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November 24, 2009

I'll Let Their Words Speak For Themselves

This is a complete cop-out, because a statement comprised of five characters is not exactly insightful or witty commentary, but all I can manage for today's episode of General Hospital is "...oh."

(Okay, maybe not ALL I can manage, but MOSTLY what I can manage)

Franco: Any commitment longer than an evening make me break out. Your ex never has to know about tonight.
Maxie: But I would know.
Franco: I'm going to pretend that that self-pitying drivel didn't just emerge from your lovely mouth.
Maxie: Wow, you really know how to charm the pants off of a girl.
Franco: Your pants are already halfway down your thighs.


"...oh. That...is actually a pretty disgusting piece of dialogue and if someone like Sonny spoke those words, I would probably be lobbying my Congressional representatives in order to have General Hospital banned from the airwaves, so I admit that I am being hypocritical by admitting that I wasn't actively disgusted by James Franco saying it, and admitting hypocrisy kind of cancels out the act of being hypocritical itself, doesn't it? No? ...oh."

Sonny: Her brother is investigating the case, and when Lucky finds out that Luke set up the meeting, it's going to get ugly. Lulu's right in the middle. And there's nothing worse than a father and son on opposing sides.
Dominic: Wow, this is really bothering you.
Sonny: Lucky... This terrific kid chose to be a cop and I hate that when I talk to him, I have to keep my guards up.
Dominic: What, you think he's got something on you?
Sonny: Not yet. He's probably going to figure out that Luke has a connection first, right? Can you imagine, your own kid investigating you? I mean, it got me thinking. About my own life, and what I've done with my life can buy Morgan, Kristina and Michael anything they want. They can go to a great college. They can start a business, anything better than what I had, better than the life that I'm in right now. But I pray that none of my kids ever become a cop.

"...oh. Aside from the pounding headache I have from being walloped in the face with three tons of irony, because get it, Sonny's kid IS a cop and IS investigating and isn't the GH writing staff so clever, and aren't you jealous of their brilliance, are we seriously being told that being a cop is, literally, the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being? We are? ...oh."

Jason: Ok, so what if somebody shows up in the wrong place at the wrong time and sees the wrong thing? Do I have the right to kill him?


"...oh. The show's leading man and moral center is having a crisis of conscience over whether or not he should kill someone who could logically be just an innocent bystander--although unbeknownst to Jason, that's not actually the case because the person is a stalking, leering, throat-stomping crazy, but whatever, as far as he knows, this is just a random down-on-his luck hobo who, I don't know, was scrounging for food and then saw the Messiah of Port Charles right in front of him after having just killed someone and he was so overwhelmed by seeing the master do what the master does best and gave a jolly wave--and we are supposed to sit, interested in his moral dilemma and not at all skeeved out at what this show has become...oh."

Sam: Jason, I know you. I know your heart. I know you are not some immoral killer who is drunk on power. I know you are not some animal who is out killing because it makes them feel like they're something special. You're doing what you have to do to protect you and yours when you are threatened. You have great instincts, and you have to trust them.

"...oh. Jason's a killer, but he's not a KILLER...oh."


Gosh...the things you learn on GH....being a cop is the worst thing ever. A child turning his back on a non-illegal way of life is wrong. And even though your job description is "Hitman"...that doesn't mean you are a killer so long as you have a good heart.

I feel so much smarter now.

I had similar reactions to all of the above, esp. James Franco, who was creepy yet still dreamy. Had Sonny said those words, I'd be phoning Gloria Steinem. I feel like such a hypocrite!

I'm a horrible person, because I'm with you.. I didn't mind Franco saying it. Wow.

And Lucky had the BEST scene today, why can't we comment on JJ's awesomeness. He looked Sonny in the eye and dissed his shit.

OH James Franco

Now I'm jealous of Annie's coma too...and Maxie....that's just gotta be said again and again and again...

This is such a weird fucking show. It makes me uncomfortable, even with "Franco" hotly delivering that dialogue. I just get embarrassed for everyone involved.

I am glad that Maxie got her some Franco. It has to be an improvement on horrible Spinelli. I just hoping that this is end of Maxie and Spinelli or a long long break from their tedious relationship.

