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« Finally, A (So Bad It's) Good Episode Of This Show! | Main | Better The Enemy You Know... »

November 10, 2009

GH Knows Just What I Need

You know what I don't have enough of in my TV-viewing life?  A character I've watched grow up on screen since birth, now a 17-year-old girl, being called a "stupid bitch" and then getting backhanded by her boyfriend.


Thanks for filling that void, General Hospital!  Your misogyny and lack of creativity are always so well-timed.  And thank goodness we're going down this road with Kiefer and Kristina; nobody likes a fun teen romance on a soap.  Always with your finger on the pulse, showru[n/i]ners.

Fortunately, there was a little something to keep me from utterly hating today's GH...

...and that something is the wee but awesome Bruce Weitz.  His portrayal of Daddy Zacharra's reaction to hearing that his daughter Claudia had gone off to the great Wilson's Leather store in the sky was brilliant[-ly awful and must have left slivers in his gums that remain to this day].

Also brill was Johnny's reaction.


Brandon Barash must have been biting the inside of his cheek and digging his fingernails into his palms to keep from cracking up.  Hat tip, sir.

By the way, the first 15 minutes or so of today's episode wasn't shown here due to coverage of events at Fort Hood, so I have NO IDEA whether that whole airborne-shooting situation from yesterday was as REAL and DRAMATIC as it seemed at the time.  I anxiously await the SOAPNet rerun to find out. 


Ah Becca, always so optimistic! Remember this is the show that gave us Maxie's teen romance with Kyle, who broadcast her first time over the Internet. And then there was Lulu who ended up getting pregnant by Dylan, after her first time. And Lucky and Elizabeth's teen romance which started after she got raped in the park. Oh, and Emily's teen romance with Juan the mumbler. Clearly Bob Guza's teen years were hellish.

Sadly Nikolas's trip to the sky was just a dream.....

And yes...Brandon Barrash has to put that on his Emmy reel for this year. Better person than I am.

I had supressed Juan's mumbling...suddenly the attraction to Sonny makes sense....

There was the adorable pairing of Georgie and Dillon, but we all know how Guza chose to end them....

so sorry I missed these wonderful teen romance scenes. much better just to read about it

Whose dream was the airborne-shooting? I missed the beginning, too. I was sad to see Nik walking around, shoulder and HGH jowels intact.

Bruce Weitz is more amazing than I can put into words. He is the only person on the show who realizes what a hellish mess it is and goes above and beyond in giving us the best overacting a person can ask for. I swear, the man risks his life pulling some of those exaggerated faces. He could pull a muscle!

Yeah... this show sucks so hardcore. I love how it's okay for Sonny to call women "bitch" and "stupid whore" and then get violent with them, but when Kiefer does it, it's bad. (Actually, I didn't even watch - was what Kiefer did shown as bad, or was it just like "meh, whatevs"?) The hypocrisy (as well as the misogyny) is sickening. Guza is on crack if he thinks viewers want to see teen dating violence that will go unpunished. Clearly, Jill Phelps is not a woman if she puts up with this shit.

Bruce Weitz continues to be a scene-chewing, cringe-inducing spot of hilarity in this show.

Also, not to nag, but it's Kristina, not Christina. :-)

If this writing team had shown even a hint of self-awareness before, I would say that this was their attempt to realistically show how a female teen would see relationships growing up in the unbelievably sexist world formerly known as Port Charles.

However, as there has been no change in head writers, I'm sure this will all culminate in Keefer being killed and Kristina having a new found respect for all who commit violent acts.

All hail the guns!

Liz had a guilt-ridden dream where Lucky shot the quite-unexpectedly-aerodynamic Nikolas...its always good to know that the violence in Jason's world has left a permanent mark on his golden child-bearer's psyche! ;)

Once upon a time, I thought that "Dillon buys online Viagra" was the worst way that a legacy teen could be debased in a "romantic" storyline. Little did I know...

"that his daughter Claudia had gone off to the great Wilson's Leather store in the sky..."

LMAO Thanks for the laugh!!! There's no better way to put the news of Claudia's death...I stopped watching the atrocity that is GH a few months back but I've been tuning in the past week or so to see how horribly Guza and crew would botch the exit of SB...Not that I was a fan thsi time around (liked her before she was all bionic woman and as the original carly)...but I knew inevitably there'd be some Sony Centered violent crapfest of an exit...But I digress LoL anyway thanks for the continued laughs!!

I did enjoy Jason's "boy I got a headache" expression when he thought about how he and Sonny totally screwed up Michael's psyche with their mob crap,too. And Sonny's horrified realization of same at the end. Whatever happens to Keifer--I hope Alexis, not Sonny, does it.

Danny's post seems pretty accurate to me. Michael will most likely kill Keifer, his second proud job for Papa. Like Claudia he will see himself as a hero for killing a "bad" guy. Kristina will go all swoony for him, as he is now her own personal St. Jasus The Sequel. Thus beginning their legally incestuous affair. Then in a few years Kristina and Michael will battle Dominante for the Corinthos/Morgan Criminal Empire of Doom.

Unexpectedly aerodynamic is both a genious and hilarious phrase.

After seeing those screencaps of Bruce Weitz I really wish there could be a scene between him & Gloria from Y&R. A BW vs. JC "scenery chewing off".

I agree with Sarah, that's most likely how it will go down.

Gosh, I had expected Kiefer would slap her (spoilers), but not the "stupid bitch" part. I can't wait for Kiefer to disappear, but knowing they will most likely kill him off... ughhh.

+ HOW stupid is Kiefer to HIT Kristina after Max & Milo ruffled him up + her dad is a mob boss + her brother is Michael. I mean, this kid is supposed to be smart, no?

As usual, great screencap choices!

Is it me or is GH more dark and twisted than usual? The one bright spot for me was Morgan! You Go Kid!

This show just gets more pathetic with each passing day. To think that people actually get paid for writing this CRAP. I want this job,where do i sign up for it! lol!!!!

Well, Keifer is giving Chris Brown a run for his money in the hitting department, and Michael is gonna become like Sonny and Jason, yay, great for him. I can't believe that James Franco wants to join this soap. Why not OLTL or Y&R? Not the most despicable soap on air.

Thanks Sarah! :D

Now I'm going back into my corner to mourn the death of my beloved Robin-Barney ro....wait for it....mance..... :(

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