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November 20, 2009

I Am Having The Best Day Ever


How awesome is this day? First of all, it is Friday, which is awesome in and of itself. Secondly, I was undercharged for my latte at Starbucks, which is fantastic. Thirdly, my BFF James Franco is on General Hospital starting today, which...is not going to be awesome in the long run because who knows what the boneheads in charge are going to do with him, but is awesome for the moment, because he is pretty.

And LASTLY, my prayers have been answered and my feverish wishes fulfilled because CHARLES PRATT IS OUT AT AMC!

Charles Pratt! Out! Forever! Or at least he is given control of yet another soap opera to ruin, but until then: OUT!

I love this day. Thank you, November 20th, for being made of awesome.



This is amazing news, thanks for posting it! So, how do I let them know I'm available for work, pronto?

But Mallory, I do have to say that James Franco is possibly being a bit duplicitous if he's telling you you're his BFF... I feel as though he's made my ranking perfectly clear.


What a great day!!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLY7yI1xV-M -

That clip encompasses everything I am feeling today.


Halle-fucking-lujah!!! It's about time!

Well, you've managed to lure me out of soap retirement ... damn you! LOL.

Wheeeee! I feel like the Munchkin's singing "Ding dong the witch is dead" (if by "witch" they mean "morally repugnant, sexist, emotionally stunted cretinous dwarf masquerading as a writer"

Oh, before I come out of soap retirement, when do Pratt's storylines officially end? I don't want any taint of him left on my screen!


Today has definitely been pretty phenomenal. November 20th is now my favorite day after Christmas, Halloween, and my birthday.

Louise, as if! I will totally challenge you to a James Franco trivia contest, except...I think our ease in answering the questions would get one or both of us a restraining order.

And again: EEEEEEEE!!! I mean, I should wait to celebrate until I know who is replacing him, but still, eeeeeee!!!

A date which will live in infamy....

Now its time you AWESOME ladies put all effort in to working that voodoo magic on Frons and Guza.

Woohoo!! Who's replacing him?

It's a bloody miracle. Thank you, Universe.

He sure as shit better not come to OLTL! I can see Fuckin' Frons replacing RC with Pratt, because he lives to destroy all our hopes and dreams.

Yay, I'm happy for you guys. Okay, no, I'm jealous.

Can't wait for your heavily screencapped post on James "Me and My Career are Waaay Too Hot to be Doing This Horrible, Horrible Show" Franco's debut.

Ha ha! The moment I heard this news I thought of Serial Drama. I knew if anyone was going to be ecstatic it was going to be you! Side note: I'm pretty thrilled myself. Hmmm, Maybe I might start watching again.... maybe.

Remember the dancing baby from Ally McBeal?? I can sooooooo see my mother doing that dance right about now behind this news.

OMG, I don't even watch AMC and I gasped and then chortled just for your joy!

It helps I'm a little bit drunk, but can we dream that Guza is next?

Dear (who or whatever you pray to),

Please let the righteous firing of Pratthole be the beginning of a domino effect behind the scenes at ABC Daytime. Phelps, Frons, Guza, and any minions loyal to their hack ways must also fall like Pratt. Please rid AMC and GH of these toxic balls of misogyny and crappy show running.

A Woman!

Now if only we can get rid of Guza...

So is someone at ABC can see that Pratt needed to be replaced, then why in the hell does Guza still have a job??? They are both wanna-be writers who have destroyed a show using the same type of crappy, plot-driven writing.

Oh. Em. Gee.

This truly is the season of miracles...

Mike as long as Jill Farren Phelps remains the EP of GH Guza will have a job there. She loves all the mob crap as much as he does and she apparently worships the ground he walks on. The key to getting rid of Guza is to get rid of Phelps, IMO.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! I'm thrilled beyond words that Pratt has finally been given his pink slip. Now, if only somebody would wise up and get rid of Brian Frons, then AMC might actually have a real chance at lasting another four years.

So, while I'm thrilled to see Pratt go, I'm not exactly confident TPTB have any real sense of what to do next with AMC. After all, somebody actually thought that Charles A. Pratt, Jr. as head writer was a good idea; that Brown and Eckenstein (sp?) were a good idea; that bringing Megan McTavish back for a third time was a good idea. Well, you get the idea.


two things:

1) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Suck it Pratt!

2) Why do AMC & OLTL have major head writer turn-over and yet GH has been stuck with Guza for how long now? I don't get it.

Woohoo Pratt is finally gone. They better get somebody awesome to replace him because it may take a miracle to undo all the crap Pratt wrote.

Pratt is gone from AMC! Woo-hoo! Now we just need to extract Guza from GH now. Congrats AMC fans!

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