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November 18, 2009

Don't Leave Me Hanging, Show!

It is exceedingly rare that anything on General Hospital intrigues me enough to look forward to the next scene in order to see the fallout, but that happened twice today, and both times, the followup consisted of, "Remember when that thing happened and it bordered on interesting? We don't" and the writers blithely moved along to the amalgamation of boredom that is the rest of the show.

I'd ask what gives, but we all know that the answer is a combination of "awful writing" and "editors less skilled than a gaggle of geese".

But really, though, I beg for follow-up!

Like, Elizabeth has a daydream/nightmare about being caught making out with Nikolas by a very shrill imaginary Robin, and then notices Sam, juggling two coffees and whistling nonchalantly


 which leads Liz to unburden her soul to Sam and say:

Elizabeth: Sam...when I was with Jason, I judged you an awful lot. And I look back now, and I see what a hypocrite I was. I had no right to cast judgment on anyone. Lord knows I'm not proud of anything that i've done. So I owe you an apology. You don't have to accept it. I'm not sure I would.

That's kind of in the same neighborhood as intriguing, right? But there was zero follow-up, except that Sam was able to read between those few lines and correctly ascertain that Liz is conflicted about her relationship with Lucky, which leads to the second of the episode's missed opportunities when Sam explains the situation to Jason

Sam: Uh...Lucky is a good person. And I do know that he loves Elizabeth and the boys a lot. I just...Jason, I don't think that she feels the same way about being engaged to him as he does.

Why is this intriguing? Not because of the tortured grammar (Lucky and Liz have differing feelings on being engaged to Lucky?), but because of Jason's amazingly melodramatic reaction shot.


The man is a step away from having the vapors and damn it, I want to see Jason Morgan get the vapors! But no. Sam hit him with that tantalizing knowledge and then...nothing.

Which is the perfect word to describe the rest of the episode!


When it comes to romantic chemistry, Nikolas and Liz have...nothing.

I know it was in her daydream and perhaps she was trying to convince herself that she shouldn't have anything to do with Nikolas, but the look on Liz's face before he kissed her was one of complete revulsion




I've long held the opinion that Becky Herbst could make chemistry with a plotted plant, but, really, she spent the entire scene looking like she was restraining herself from vomiting all over his suit.


When it comes to having faith that the writers will continue to write amazing scenes for Elizabeth and Lucky, I have...nothing.


When I watch Liz and Lucky scenes, I am torn between wanting to get caught up in the squee, if you will, and wanting to avert my eyes because I know it is only a matter of time before the show sets it on fire, so why bother getting attached to something that will flame out in a wholly tragic manner?


When Rebecca learned the truth about Nikolas's, um, brilliant plan to get revenge on her, I felt...nothing.


Rebecca: Are you deliberately trying to hurt me?

Nikolas: I--I was, but now i'm trying to stop. I mean, this isn't fair to either one of us. I--I can't pretend anymore.

Rebecca: What exactly are you pretending?

Nikolas: Ok. When I found out that you were lying to me, I vowed to pay you back by making you fall in love with me and--and then dropping you. But w-wait. Then I realized that you had a good heart and that you didn't deserve it.

Rebecca: Oh. So, why didn't you tell me?

Nikolas: Because I really didn't want to hurt you, Rebecca. Honestly, I didn't. So, I enlisted Ethan, offered him money. But to his credit, he didn't take it. And then I... I just decided to... Keep you for myself.

I know, it's totally shocking that a story with two characters who have zero likability, played by two actors who phone in their scenes more often than not didn't lead to an emotional response.

Well, I did actually feel something: disappointment that Rebecca didn't listen to Nikolas outline his amazingly moronic scheme and say, "You know what, I am a shady grifter, and I know from schemes, and if that's the best you can do with your fancy Cassadineness, the world is going to hell". Dumbest "revenge" "plot" of all tine!

If someone can explain the point of this story to me (am I supposed to be impressed that Nikolas is doing the "noble" thing and not following through on his plan? Am I supposed to be pleased that the con got conned?)--nay, if someone can explain the point of Rebecca at all, I'd appreciate it muchly.


