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November 04, 2009

Grammatical AND Moral Failure

There is so much I'd like to say.

Like, how cute Lulu and Dominante are together (or at least how cute they are until the fawning over Sonny starts). Or how great it is that Jax finally has a child. Or how Olivia can't decide if she wants to be awesome or loathsome, and went back and forth about ten times today. Or how stupid it is that Jason is covering up what happened to Claudia, because that will totally end well (well, it actually will end well for Jason, because things always do, but it will be a long, terrible time before it ends). Or, I don't know, give my two cents on the past eight weeks of The Young and the Restless (I am a terrible blogger. I know!).

But I cannot. Because:


Michael, distraught because he feels responsible for the fact that his mother was kidnapped and forced to give birth (after a high-risk pregnancy) in a random cabin in the woods: No, no. I should have warned you. I knew she was dangerous.

Sonny: That's not on you.

Michael, also distraught because he USED AN AXE TO KILL A WOMAN HOLDING A BABY: I could have stopped it!

Sonny, at the top of his lungs: You did! Tonight. You stopped her. YOU DID GOOD.

Mallory's brain, pushed to the breaking point: It's...actually you did w---::explosion::

All of my rational thought and keen wit (okay, fine, it's more like "keen" "wit") have been replaced by elevator music, and all I can do is sigh and stare vacantly and get a jump start on creating insults to hurl when this show wins another Emmy for writing next year.


Louise, I think your right. Port Charles, close to NYC I know in the early to mid 80's many of the shows characters took the shuttle to NYC all the time. I am assuming since it was a shuttle might less than an hour by flight. But I am guessing. I am not even sure anybody working on this show now even knows. But the NYC proximity was used alot during the Anna and Duke s/l. Duke took the shuttle to NYC all the time and would say he would back in the same day.

Hmm, a show that has shot kids in the head, has killed innocent heroines by strangulation (TWENTY TIMES ONSCREEN), has had every female character called a slut at least once, has shot a female character in the head while she's in labor, and continues to make the town goon look like the good guy, and now kills a woman WITH AN AXE.

*checking calendar* Yep, right on schedule, Guza! SO glad I'm not watching this shit.

There is something deeply wrong with the people that put out this show. This is just one more example of it. I really want to know who they think their audience is. Are they trying to reel in the 12 year old boys? I think GH is dead last in ratings with men. But just in case Phelps and Guza didn't know it: WOMEN are your primary audience and they don't like the violence, sex and mob. Someone at ABC needs to WAKE UP! But I won't hold my breath.

I was really hoping they were going to let Claudia escape! When they did that close up on her hand, I thought it was going to twitch. That would've been awesome, because then she could've just disappeared, no? Don't need to kill EVERYONE, Guza!

Falco, Louise, Terri, as to where Port Charles is, there's no way it could be so close to both NYC and Rochester. When Robin ran off there because of her PPD, she seemed to get fairly quick so I always figured they were off one of the Great Lakes, especially to be such a major trade route/mob hub. And yet it doesn't snow nearly enough. Cities on big lakes upstate can start getting snow by October and November. And like crazy amounts. There's that whole lake effect thing.

But I think Guza has never actually looked at a map of New York so no one should try to figure out where Port Charles is unless they want a headache. Also what could Sonny possibly importing/exporting up there if it's not drugs? I think once it was mentioned that it wasn't weapons either. So that leaves what, antiquities, people, Cuban cigars?

Yeah, son you did good, you killed a whore and when you feel bad about it, come see me, I will make it right ...


I have hated Maurice's performance over the last few days. He is just so over the top, chewing the scenery in every scene, stammering and spitting his vile lines. His character is very ugly these days. Then I think back to the days when he was first on the soap when he had some depth and heart and was actually funny.

And then I think of the adorable Dante, who has all those qualities right now, and I lose hope. While Dante was talking to Lulu yesterday about Sonny I had a terrible thought. He is going to dig deep into the disappearance of Claudia, make a case against Sonny and Jason, and Sonny will take the blame to protect Michael. When it all comes out, Dante will feel so bad that he has misjudged Sonny, and that he got Michale into trouble, that he will quit the force and join Sonny's mob for good. Then I will throw my TV out the window so I am never again tempted to watch this crap.

So how long before we have "Claudia-Zombie" roaming the alleys of Port Charles late at night? Anyone? Anyone have a time table?Never. Sarah Brown has already been signed to B&B. In fact, they wrapped her character early, before her contract officially ended, to let her start on B&B.

I know it's a really overused quote, but all I could think of while reading this was:

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Clearly, Inigo Montoya needs to sit Guza & Company down and explain to them that by no stretch of the definition does killing a woman with clear mental issues by hitting her over the head with an axe mean good. That's actually a little something we rational, moral people call "bad."

The misogyny and complete moral apathy on this show astounds me. Guza and the brass at ABCD should not be allowed to do this kind of shit. I can't believe that the women who make up the majority of the viewers actually stand for it. Thank God I stopped watching long before this.


Bad grammar is nothing compared to cats that can out-act Sonny...can they hurl poor, innocent, unsuspecting bar-ware around too? Will they be on YT?

Oh please, oh please, oh please....that's what GH should be about now....


This show is a cesspool.

Yeah, the sonny "you did good" was bad, but the scene where Carly was admiring her beautiful baby girl while her oldest child knelled over the body of the woman he just freaking axed (yes, AXED) to death was really the height of repugnance. What is wrong with these people? There's an axed body on the floor...when did GH turn into some lame horror movie?

