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November 24, 2009

I'll Let Their Words Speak For Themselves

This is a complete cop-out, because a statement comprised of five characters is not exactly insightful or witty commentary, but all I can manage for today's episode of General Hospital is "...oh."

(Okay, maybe not ALL I can manage, but MOSTLY what I can manage)

Franco: Any commitment longer than an evening make me break out. Your ex never has to know about tonight.
Maxie: But I would know.
Franco: I'm going to pretend that that self-pitying drivel didn't just emerge from your lovely mouth.
Maxie: Wow, you really know how to charm the pants off of a girl.
Franco: Your pants are already halfway down your thighs.


"...oh. That...is actually a pretty disgusting piece of dialogue and if someone like Sonny spoke those words, I would probably be lobbying my Congressional representatives in order to have General Hospital banned from the airwaves, so I admit that I am being hypocritical by admitting that I wasn't actively disgusted by James Franco saying it, and admitting hypocrisy kind of cancels out the act of being hypocritical itself, doesn't it? No? ...oh."

Sonny: Her brother is investigating the case, and when Lucky finds out that Luke set up the meeting, it's going to get ugly. Lulu's right in the middle. And there's nothing worse than a father and son on opposing sides.
Dominic: Wow, this is really bothering you.
Sonny: Lucky... This terrific kid chose to be a cop and I hate that when I talk to him, I have to keep my guards up.
Dominic: What, you think he's got something on you?
Sonny: Not yet. He's probably going to figure out that Luke has a connection first, right? Can you imagine, your own kid investigating you? I mean, it got me thinking. About my own life, and what I've done with my life can buy Morgan, Kristina and Michael anything they want. They can go to a great college. They can start a business, anything better than what I had, better than the life that I'm in right now. But I pray that none of my kids ever become a cop.

"...oh. Aside from the pounding headache I have from being walloped in the face with three tons of irony, because get it, Sonny's kid IS a cop and IS investigating and isn't the GH writing staff so clever, and aren't you jealous of their brilliance, are we seriously being told that being a cop is, literally, the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being? We are? ...oh."

Jason: Ok, so what if somebody shows up in the wrong place at the wrong time and sees the wrong thing? Do I have the right to kill him?


"...oh. The show's leading man and moral center is having a crisis of conscience over whether or not he should kill someone who could logically be just an innocent bystander--although unbeknownst to Jason, that's not actually the case because the person is a stalking, leering, throat-stomping crazy, but whatever, as far as he knows, this is just a random down-on-his luck hobo who, I don't know, was scrounging for food and then saw the Messiah of Port Charles right in front of him after having just killed someone and he was so overwhelmed by seeing the master do what the master does best and gave a jolly wave--and we are supposed to sit, interested in his moral dilemma and not at all skeeved out at what this show has become...oh."

Sam: Jason, I know you. I know your heart. I know you are not some immoral killer who is drunk on power. I know you are not some animal who is out killing because it makes them feel like they're something special. You're doing what you have to do to protect you and yours when you are threatened. You have great instincts, and you have to trust them.

"...oh. Jason's a killer, but he's not a KILLER...oh."


"Jason: Ok, so what if somebody shows up in the wrong place at the wrong time and sees the wrong thing? Do I have the right to kill him?"

Let me help you out with that, Jason:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-wwwa, you do not. As a matter of fact, you don't have the right to kill someone for any reason, but that's beside the point.


I don't think you're being hypocritical b/c Franco is supposed to be a dark character. He's not being touted as the hero of the show who just does questionable things. He's not a "good" bad guy.

Sonny really did make me sick yesterday. Being a cop is not something to turn your back on your kids for. It's not a disappointment, no matter how much he thinks it is.

To see two characters that I pretty much love out of loyalty of from the past say the things they said yesterday really saddens me. I could handle the mob waaaaay better when it was an elusive element to the bigger picture that was General Hospital. As for Maxie, she hasn't been non-married to Spinelli for that long. Yes, it's James Franco, but I was a little shocked.

Oh, so many thoughts...

