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November 20, 2009

In Which I Use All Caps and Exclamation Points

James Franco's General Hospital debut today was one of several things that made me downright gleeful today. I, of course, loudly broadcast my glee to anyone who would listen, and while most people I expressed my excitement to reacted with polite, if patronizing, feigned interest ("HAHA, I get to say 'I have a date with James Franco at 3:00 today' and have it be true! Because I do!" "Yeah, that is...that's nice!"), some were actually interested in my assessment of the episode. Okay, one person was interested in my assessment of the episode. And as I filled her in, I began to realize that...I am incapable of discussing this rationally. Any actual critique*, with logical thought and a marked lack of hysteria is going to have to come from Becca, because...well: 

NON-GH-WATCHING FRIEND: So, how was your show today?


NGHWF: Really? Don't you hate this show?

MALLORY: Totally!

NGHWF: Okay...so, what's the deal?

MALLORY: Okay, so there's this shootout, which James Franco AKA Franco, looking homeless


witnesses, and that's not notable or anything, because shootouts on this show are pretty much a daily thing, and then Jason sees that this so-called homeless person is there and Franco WAVES AT HIM and it is hilarious.


MALLORY: And then there was a guy hit in the shootout, and then Franco stepped on his neck after the whole thing was over--

NGHWF: So he's a killer?

MALLORY: Yes, which, on this show, means that the writers like him. Which...is really problematic actually. But, yes, he's a killer. Remember, his "canvas is murder" from the commercials? So anyway, then he hooks up with a hot woman in his loft, and by the way, do you know how rare it is to have a minority actress on this show? Oh, and also, Kate wants Maxie to get Franco the Artist to do a shoot for Crimson, but he's like a recluse or whatever, so it might be difficult...and he smoldered!


MALLORY: He smoldered like...a smoldering thing. And it was awesome.

It was like one of those Fancast commercials, except with much more high-pitched laughter!

What did you all think of the big debut? Do you also give it two thumbs up? Or did it not at all live up to the hype? Or did you enjoy it, but you also feel dirty complimenting something GH-related?

*Any critique of this story in particular, I mean. The rest of the show is shit, and I am still capable of writing at least a thousand words about the horror that is Liz/Nikolas, and can bitch quite nicely about how terrible the Johnny/Olivia story is right now. I'm not COMPLETELY a pod person!


I am with you! I was completely giddy and I hated having to wait to get home from work to watch!




Okay, okay...okay...

Sorry, it's hard not to become a major tween over this, but he's James Dean and Robert De Niro's son, a Freak & Geek and the face of Gucci for fuck's sake...and he's FUNNY! On purpose. So someone please explain to me why he's doing this lame show. Please. I need to understand.

Oh, and yes, that wave was totally hilarious. I choose to believe it was all his radness that made it successful. I'm hoping he'll work in a cherry slushy at some point during his stint, too.

Oh, and yes, that wave was totally hilarious. I choose to believe it was all his radness that made it successful. I'm hoping he'll work in a cherry slushy at some point during his stint, too.

I don't know if it was just me but the only part that I found remotely entertaining about James Franco's premiere today was when he waved at Jason. The face that Jason made in response was hilarious. Other than that it just seemed like "Franco" ran around in a hood the entire episode.

I was happy to see Kate today :D

And not so sure she'd leave it to Scooby Roo to "catch" Franco.

But yeah... JF is indeed hawt ;)

Oh, and I was happy to see Kate too. =)

Ok, yes he was awesome, and it's only the first day. Loved the kiss and his swagger on the way to the 'opening'. I was a bit horrified the way dispatched Limbo (Sorry, I've forgotten his first name.)

I found parts of the rest of the show interesting and revealing. I was very uncomfortable with Lucky having a very personal talk with Liz while Nik was listening and she was hiding his cufflink under her nicely manicured toes.

I felt ever so sorry for Johnny and Olivia. He has lost his sister, his crazy father is in prison, Sonny doesn't trust him, and now the son of the women he loves may put him in prison. She, on the other hand is afraid her son's father may kill her son and the man she loves. Very soapy. (Hope BB survives, I do love him.)

Ok, a WTF moment - After the shootout, Sonny and Dominic are at the new office, Sonny is behind the little bar, he puts out two glasses, pours himself a double and a barely discernable splash in the other glass. How to totally disrespect Dominic! MB needs to remember he's a mob boss.

First: I *totally* get the fangirl squee and I judge no one for it.

The Franco story has flare, I guess. But to me, he seems like just another murdering misogynist -- albeit a better looking, acting one -- on a show filled with them. At least this one will, presumably, be written without the "heart of gold" that requires the bending of all logic into knots. Franco gets to just be twisted and dark and bad. Guza must be in heaven. (And that never pleases me.)

The wave was amusing, true, but I found the coyness with all the shots of his back and funky camera angles to mostly conceal his face until the end to be kind of silly, given all the hype. I guess it's to establish his air of tortured mystery? Meh.

And I'm so annoyed that they've completely ruined Adam Lambert's Mad World for me.

Meanwhile, it cracks me up that Lucky is now Super!Detective! and I still can't stand the shrill creature Maxie has become and hate Spinelli and all the techno crap and Sam seems like a useless prop and Olivia and Johnny bored me and Dante is still pretty cool and Sonny saying that he doesn't kill anyone who doesn't deserve it still galls me and I can't even speak about what they've done to my Liz. . . .

But hey, James Franco's there so . . . yay?

James Franco is all things delicious. I haven't watch GH in months because let's face it, the mob stories are boring and tedious, but he brought me back and made me grin and giggle like a 12 year old.