When it comes to writing for Patrick and Robin, the show has...nothing.

Did you know that Patrick was a major horndog back in the day? And that Robin is completely insecure? Because he was and she is, respectively, and now, ohmigod! Ex-girlfriend is in town and things are going to get awkward!

Patrick: Really? So, no jello shooter shot stories or anything?

Lisa: Maybe later, when I know Robin better. Man...You were wild back in the day.

Patrick: Me? I was just trying to keep up with you.

Lisa: Oh?

Patrick: Yeah.

Lisa: Well--well.... It was a long time ago.

Patrick: It was. Sometimes, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago.

Awkward! For me, most of all.

How creatively bankrupt do you have to be if the only story you can come up with for two young, adorable doctors is "Third party comes to town and creates tension"? Granted, when they do think outside of the box in terns of Patrick and Robin, we get things like the PPD story, so maybe I should just shut up...

I am reserving judgment on Lisa Niles, said third party, until she has a few more scenes.


Maybe I am wrong and she will be fantastic, and this storyline will be awesome, and Jason will stay out of the mob forever, and Sonny will go to jail and Alexis will get a love interest and I will find a large bag full of money on the street and get free gingerbread lattes for life...


When it comes to fashion sense, Olivia's got...nothing.




I'm not sure how a garment can be both slutty and school-marmish at the same time, or why such a thing exists and was purchased and put on camera for a national audience (albeit a small one), but here we are.

*Screencaps courtesy of LisaW's Soap Heaven!


If you could explain Rebecca and the entire point of forcing Nik/Liz on me I would be ohh so grateful. I'm trying to hold back the vomit during those scenes....I can't imagine gettign that script and going "so wait...I have to do what? Why?"

I often hear comments that BH is "bringing it" in scenes with TC...to which I want to go..."yeah you kinda have to when you're the only one actually in the scene..."

I feel your pain on LL2. I just want to go "STOP! STOP IT! Don't destroy my happy soap placea AGAIN"

GH is so full of shit. Why in the world do we need another chick to interfere with Patrick and Robin's marriage? Fucking retarted idiots can't think of nothin for Patrick and Robin but they can come up with a bunch of mob bullshit no wonder the ratings are in the toliet. I can come up with alot of s/l for Patrick and Robin. Why couldn't they just have her as a new girl that doesn't no anybody so she can hook up with one of the guys that's single. I know that P&R are gonna come out on top, but this repeatly third party shit is annoying. Niz i'm not gonna even speak on them Rebecca is too stupid for words. Olivia shirt is tacky just like her, I feel bad for Johnny. Liz apologizing to Sam GMAFB that was sooo random.

I'm a Robin FF and have never like how Patrick has treated her so the introduction of a new woman into the mix has my back up. I expect Robin to be portrayed as jealous and insecure as Patrick flirts and has inappropriate sex talks with Lisa. Robin needs a new love interest. She really can do better.

All that leave-us-hanging stuff was really bizarre. Is that really how the script read, or were there cut scenes? I would've been highly interested in the follow-up to either of those, and that's pretty rare for GH.

This show is so sad that it's bizarre. Complete and utter muck.

Thanks for the screencaps.

I felt like I was watching Soapdish today. I was expecting Liz to wear a turban on her head and walk around in front of a giant mechanical wave.

One thing to say to tootlegub - "He!"

Why does GH have to suck so badly? To be honest, I'm kind of pissed that Rebecca didn't have more of a reaction to Nikolas revealing his godawful revenge plan to her. You know, something along the lines of "But I never actually conned you out of/into anything, you freaking moron!" I would also like Rebecca to find out about Nikolas and Liz's grossness and do something about it (like maybe tell Lucky, so Liz doesn't have a chance to try and spin some bullshit about the whole situation), but that would be asking too much. Rebecca has been given no POV since she arrived on the show, so why start now? I feel so bad for Natalia Livingston - Guza probably told her some line about what a great story they had planned for her, only to then do nothing with her for months and then fire her. There was so much potential to bringing her back (like, you know, making her Emily), but as always TPTB dropped the ball. I feel like she and GV were so under-appreciated by TPTB and they really got the short end of the stick.

