been a disaster in the hands of a less talented actress, and boy did TB deliver one heck of a performance and made me feel so much for the nutjob in her tape

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