I don't know why I still both to watch clips. This show makes me feel dirty. The cycle of violence will never end and will only continue to get worse.

Those three in your photo is the main reason why I'm withdrawing myself from this show. Three generations of justified killers. Sad part about it, Michael just getting started.

First, this was the worst thing I've ever seen on TV.

Second, Tricia, Maurice Benard is not Sonny Corinthos.

Anthony Geary said in a fairly recent cringeworthy interview that he, Maurice Benard, Steve Burton and Robert Guza are writing GH together. Geary actually seemed quite smug about the results of their collaboration.

I consider that piece of information to be so disturbing that it has changed how I feel about all three actors, who, along with GH's head writer (Robert Guza), its "creative" director (Brian Frons) and its executive producer (Jill Farren Phelps), have relentlessly and systematically destroyed GH.

In the past I have heard both Benard and Burton use not writing the show as a convenient excuse when they get negative feedback from unhappy viewers, but I seriously believe Geary is telling the truth.

I cheerfully despise all of the aforementioned for airing a story that has a teenager slamming an axe into a woman's head and being attaboyed afterward by the good ol' boy sadists as if he had gone through the GH serial murderers' rite of passage.

I wonder if JJ is thinking to himself, "What did I come back to this crapfest for?"

I'd rather watch an entire 30 minutes of Lucky having a thoughtful conversation with his mother, than the Sonny, Carly, and Jason show.

MB needs to go, if not for good, at least for awhile. He's really become so bottom of the barrel it's beyond tolerable.

It's as if these writers don't think there's any possible SL's that could be as exciting without involving Sonny, Carly, or Jason.

I am really liking Dante, but I fear that he's another one about to get ruined.

*beyond intolerable!

I know it's been mentioned on this site before, by Mallory, that when Sonny was with Kate, it finally made him tolerable and "even watchable" to you. Having been to one of Mo's fan events, he was actually enjoying playing Sonny the most during that storyline, because Sonny had finally been given some balance and everything wasn't about the mob. Mo liked Sonny being out of the mob. Fast forward to a few months later.....SJB re-signs and Mo and the fans are plunged into storyline HELL! Mo wanted TWO things when it came time to re-negotiate his last contract, SKate and to see how Dante would play out.

You might have been able to actually enjoy Sonny this past year if they hadn't stuck him with psycho bitch and Cousin Whorelivia. If they would have actually continued down the SKate path, none of the BULLSHIT that Frons the fucktard and Guza the Luza have perpetrated upon us would probably even have happened.

Blame Fucktard Frons and his obsession with actresses with huge, fake tits, Guza and his obsession with shitty mob writing and them moving Megan Ward to recurring status for this mess. Everyone thinks Mo runs that show....bullshit, he doesn't. He doesn't have tits, so Frons won't listen to him.............

Did anyone else expect "Circle of Life" to start playing in the background when Jason held up the baby?

Was I the only one wondering if that was the same axe that killed Logan?

I loved the last few posts. LOVED :-)

I was wondering if anyone else was totally disgusted w/ Carly in the cabin post axe murder. She wasn't shocked or upset by the fact that her Son just axed Claudia to death while she was carrying her newborn in a basket. Then was too blissed out w/ the baby to barely notice him. Now THAT is the real Carly, not the BS pimped LW version Guza and everyone seems to love now. And the whole follow up @ GH where she lets Jason and Sonny hide the whole thing and sweep it under the rug like that isn't going to be q hundred times more damning to Michael, again, the REAL Carly. Loathe her, LOVE her hair, that bitch ;-)

I forgot about "fucktard", some words/names are just too much fun. I'll likely use it way too much this week, a fucktard spree if you will.

And Jananay hit the crazy mobstress on the head w/ an axe with the "Circle of Life" crack :-) It's like all is well in Guza GHland when Jason gets to hold a baby?!?!?!?! SICKO. And from reading other boards, a LOT of viewers love Jason going all mobster in full view, they though him burying Claudia was SEXY. They thought Michael was sexy too. I am so creeped out by that rather large percentage of GH viewers that love this shit. It scares me.

Oh Sarah I couldn't agree more. When I saw Jason pick up that baby yesterday after burying a body, I had to go shower (I usually have to shower at the end of GH anyway). But you identified another problem.....there's actually a HUGE following out there of Sonny, Jason, and Carly lovers who see NOTHING wrong with what we've witnessed them do this week (and to this show).

Knowing this show, dead-Claudia will ominously start text messaging people from beyond. Then we'll have another mass-elimination of characters we actually like, and it'll be the next "non-sweeps non-event."

Is anyone else wondering why Carly is mad at Jax for keeping the secret when Jason kept the secret as well FOR THE SAME REASON JAX DID (so as not to stress Carly out) and Carly is fine with it?? :-/ Typical Carly logic.

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but this Michael killing Claudia is a rip-off from The Weeds' finale this year. Sort of.

Hey, never say never, Ande, on the "Claudia-Zombie" possibility. You're using logic about Sarah Brown having signed on to another soap. Since Claudia-Zombie would only have to shoot a couple of moaning scenes while killing and eating the brains of the last couple of characters we actually LIKE, she could probably do it on her lunch hour from B&B. Of course, she'd also have to try to sleep with said characters, THEN kill them and eat their brains. She IS a "slut and a whore" after all, as we all know from Sonny.

I'm just sayin'. If they can give us ghost Alan in a track suit, they can damn sure bring us a living dead Claudiawhore.

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