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November 04, 2009

Grammatical AND Moral Failure

There is so much I'd like to say.

Like, how cute Lulu and Dominante are together (or at least how cute they are until the fawning over Sonny starts). Or how great it is that Jax finally has a child. Or how Olivia can't decide if she wants to be awesome or loathsome, and went back and forth about ten times today. Or how stupid it is that Jason is covering up what happened to Claudia, because that will totally end well (well, it actually will end well for Jason, because things always do, but it will be a long, terrible time before it ends). Or, I don't know, give my two cents on the past eight weeks of The Young and the Restless (I am a terrible blogger. I know!).

But I cannot. Because:


Michael, distraught because he feels responsible for the fact that his mother was kidnapped and forced to give birth (after a high-risk pregnancy) in a random cabin in the woods: No, no. I should have warned you. I knew she was dangerous.

Sonny: That's not on you.

Michael, also distraught because he USED AN AXE TO KILL A WOMAN HOLDING A BABY: I could have stopped it!

Sonny, at the top of his lungs: You did! Tonight. You stopped her. YOU DID GOOD.

Mallory's brain, pushed to the breaking point: It's...actually you did w---::explosion::

All of my rational thought and keen wit (okay, fine, it's more like "keen" "wit") have been replaced by elevator music, and all I can do is sigh and stare vacantly and get a jump start on creating insults to hurl when this show wins another Emmy for writing next year.


Michael was better off with A.J. and the Q's...

Well, I haven't watched the show yet, it has been a really busy week.....I guess I won't bother, sounds awful. Michael using an axe to kill Claudia, who needs to see that!!!! Thanks for the blog, you have saved me some time.

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