Jason, YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL ANYBODY!!!!! Your brain damage is leaking again. Oh, and YOU AND SONNY ARE NOT JUDGE JURY & GOD! Uchhhh.

And Sam, poor pathetic morally bankrupt stupid Sam. You are a great funny entertaining drunk, but that's about it. And you also have a bangin' body. But, Jason IS an immoral killer drunk on power. He has been ever since Sonny gave him a gun and showed him how to be powerful in a world separate from the Q's. Killing is the only thing he wants to do, he IS an animal. He could do a hundred different things with his life, but he chooses murder and mobbery first and always. He has no regrets about the human lives he has taken in the name of Sonny's criminal empire. And the ONLY reason he has to protect those he claims to love and what is his/Sonny's with lethal force is that what is his IS STOLEN AND GOTTEN ILLEGALLY!!!!! We're not talking about a random break in in his private home here people.

And Maxie? A month after her nonwedding goodness she cheats on Spinelli? Now I have to feel bad for him. Damn her!

Michelle Van Jean tweeted that Guza wrote Franco's dialogue and scenes himself. Explains why the dialogue sounds like a B rated schlock movie combined with an erotic Red Shoe Diaries episode. Guza is a hack with woman issues.

I am desperately hoping that TIIC at ABC will actually watch this delightful storyline that Guza has crafted with his own hands - and will fire him after forcing his ass into therapy

Okay, about today's show - as a child of the 70's, I very much understand the 'commitment for the evening'. Franco is very scary hot, Maxie hasn't met a challenge in a very long time...and yes, I too, would have problems with my knees. After all, tomorrow is another day, to be dealt with tomorrow.

As for Jason and Sam...should Jason be able to kill the homeless guy...what Sam said is beyond anything I could ever understand.
Jason is a cold blooded killer who should be behind bars - period.

And a HUGE "WTF" to ABC. I saw on the local ABC morning show here that Adam Lambert from American Idol did a raunchy song on the AMA this past weekend. They showed a clip of him kissing band members and simulating oral sex on stage while performing a new song of his, I have no further details since I didn't watch the Awards Show nor do I really know this singer beyong a blip on Extra etc..., Except isn't he the one singing Mad Mad World every damn day on GH!?!?!?!?!?!

1500 viewers complained to ABC about the overly raunchy performance so ABC edited the broadcast of the Awards for the West coast airing cleaning up the broadcast and editing the artistic expression of the singer. AND they also pulled his live concert coming up on Good Morning America!!!! CBS Morning SHow then invited him immediately, HA!

SO if a same sex kiss and some crotch rubbing is so offensive that 1500 complaints over an audience of several millions gets that broadcast edited and a concert on on GMA cancelled why the fuck aren't they doing anything about the hideous sick twisted violent moblovin' disgrace that is Guza's GH?!?!?!?!?!??!

If 1500 of us call in and complain about the offensive violence and misogyny will they edit the epi re-airing on Thanksgiving where JF joyously crushes Joey Limbo's throat as he lie dying after mob shootout #5673? Didn't think so, but why the hell not?

Janet Jackson's millisecond nipple flash was world wide news and CBS was fined big bucks. Are we Americans so in need of protection from seeing a woman's breast, seriously? But yet GH runs free. I guess a flash of a woman's nipple or a same sex kiss by a rock singer is dangerous and overly offensive even if it is art and this is a free country. Yet the reckless misogyny and violence on GH is totally acceptable to ABC. I in no way suypport sensorship, and ABC or any broadcaster gets to choose what they put on air. But the hypocrisy is what really offends me! That is what I demand ABC to explain to me. Why was Adam Lambert's same sex kiss edited on late night TV yet a daytime drama gets to be endlessly misogynistic and brutally violent for years, explain that ABC. I demand Mickey Mouse tell me what the hell that is all about.

Anyone else extra annoyed with that blatant hypocrisy? Because I would be satisfied with the firing of Guza, Phelps and Frons for this infraction :-)

Sarah -- it's the American way. Sex = evil. Violence = cool!!

It's frustrating beyond belief.

I have never like Maxie. She is a tramp. She jump any thing! J.M.O.

