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October 16, 2009

Failing At Failure, Continued

Um...did anything happen on today's episode of All My Children after the first ten minutes*? Because I heard this:

Zach: Do you think I enjoy this, asking you for a favor?

Ryan: Then why are you doing this?

Zach: Because you're the only one I can trust.

and then my eardrums collapsed upon themselves and I watched the rest of the show as if it were on mute. Which, actually, is not a bad way to watch it!

But ugh! Why must all roads in Pine Valley intersect with 123 Douche Street, Population Ryan?

At least Thorsten Kaye did an excellent job of seeming as though he was choking back vomit as he made that horrible comment about trusting Ryan. And OMFG, how obnoxious was Ryan hesitating and hissyfitting and refusing to just agree to take care of Ian (you know, the child of the woman who is/was one of the many loves of his life), which is what any normal, feeling human being would do in that situation? I always think that the writers have really outdone themselves in terms of Ryan being terrible, but they always manage to surprise me.

*Actually, a lot did, what with some nice Zach and Kendall scenes and more of Ryan failing at life, and shenanigans with Natalia and a gun, and Annie's skin being a color that I have literally never seen before. More this weekend!


Annie's tan is ridiculous!

I do it too, we all do it, but you know, it just occurred to me that we need to stop calling Ryan a "douche". At least a douche can leave one feeling clean and refreshed. Ryan, not so much!

I said the exact same thing- Zach is literally choking on those words to Ryan!!
I could tell it really stuck in TK's throat! Ryan is the biggest tool I think I've ever seen before- are they trying to make him look this bad or is it just that he doesn't know he is? I can't tell which.

I try every day to just enjoy what tiny bit of ZEN is left and not let what these writers put out there ruin it and wouldn't watch Ryan at all if it weren't for his being in a scene with Zach.....sneaky bastards. The scenes you talked about made me absolutely lose my lunch and this is the character that AMC feels is the lead romantic hero???? To continue watching this mess I would need whatever drugs the writers are taking ZEN are gone so am I and good riddance to Laverys PV.

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