Also, how awkward is it for Sam and Jason to talk about Lucky and Liz? Like, I get that they are in the mob and are therefore contractually obligated to be in every storyline on this show, but that's just ridiculous. Why would they be talking about two people they had relationships with in such a personal, "let's get in their business" manner? That's just crazy.

I can't. . . even. . .


When it comes to working up disgust or frustration with this show, I got. . . . nothing.

Hate Niz. Can't get excited about original recipe LL2 because of the awful awful Niz. And still miss Liason (let me be).

Don't care about the rest of it enough to even have an opinion, except for . . . meh.

I guess they're marking time until the Great James Franco comes to Save the Show?

Even then, I'm still . . . meh. Cuz it's all still Guza.


I'm trying to decide what wins the title for the most random plot point of the day - Liz's dream, Liz apologizing to Sam, or Patrick's ex showing up from Texas to consult with Robin? It's sad that there are about 5 things you can choose from from each episode.

I'm sure Natalia Livingston is a perfectly sweet person, but I am not going to miss her acting at all.

Am I the only one who doesn't think that Patrick and Lisa's "wild and crazy" college days sound that wild and crazy at all?

Here we go again. Robin is going to be made out to be the insecure weak crazy person again. This is going to suck as bad as the PPD SL.

The holidays are coming. Can't we just have nice things for a change? A good old fashioned old school Thanksgiving and Christmas where the Webbers/Spencers get together, the Drakes/Scorpio's, etc.

Also, where the hell did Helena go? Did I miss something? The last scene I saw her in, she was checked in to GH and had threatened to tell all to Lucky and Ethan.

I find those Liz/Lucky scenes almost painful to watch, as painful as the Liz/Nik stuff.

And Nicolas...my gawd, is Tyler Christopher that bored with the show? It's so obvious.

Niz has never made sense to me. I didn't get why they were friends, why she ever turned to him about Lucky, why he ever sided with her over his brother (or why Lulu NEVER sides with Lucky, but that's another issue for another time), and why, OH WHY, Guza thought this "couple" was going to be interesting to watch. Every time I see them on the screen, I mute them and find something more interesting to do: like fold towels.

Guza has ruined Scrubs for me, though I guess it wouldn't take much since I haven't truly loved them since 2006 (I'd like to pretend 2007 never happened, so please let me). Either they're medical examiners (Patrick and his "four" years of medical school) or Patrick's mentally screwing another woman and Robin's an insecure, overbearing twit about it. Honestly, I'd like nothing better than this storyline to be unwatched and thoroughly disregarded so Guza won't stand up and say, "HA! Got them again! Just like with Leyla!"

I don't care enough about the other (can you call them) storylines. I've never liked Olivia; Jason and Sam are still boring as usual (Sam: I want to be a lawyer, no a con artist, no a TV personality, no a cave diver, maybe a P.I. Jason: To kill or not to kill..............Kill.)

I think the powers that be over this regime is not interested any character they did create. Which unfortunately is most of the characters on canvas. It is also why they have mangled true historical characters in the process.
Yeah, the Robin and Patrick third party is a cheap trick to lazy writing. I personally would love to see Robin and Patrick investigate her parent's missing years. I have wanted that since her father resurface in '06. But I know we could never get anything as juicy or soapy as that, which I remain the casual GH watcher.
I am not like what is happen to Lucky/Liz either.

i felt the same way about these two scenes! becky herbst was fantastic in that one brief apology scene, and kelly monaco and herbst are really great together onscreen when they aren't screaming at each other. i loved all the scenes when liz and sam start to realize they have things in common....possibly friendship?

and it wasn't so long ago that jason was going to love liz for the rest of his life and vice versa....so i desperately wanted him to have more of a reaction!

this is exactly the same as when he accidentally walked in on liz and nik kissing at the hospital after the carnival. we got one scene of him talking about it with sam and then it was like "whew, that's all done and talked about---moving on to more mob business!"

The problem with Niz . . . well, one of the problems. . . . is they have no inherent rootability.

