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November 20, 2009

In Which I Use All Caps and Exclamation Points

James Franco's General Hospital debut today was one of several things that made me downright gleeful today. I, of course, loudly broadcast my glee to anyone who would listen, and while most people I expressed my excitement to reacted with polite, if patronizing, feigned interest ("HAHA, I get to say 'I have a date with James Franco at 3:00 today' and have it be true! Because I do!" "Yeah, that is...that's nice!"), some were actually interested in my assessment of the episode. Okay, one person was interested in my assessment of the episode. And as I filled her in, I began to realize that...I am incapable of discussing this rationally. Any actual critique*, with logical thought and a marked lack of hysteria is going to have to come from Becca, because...well: 

NON-GH-WATCHING FRIEND: So, how was your show today?


NGHWF: Really? Don't you hate this show?

MALLORY: Totally!

NGHWF: Okay...so, what's the deal?

MALLORY: Okay, so there's this shootout, which James Franco AKA Franco, looking homeless


witnesses, and that's not notable or anything, because shootouts on this show are pretty much a daily thing, and then Jason sees that this so-called homeless person is there and Franco WAVES AT HIM and it is hilarious.


MALLORY: And then there was a guy hit in the shootout, and then Franco stepped on his neck after the whole thing was over--

NGHWF: So he's a killer?

MALLORY: Yes, which, on this show, means that the writers like him. Which...is really problematic actually. But, yes, he's a killer. Remember, his "canvas is murder" from the commercials? So anyway, then he hooks up with a hot woman in his loft, and by the way, do you know how rare it is to have a minority actress on this show? Oh, and also, Kate wants Maxie to get Franco the Artist to do a shoot for Crimson, but he's like a recluse or whatever, so it might be difficult...and he smoldered!


MALLORY: He smoldered like...a smoldering thing. And it was awesome.

It was like one of those Fancast commercials, except with much more high-pitched laughter!

What did you all think of the big debut? Do you also give it two thumbs up? Or did it not at all live up to the hype? Or did you enjoy it, but you also feel dirty complimenting something GH-related?

*Any critique of this story in particular, I mean. The rest of the show is shit, and I am still capable of writing at least a thousand words about the horror that is Liz/Nikolas, and can bitch quite nicely about how terrible the Johnny/Olivia story is right now. I'm not COMPLETELY a pod person!


My dear Shirleedee, I'm sad that you ignore the important point that I am trying to make ... that there is an art to soap acting, and that it pains the very depth of my being that many soap actors do, in fact, miss the mark. You will note if you reread my post that I did write "maybe some/a lot/most of the actors are awful and/or overaraught with emotion 99% of the time" - thus, not comitting to one end of the spectrum or the other, merely stating "maybe" and giving a choice in order to pander to the different views expressed on this forum.

However, if you read on and try not to be disheartened by what you perceived to be an insult to you personally, you will see that I do give props to many of the actors featured in the show - I can see that I mentioned the actors that play Elizabeth, Sonny, Jason, Luke, and Dear Deadly (and, indeed, Dead) Claudia. In fact, I also do love me some Dominic/Dante, Lucky, Carly, Jax and, dare I say it, Michael as well, though many on here might disagree.

My main criticism was, as I stated, Franco, who, as I mentioned, is playing a caricature of a soap star, and is not taking on the art of good soap acting that I do so admire.

On the other hand, let's cut the BS and the hurt feelings (though your post does provide me with a perfect example of what I meant by 'overwraught') ... it doesn't take intelligence to watch this show. If it did, our beloved GH would have been cancelled long, long ago, I'm afraid. Or, at the very least, Darling Guza would have been fired.

Alas, it was not meant to be...

Here's to a late Happy James Franco Day, friends!

My feelings for James Franco are the inverse of my feelings for Lulu. And I don't like to use the expression "stupid ho," but I will, I'll use it. Don't make me, Lulu, it's not pretty. Jeez, Dominic was just starting to redeem her...

I just looked up the definition of "smoulder" and found a pic of James Franco. :) :)

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