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November 30, 2009

I Should Play the Lottery or Something

So late last night, I was making up some silly polls, writing an intro because really, it should look like I put a modicum of effort into the post, right?  So I was all, last Wednesday on GH was great and five days of thinking good thoughts and yadda yadda, but probably Monday someone will get killed or called a whore!  Ha ha, a joke about the violence and misogyny on General Hospital.  So fresh, so original.

But y'all, I was right!  The whore card got played!  By Original Recipe Lucky Spencer, no less!  Well, kind of.

Dream Sequence Lucky:  Hey, what’s going on in here?
Dream Sequence Liz:  Nikolas was just paying me for sleeping with him, just like Jason did.
Dream Sequence Lucky:  Well, kind of leaves me out, doesn’t it?
Dream Sequence Liz:  No, no!  That’s not what I want from you, Lucky.  I love you.
Dream Sequence Lucky:  Elizabeth,* you obviously don’t care about love.  It’s not what you want.  You want money, don’t you?  I mean, a whore is a whore, right?  Since you only seem to have sex with guys who pay for it, here ::throws a bunch of paper money at her:: take it.  I’d like to stay in the mix.

I don't care that it's Jonathan Jackson and he's awesome (side note:  seriously, who will get him to SHAVE?), or that it was a dream sequence.  There are about a dozen things wrong with Nikolas and Elizabeth's relationship, and none of them has to do with money.  She wasn't after Jason's money, either.  I think the character is grody right now, but I refuse to endorse this writing team's inability to insult women characters with anything other than "golddigging slutty whore" (paraphrased).  It's gross.

* Random aside:  For the last several months, every time I type "Liz" or "Elizabeth," I think of this, and I laugh.  "I do not go by Liz.  Where did you get your information?  I will send my hitman babydaddy after you immediately."

I'm in a poll-y kind of mood again:


I wish I could say it surprised me...It did make me crack up laughing cause really....but then i remeber this is the same team that has yet to explain or show why suddenly Nik is so freakign irresitable that even when he breaks into your house and ignores what you point blank told him (mainly "Don't stalk me") that the only sane response is to sleep with him....and then i go...'oh yeah....sense need not apply."

and yes...I totally voted smug.

I'm dismayed by these poll results, dear readers. I thought we were above "whore" calling! How will I maintain my righteous indignation?!

I just can't stand what they're doing to Liz. Can't. Stand. It. There's soap opera drama and affairs and whatnot, and then there's complete character destruction. I'm sure the Liz haters are gleeful, but as a fan. . . . I'm so glad I'm not watching. It's easier to pretend it's just not happening.

I did think it was hilarious since it made no sense, but yeah, it felt all too familiar. So apparently Elizabeth's worst fear is that Lucky is Sonny?

She's being incredibly sleazy, but none of what she's done has anything to do with money. No one called Lucky a whore when he slept with Maxie for payment in the form of drugs, but you know, he's a man. Unfaithful women are whores, unfaithful men are lost or being manipulated or in love or being neglected or judged. Oh, could they do a PSA at the end of an episode where Becky Herbst and Jonathan Jackson explain that?

Okay first I must say I love this Niz storyline. Okay other than that I didn't understand how Jason, the father of one of her children, giving her money qualifies as her being a whore. That writing was awful. So bascially TIIC was saying a woman getting child support is really a whore. It just made so sense. Also Jason never gave Liz money. He paid for Lucky's PT, he bought the house that his son is living in and he set up a trust for Cam and Jake. But right now Liz is getting no money from Jason. She rightfully could go to him and ask for some since Jake is his child. And Nik giving her money, when? Nik paid for Lucky's medical bills when he was shot but that was it. That whole dream sequence made no sense other than to make Liz look like the villian and Lucky like the victim. JJ's Lucky is good enough to stand on his own without the writers trying to make him out to be this victim so we all feel sorry for him. I hate how they keep bringing up Liz's affair even though Liz was with jason and Lucky with Sam.

"No one called Lucky a whore when he slept with Maxie for payment in the form of drugs, but you know, he's a man."

They didn't have to call him that, they were already destroying the character to justify the Liaison one-nighter. He was a loser and the show regularly invited viewers to see him as such.

Only now that Luza's precious JJ is back in the role does Lucky get better treatment. That means it's Liz who gets destroyed.

