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November 11, 2009

Better The Enemy You Know...

Have you ever sat and truly, thoughtfully reflected upon the destruction Charles Pratt has unleashed upon Pine Valley?

The answer to that is probably no, because why would you ever willingly do something so depressing?

(Unless you--like me when I was younger, inspired by a Baby Sitters Club book where Mary Anne mentioned that she reads the passage of Little Women where Beth dies anytime she is feeling down--actively seek out sad things to have a good cry. But in this case, it wouldn't be a good cry, it would be a horrified, angry, "How is he allowed to roam the streets without supervision and COLLECT A PAYCHECK?" kind of cry).  

But if you DID undergo that sad exercise and dredge up memories better left repressed, you'd have a long list of terrible things and you'd see a clear pattern: everything he does is more awful than the last.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that the spoilers for upcoming AMC stories are so wretched that they spur a person to organize a large protest, or at least design an angry button to wear.

You sunk my battleship, Pratt. And you sunk it hard.

**Remember:SPOILERS will be discussed here! If you are trying to remain blissfully unaware of what's to come, don't read any further!

Via soapoperacentral:

  • Eva LaRue (ex-Maria) met w/ network brass about a return to AMC for the show's 40th anniversary, & was hurt when told that they could NOT fit her in...

Update: Eva LaRue actually IS going to be back,along with Laurence Lau (!), Taylor Miller (!!), Eden Riegel (!!!), Leven Rambin (...oh) and JULIA BARR (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I am excited, mostly, but at the same time, a bit uneasy about the character assassination sure to come. Like, sure, these actors all think they're doing something fun and honoring the show, and then they are in AMC's hackish clutches and...well, it's their funeral, I guess. I mean that literally: I am guessing that one of them will be revealed as Dixie's murderer and put on death row, and the rest will just die suddenly.

  • Interview w/ Cameron Mathison, who shares that by the time Greens returns, Ryan & Erica's relationship will be very "deep"...

How is the FCC not completely up in arms about this vile, offensive pairing?!

Although he goes on to say that he's not sure if Greenlee/Ryan will be revisited, so perhaps the ever-adorable Greens will be part of a pairing that doesn't make viewers wish for blindness! Imagine that, putting an enjoyable actress in an enjoyable story! That would be zany!

  • After Annie turns out to be pregnant, Ryan plants suspicions in Adam's mind about whether Scott is Annie's baby's father. Erica also tries to get Scott to confess, but Scott is adamant that he & Annie never slept together. Adam ends up w/ surveillance footage of another steamy Scott/Annie kiss, & Scott admits that he is attracted to Annie, but that she truly loves Adam.

Geez Louise, there is not one sliver of intrigue in this story. I wish David Canary was not such a consummate, amazing professional and that he would just give this writing the performance it deserves, i.e., showing up on set hours late, unshaven, and mumbling words in a monotone, not making eye contact with anybody.

  • Zach becomes suspicious of Kendall's e-mails (sent by Aidan), tracks his wife down, & sees Kendall & Aidan having sex (Aidan has drugged Kendall's wine).

There is not enough "What the fuck?" in the world. Why...? Like, who says to themselves, "Remember that guy, I think he was, like, Scottish or Australian or British or whatever. The one with the accent? And that time that he was offscreen for, like, six months? You know what would be fun? If we fired him and then went out of our way to write him off in the worst possible way. That would be hilarious, dude"?

Let's sum this story up with a nice game of Mad Libs!This [EXPLETIVE] show is [ADJECTIVE], and this latest [ADJECTIVE] plot in a long line of [ADJECTIVE] plots is so [ADJECTIVE], [ADJECTIVE], [EXPLETIVE] that it makes me want to [RYAN LAVERY ACT OF VIOLENCE]

  • Annie collapses in a pool of blood, miscarries, & winds up in a coma.


I am baffled. How is that even...the school system failed these writers in a major way.


I love it here.

I've only ever watched the Reese episodes of AMC (and after Reese & Bianca left there was nothing to keep me coming back), but I LOVE reading your posts about the show ... and I think you totally did the spoilers justice with so much OMFG. Esp. that last one with Annie .... pool of blood, miscarriage, coma ... WTF?!!! Perhaps, that is a way for Egan to finally leave the show.

You know, every cloud has a silver lining. Krystal isn't mentioned once! Maybe she won't be skanking up the screen this week.

the scary thing is you know he thinks he's doing this to top the "brilliance" that Guza is bringing.

what LauraBB said

I would call everything he touches a steaming pile of donkey dung, but that would be an insult to steaming piles of donkey dung everywhere.