I can see where many thought that James Franco was creepy and sexy at the same time (personally not a HUGE fan of his, just a fan), but didn't we JUST sit throught the 'wedding-that-wasn't' with Maxie and Spinelli? Isn't he her ESSENTIAL person??? Ok. So she sleeps with a creepy stalkerish artist whom she just met basically because he 'triple dog dared' her? Nice. Oh, then have her yelling at the limo "I forgot to get you to agree on the photo shoot!" when he dumps her off? Great; sleezy and dumb - nice to see the writers embracing the 'new' Maxie.

Next up... I will put it right out there - I am a huge fan of Jason. Yup, I said it. I like him, A LOT. He is one of the main reasons I watch - plain and simple, SB is HOT. As for the violence, well... as wrong and pathetic as it is in the REAL world, I know that this is A SOAP OPERA, so I can forgive him for being a bad guy who shoots other bad guys.
All that being said, even I guffawed at the question "...do I have a right to kill them?"
Um, 'scuse me Jason? You really don't have the RIGHT to kill anyone.

Stupid writers.

I personally liked the scene when Sonny was talking about Lucky to Dante. I didn't take it that he was saying being a cop was the most horrible thing in the world. I got that Sonny felt empathy for his friend Luke and could see (legal, moral or otherwise) how it would be painful to be at odds with his own son. I like that they are having Dante see Sonny as a person, not just a criminal before he finds out he's his father.

Now... one more little rant... for Sarah and the whole thing with the Adam Lambert AMA deal... I personally did not watch the AMAs so I can't speak first hand, but I think the main problem is that when a parent sits down to watch a soap, they are aware that there may be sexual situations, violence and deplorable behavior in general (that what makes it a soap, right?), plus, kids don't typically watch soaps, do they? When a parent lets a kid sit down to watch a music awards show in PRIME TIME they probably aren't expecting to see things of such a graphic sexual nature that it might make THEM blush. As a parent I'd much rather my kid see violence than sex, plain and simple (ex; video games...). As for what you consider 'art' in our free country... um I don't think editing a televised event regulated by the FCC really constitutes any infringement on our rights. I for one wish the limits were tighter as to what is allowed on network television (again - parent.)

Dante just summed up my attraction to GH in one moment. GH is a mess. It's like a car accident, but I can't keep my eyes off of it.

BTW, Dante just saw that photograph of "Claudia's body" how could he forget so soon? Oh yeah. He's a cop. Now I understand.

I don't know about Franco. That line about Maxie pants being already at her thighs was horrific and tantalizing at the same time. Why must Guza always go the sleazy route?

I still miss GV, but I am happy that Lucky is being written "better" now. We get to see him actually investigating crimes. He gets to express his feelings and motives. He's actually interacting with the "cool kids" on the show. Somebody really loves JJ at ABC Daytime or maybe somebody just really hated GV?

I really don't understand why Johnny is so pissed at Olivia. Was she really suppose to blow her son's cover to her lover (a guy who just happens to be neck deep in the mob himself)? Nobody likes to be lied to but Johnny needs to get over it because Olivia is just about the only person who even remotely has his back in the PC.

I guess I'm the only one on here who does NOT love James Franco and who is pissed that after taking more than a year to rehabilitate Maxie, the character is being trashed to suit a big-name actor who won't be around past the new year.

Also, did Sam break some ribs? Because that's the only explanation I can think of for wearing a giant ace bandage over her cocktail dress...

From my limited experience with American History, wasn't America settled by Puritans through brute force?
So of course, sex would be a big no-no and violence a big yes-yes.
No one wants to see procreation when they can watch destruction instead.
Because raising psychopaths like Michael is easier than raising sensual beings comfortable with their sexuality.

Plus, LauraBB is right, are there really more than 1500 people who actually watch GH?

Thanks Rain SR, your post was right on the money. The huge faction of Americans who are pro violence and anti sex terrifies me. I will never understand it. I could debate this issue endlessly. But for my blood pressure I am just going to write thanks for your words and leave it at that.

Peace and love!

I think the actor playin the new chief of staff is terrible. His physical stature dooesn't say CHIEF. He looks like a kid playing doctor.

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