This is just my opinion but any new viewers who are tuning in to see Franco will be turned off by his storyline. He and Maxie had some sexy chemistry but the stuff he said to her was nasty. I'm still glad Maxie slept with him, time to get rid of Spinelli. Lucky was so awesome today. His scenes with Sonny were spot on. I loved him talking about Aunt Ruby and their camping trip. I never noticed how blue his eyes was until he came back.

Mary Beth is right, explicit violence on TV and in movies has always been far more acceptable than any sexual situations, even verbal. Violence against women seems to always get excused. That someone could be turned off by the way Franco talked to Maxie when he was coming on to her, but find Sonny's angry, vulgar outbursts at his "women" acceptable blows my mind.

I don't mind sex or violence. In fact, I regularly enjoy both in many art forms :-). I loathe hypocrisy and the way GH uses sex and violence and crime to pimp truly dangerous criminals as heroes and reckless neglectful mob molls as strong independant woman and great parents. And the whole cast of characters fully support this warped ass backwards mentality. PLUS the show is run & written for shit. They do so little w/ any competance at all @ GH. Without the history and the old fans, and a nice group of great actors I and many others would never watch this dreck.
It blows my mind that this passes as a good soap, let alone GH.

The way I defend my hypocrisy of the storyline is that Franco is suppose to be creepy and evil and so I can enjoy his character because he comes off as creepy and yet still hot and it makes some sense for Maxie to sleep with him. Maxie issues etc. Now if Sonny or someone like him had said it the writers would not be trying to make him sound creepy i.e Sonny is suppose to be a hero (which is creepy in it self since mobboss). So as Franco is a villan I will enjoy him with out guilt no matter what the writers make him say.

The way I defend my hypocrisy of the storyline is that Franco is suppose to be creepy and evil and so I can enjoy his character because he comes off as creepy and yet still hot and it makes some sense for Maxie to sleep with him. Maxie issues etc. Now if Sonny or someone like him had said it the writers would not be trying to make him sound creepy i.e Sonny is suppose to be a hero (which is creepy in it self since mobboss). So as Franco is a villan I will enjoy him with out guilt no matter what the writers make him say.

Boy, don't you just love ethics and morality according to Bob Guza? A stone cold killer (And yes, Sam, Jason is a killer.) and a mob boss who has populated this entire show are in a position to lecture about morals. I am still realing from Sonny literally saying "Thank God" that his child didn't live. And where does he get off calling anyone a pathetic piece of trash? At this point, I hate Claudia because her hit on Scummy failed.

My husband is convinced that James Franco being on GH is a conspiracy wherein the show will get enough mainstream media attention called to how SUCKY Guza is that it will finally get him canned from the show. Can I hope he might be right??

I agree with pretty much everyone's comments. ABC is a big hypocrite regarding show content. GH is a laughingstock to non-soap viewers and critics who are tuning in to watch James Franco and it's just perpetuating how...lacking soap operas can be, which is a great shame for those of us who remember GH from the late '70's to mid'90's and who know how great it was at one time.

My sincerest wish is that Franco's appearance will cast a bright light on how bad this show really is and Brian Frons, Jill Farren Phelps, and Bob Guza will all be shown the door. There's no need to force anyone into therapy. It's not ABC's problem. Their concern should be getting rid of these three people as soon as humanly possible.

Sam is losing any independence she may have gained after she and Lucky broke up and she was on her own for a while. Now that she's back with Jason she is back propping him up and being a mob apologist. I couldn't believe when she told him he was just having a crisis of "faith." Do mobsters have some kind of killer code they adhere to?! It was so ludicrous it was unintentionally laughable, and yet sad how this show has fallen.

I guess I'm the only one who thought James Franco was just creepy, not good creepy. Creepy! I did not believe his dialogue and got no sense of who he was other than a movie star slumming and trying to remember his lines. He is a great kisser, I'll give him that.

And I am certainly no apologist for Sonny. I despise the character. But I think what he was saying about his kids becoming cops was that he hopes none of them ends up in a profession where they would always be at odds. I don't think he was saying that being a cop is the worst thing in the world.

>>>>>If 1500 of us call in and complain about the offensive violence and misogyny will they edit the epi re-airing on Thanksgiving where JF joyously crushes Joey Limbo's throat as he lie dying after mob shootout #5673? Didn't think so, but why the hell not?
I think the main problem with this plan is that there are no longer 1500 people watching this show... for the afore mentioned reasons.

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