Outside of GH, JF seems so down to earth and funny. I encourage everyone to watch some of his recent movies, YouTube clips of late night show interviews or even his Funny or Die spots with his brother, etc. Very charming and it will make you like him even more on GH. HA!

I am not a huge James Franco fan, I'm more like, "Meh."

But I thought I'd share that they were talking about his stint on GH on National Public Radio tonight during a break in an interview with Judd Apatow.

The most hilarious thing is that when they faded out to the commercial break, they were playing the GH theme song, circa 1984. I laughed my bloody arse off!

Most of the show was so dark, I could hardly tell what was happening.
And as seriously hot as James Franco is, at the end of the day, he's just another murderer. He'll be gone in 2 months and we'll still be stuck in the same mobster=hero rut.
Maybe I'm particularly testy since just when I was starting to like Carly and Lulu, they've turned into 2 of the most annoying women ever. Someone should lock them in a room together for a month or so.

Am I the only person on earth who honestly doesn't even know who James Franco is? Because I feel like it.

I'm old. I don't know James Franco from a turnip. But, freakin' NPR did a story on this.


Jess, I'm totally with you!

With this whole hype, you'd think Julia Roberts was guest starring. But I guess JF is a pretty big name for GH.

Episode was mostly "meh," although the wave was funny.

Liz's perfectly manicured toes are GORGEOUS.

Nik's cufflink is pretty :)

I just wanted to hug Johnny today...my heart broke for him. First his sister, now Olivia...he might be desperate to go back to Lulu...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (but yeah, Jolivia are total real soapy goodness storyline)

Dante's total surprise over the fact that Sonny or anyone else in the mob might want to get out was naive and silly and Dante is slowly falling under Sonny's charm. *sigh*

He was good to look at. I LOVED his Mister Roger's wave to Jason. That was the best moment of this show aside from NIZ!!!!

A BLACK WOMAN ON GH :) I was excited to see that. Did I mention how awesome Niz was. I also love that over at www.ew.com they have a blog about Franco's first day and even the columnist saw how horrible Olivia was.

Okay, this is the show I never watch, but I recorded and watched to see James Franco. *squee*

I loved his wave. His wave was the best part of the show. I especially loved the British black woman at the end who was so hot, and he actually kissed her hotly. It was like... are they going to keep her around? Please do. But, I know they won't. Buncha Putzes.

Other than that, pretty much the usual FF material. Sonny selling Dominante (?) to go to the dark side cause he's misunderstood and really a good guy that only kills people who deserve it? The usual crap.

Niz? WTH is with that? I just don't get the relationship at all.

I have enjoyed Johnny and Olivia from the little snippets I see here and there. But, everything has just gone the usual direction. Poor Johnny. I also didn't get why he wouldn't see a mother choosing her son over her boyfriend? That makes no sense, since they've built up Johnny as the more sane and least misogynistic of the criminals on the show. I guess he has to become a putz too. But seriously - who cares at this point?

Yep, usual FF GH and damn, James Franco can wave so cutely. *squee* Thanks for the screencap.

Yeah, I love Johnny but I totally didn't get how Johnny couldn't get that Olivia would choose her kid over him. I mean, he kept saying "And what am I?" You'd think she chose Sonny over him and he was pissed off. Of course she's gonna choose her own kid. Duh!

Add me to the fangirl list. Squee! James Franco made me smile just by being there. His wave was hilarious and his hotness stopped me from caring that he was a murderer.

As for the rest of the show, I FF through Niz so it's like it's not happening in my mind. I love how JJ's Lucky gets to be a real detective unlike poor GV who just stood in the background while Jason saved the day.

Poor Johnny. While I agree that he's a moron for thinking Olivia would choose him over her SON, I still feel bad for him because he has no one and I worry BB's days are numbered.

Dante: Do not fall under Sonny's spell. Please?

Squee! James Franco!

Johnny: Love me more than your kid or this relationship will never work!!!

BTW, sexy shaver was Marsha Thomason, who played Naomi on Lost....no slouch of an actress for such a small part (maybe she'll stick around.)

I'm not a big fan of James Franco. He seems sometimes to sleepwalk through his roles. But I just had to comment on the Dante/ Sonny talk. I will hate, hate, hate it if Dante begins to sympathize with the murdering bastard. GH, please don't go there.

Am I the only one that wasn't impressed by him at all?

I don't know y'all...I mean, we're all aware that this show is melodramatic. And maybe some/a lot/most of the actors are awful and/or overaraught with emotion 99% of the time. But...damn I hate to say that...there is a certain art to the soap actor, I think. They need to sell it to us while reading crappy material and saying the same thing over and over and over again. And I think a lot of them do a good job. I like Jason (in spite of the killing). I like Elizabeth (despite this annoying guilt bullshit). I like the actors who play Sonny and Luke and Claudia because even though I'm not a fan of the charcters, I BELIEVE them.

James Franco ... I feel like he's playing a caricature of a soap star. Everything was just a little too much where a subtle performance to get the point across would have sufficed. Just me?

Also, don't know if anyone mentioned this, did you notice the chick he was kissing is Nessa from Las Vegas?! LOVE her! (and I must admit, that kiss was the one thing I enjoyed...very steamy).


My dearest Dolly, I guess I don't know why you watch this show, and to say that "some/a lot/most of the actors are awful"...really hurts my heart...seems like you're insulting the intelligence of those of us who like them. Maybe you're watching the wrong venue.

Thank you, Stefaney. But still, someone please tell me whyyyy he's doing GH.

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