Carl's right...the show regularly referred to Lucky and his actions around that time a if he was just one baby step above Bin Laden. Remember how he would walk into a room and immediately get screeched at for failing to recognize Jason's awesomeness? They called him everything but a whore. I was especailly a fan of the day that Lucky made an identical argument to the infamous Danger argumenet...mainly that Jason being near the kids would lead them to harm....the same day that Liz made almost word for word the same argument to Diane....and Lucky got screeched at that HE was a drug addict and HE was the bigger danger....when he had been in recovery for six plus months at that point.

What we are seeing right now is the favortism of JJ. No more. No less. Intentional or not..Lucky was already getting the victim treatment and feeling from fans....now the show is attempting to make it look like well it's deserved NOW....

Don't we all just love the liberal use of "Whore" on this show? It brings back fond memories of Sonny calling Brenda that term of endearment when she slept with Miguel after Sonny cruelly dumped her.

I don't know about anyone else, but GV was hot, hot, hot and I could never figure out why Liz would pick Jason the thug over him.

This show used to be great, soapy entertainment in the eighties, think Sean and Tiffany's hilarious nups, Frisco and Felicia (Who were lacking in parenting but made up for in their capers.), Tony and Bobbi's tender marriage, that proved that a happy marriage with children could exist, and Lucy's wedding to Alan when she got the WRONG dress. Now it centers around Sonny and the word "Whore" is used freely.

I am not a fan of Elizabeth, in fact, I don't like her, but her accepting money from the father of one of her children does NOT make her a "Whore" by a long shot. What are the writers trying to say, that if a woman with a child isn't married to said child's father, well, then, she needs to shoulder the cost of supporting the child (Which is costly, as most of us know.) alone?

I am not really following her affair with Nik, but I will take the word of other viewers that it is sleazy. But if we are going to talk sleaze, let's talk about ALL the children Sonny fathers out of wedlock.

I actually came up with a theory that both Jason and Nikolas running in with their wallets makes Elizabeth feel like a whore. What with their not listening to anything she expressly tells them (ie...don't tell the entire mob about Jake Jason...Nik stop stalking me) and both relationships centered around cheating and all...but then I dismissed it because like Guza is ever going to allow a female who's name isn't Carly or Lulu a POV. I mean that's just laughable.

GH is giving real sex workers a bad name :-0

Wouldn't it be nice if this show could tell a story that *didn't* involve the utter destruction of *any* characters? Complex motives and real dilemmas and choices? I know. . .I'm such a dreamer.

Soap characters have affairs and one-night stands all the time. Maybe I'm biased and bitter but I'm having a hard time recalling any other show that can't at least set up some real justifications for how things play out.

At least with the Jason/Liz/Lucky mess, they attempted to have some real lead-up and causes to events, lop-sided though it may have been (as one of those evil Liason fans, I didn't mind so much but I do agree it got out of hand). Now, they've given up on even that.

It's all just a sleazy yucky mess that seems to be done solely as a plot point to ratched up Spencer/Cassadine animosity. Yay character destruction for plot stupidity!

Better might've been a hook-up or two with Liz/Nik before she really committed to Lucky and then Nik going all dark obsessive over Liz like his dad did with Laura.

But that would've meant making Nik truly dark on the show and having someone who isn't a mobbie be a villain (other than Helena) just isn't allowed!

Ha!!! I totally thought of you when Dream Lucky said that. I thought to myself "Becca sure did call that one". You SHOULD play the lottery. And I scratched my head at this new Liz-only-being-after- money vibe they have going on.

To quote you: "This effing show".

Not related to this storyline but the poor writing and usual complaints...I took vacation last week and yesterday and accidentally happened to catch part of an episode. All I saw was Dominic and Lulu and she was telling him that if he didn't believe Sonny deserved to go to jail then maybe THAT was the voice he should listen to. After the blood shot out of my eyes I changed the channel. Another cop, being made to look stupid and Sonny being seen as the hero once again. Dear God this show is so effed up it's unreal...

Sam married five men and stole their money, Carly went after men who only had money, Tony, A.J., Jason, Sonny, Jax and Lorenzo. Liz did NOT want the house/money that Jason gave her for BOTH boys!

Lucky used his body as a means to get pills from Maxie.

Dikolas is a pig.

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