"showing up on set unshaven, and mumbling words in a monotone, not making eye contact with anybody."

Is this a spoiler about Pratt trying to lure MB away from GH?

Now you seem to have reached MY levels of What the Fuckness with this insane asylum AKA AMC!! It has reached very unhealthy levels & I am very afraid.

That ABC would stand back and let this hack do this to this show is the biggest WTF there is. This guy must only be able to get it on with drugged women how many is this now???? He sure is a sick F*****!! Well I'm done when ZEN leave good riddance.

OMG I just saw Cameron Mathison in a Cheer commercial with Amber from Clueless. I think my heart stopped from the shock. And then I looked it up on youtube to see the full commercial and it's a frickin web series. WTF!!! I was expecting to see Written by Charles Pratt flash across my screen but there are no legacy characters for him to kill off or destroy so I'm pretty sure he wasn't interested in this job.

I stopped watching this show so long ago. When I read the spoiler about Aidan, I gasped so loudly, my sister who is in the same room, asked what was wrong. I remember when this show used to excite me and now it's at GH levels of suckitude I can't come back to watch the returns because I know Pratt is just going to ruin it.

Add that to the spoilers about what is going on with Amanda and David.....it would seem that sex with an unwilling partner (with the man being in charge) seems to be a common theme with Pratt.

I usually resist the urge to talk about a writer's personal life - as we really don't know him/her..but it has to be a sick person to think that a largely female audience would find that a man having sex with an unwilling woman is something we might like to watch.

There have been more druggings and sexual escapades between NON-couples in this last month than I can remember in entire years. And I hear that Randi is going to be drugged shortly also. Not that I care about Amanda or Randi... but really..

I miss the old Days when being a Disney product meant standards, values and good taste. Pratt is one sick puppy - why he is on their payroll is nauseating at best.


As usual, we seem to be sharing the same thoughts. Personally, I'm disgusted that Pratt continues to trivalize rape. Rape has always been used in daytime, but the idea that once again a woman will be sexually assaulted by a man who has drugged her sickens me. And when one is drugged, he/she CANNOT give consent. Therefore, the act is sexual assault and/or rape. Dress it up all you want, it doesn't change the facts.

I have to ask, just when is enough going to be enough for the viewers?! Is Pratt living out some sick rape-fantasy through his characters? I'm down to watching AMC once a week, and even that is too much IMO.

I'm counting my blessings that I bailed before Pratt could inflict upon me the kind of torture he is now inflicting. Just reading the spoilers made me cringe.

That Aidan one is horrible & offensive on SO many levels. Just F**K you Pratt!

I totally agree with you with the exception of the "adorable" Greenlee comment. Rylee is not enjoyable and for me neither is the Greenwitch.

Pratt is a sick bastard but that description is not his alone. He works for a major sick bastard (Frons and his merry staff of fuck ups)

Pratt has systematically destroyed every piece of Pine Valley history, dismantling it both in obvious and subtle ways. It's not the show we've all loved for years and that was exactly Pratt and Fronsie's plan all along.

ABC has proven that any character, irregardless of popularity or importance, can and will be destroyed if it helps the bottom line. If I was an actor on this show I'd sign a month to month lease in LA.

I will admit to spending lots of time reflecting on the destruction Pratt has done, and yes it is depressing. It is incredible that someone can be considered a professional writer and draw a paycheck for producing such crap. There's no logic, no continuity, no character--just plot, plot, plot and even the plot is bad. A 6-month murder mystery that everyone had figured out at week one? GMAB Then to turn out misogynistic, woman-hating material for a mostly female audience--it's just unconscionable. Where is Sweeney in all this? Where is Disney?

Every character has been rendered unlikable. Well, I don't care to spend an hour of my day with unlikable people.

And what a send-off for their supercouple Zendall--keeping them apart for most of their last two months on the show--not to mention they have been kept basically apart for the last two years. What sense does this make? I tuned out last week after watching every day for years and years. I won't be back unless Zendall is restored and Pratt is gone.

Everything is made better with a Sue Sylvester comment.

GAH ... I am done. Seriously. If this is Pratt/Frons idea of how to give a worthless character a memorable exit ... I hope Zach shoots Aiden, grabs Kendall and runs .. of course that wont happen. He'll walk out of the room and never look back. And I will unprogram AMC from my DVR ..

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