Lucky and Liz were childhood sweethearts and you want to see them overcome life's obstacles to come together.
Liz and Jason had the whole star-crossed good girl/bad boy thing going for them.

With Nik and Liz, what? Am I supposed to hope "gosh, I hope those two crazy kids can overcome that whole thing where they screw over their brother/childhood sweetheart". . .

"I suddenly and inexplicably find you completely irresistible" is not a good foundation for a story. Ands it's not "tantalizing" and it's just . . . .gross.

Gawd, I hate what this has done to Liz.

Not that I'm watching. But just reading about it makes me grouchy.

Mary Beth...as you said...one of the many problems is the complete lack of rootablity...not to mention most of the explanations for the inexplicable attraction has come from interviews with the actors (which are like 99% of their own guesses on why their characters are acting like totaly skeeves) and has not been shown on screen. The whole show us...don't tell us thing Guza fails at.

There's a great article on Slate.com's Double X blog about GH. They looked into the show because of Franco, and totally rip on the Sonny-Jason-mob focus of GH, and even use the phrase "St. Jasus." Mainstream disrespect at last, Guza!

I read that, Jennyp! It's simply fabulous.

The link:


A sample:

Since then, the manic-depressive Sonny has done many untoward things, including shooting the mother of his child in the head while she was in labor. (It was an accident, insofar as he was trying to shoot someone else). He frequently screams at his minions to murder people, like, five minutes ago. This week he threatened his ex-wife’s husband’s life, growling “You should thank [your wife], that's the only reason I've tolerated you.” Last week he told his son, “You did good,” which would be sweet, except he was soothing the remorseless teenager for killing his stepmother with an ax handle, after it was revealed that she had been responsible for putting a coma-inducing bullet in his brain. For the record, we are supposed to like this guy.

The Double X article is stellar. GH may get good PR from Franco's appearance, but the tv critics watching for Franco are going to rip it apart in way that ABC not going to like. This article will be one of many.

Who says "college ex girlfriend"? How awkward is that phrase? It is crazy talk right? Don't all of you say "my old college girlfriend" or "my ex from college"? A tiny thing, but they all keep saying it!

Plus a poster above is SO right. The wild crazy past of Lisa & Patrick sounds like boring errands and lots of infidelity. How is that thrilling and wild, let alone a "relationship"? Oooooh, how hot & sexy....Lisa is in a fantasy football league?!&))&@!?()&&! Patrick is gonna join cuz if Lisa dies it it is really super duper fun. WTF? Is this the best the writers could do?

And even in daydreams Robin is portrayed as a nasty judgemental harpie trying to divide families? SHAME on Guza and all who write this BS.

You know Srah normally I would agree with you about Robin....except Niz is so nasty and Lucky is the most awesome choice to win a custody battle for those two and any children in town really (come on Re-disppaeraedSpencer....go live with Uncle Lucky)....that well they deserved the judgement and the threat. Niz hate above all else.

Just had a thought, in relation to the LL2 doing the 'let's focus on the future and our new dreams' with the building a house idea... I know that being a nurse and cop are highly respectable jobs and there's something to be said for doing it on your own, but the converstation 'We'll be paying it off until we're 90...' Hellooo? Everyone they know is filthy, rotten, stinking rich. Lucky's dad is married to a Quartermaine, Lucky's brother is a Cassadine (who I'm pretty sure has more money than God) and one of Liz's baby daddys is Jason Morgan, former Quartermaine, current mob extraordinaire. I've never bought the financial struggle, principals or not... surely one of these people would help them out, a little? Oh well, just another plot point that makes no sense to me.

They seriously said that? So, we're just ignoring the small fortune Jason gave to Liz when they parted ways? Oy this show.

Sometimes its not Awesome Writer writing but Random-Writer who gets the filler stuff that goes nowhere and serves no purpose whatsoever.

Liz apologizing to Sam (of ALL the people who ever lived in that violent mobbed up Port) was a huge WTF moment for me. So was any conversation between Jason and Sam about Liz.

But, meh.

I don't expect this show to make sense, I just expect random hook-ups, deaths and Sonny abusing bar-ware.

Low-expectations Writer, you have lived it up.

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