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November 15, 2009

Is Outrage Fatigue Treatable With Antibiotics?

It's time for another installment of our continuing series Offensive, Outrageous and Oh-So [Expletive]: The Charles Pratt Story, starring Charles Pratt; his sidekick, the black hole of suck that accompanies him at all times; and four of the characters he's made near irredeemable and wholly unlikable this week: Aidan, Amanda, Jake and David.

Okay, David being irredeemable and wholly unlikable is not at all unique to this week, and the destruction of Aidan has been in full swing for a while, but the writers really ramped it all up in Friday's episode. Aren't Friday episodes supposed to be intriguing, and get viewers anxious waiting to tune back in on Monday? Because all I wanted to do when the show ended was take a Silkwood shower and schedule elective surgery for Monday at 1 PM.


You know, I had made my peace with Aidan being written off of the show in a flame of villainy disgrace. That's not to say that I enjoy it, or don't sympathize with poor Aiden Turner, who must be all, "...you couldn't just let me stay on the backburner and pretend that I never existed?", because I don't and do, respectively, but the show is obviously going there and shouting at my television is not going to change that. It's just going to give me a sore throat and very disgruntled neighbors.

The big issue is that, okay: Aidan Devane is a Special-Ops spy, no? I have to think that if he wanted to do something dastardly and break up Zach and Kendall, because he's apparently secretly been in love with Kendall all of this time (please see episodes dated "Never", "Never Ever" and "Never Ever Ever" for evidence of this) that he would be able to come up with something a little more ingenious than intercepting and forging email correspondence. Did he get his superspy training from seventh grade mean girls? Are we going to see him hack into Zach's Facebook and change his relationship status to "Currently In A Relationship with Liza Colby?" REALLY, if you are going to make him a sinister, manipulative stalker, at least make him a good one! It's the least he, and the viewers, deserve. And I mean that--it's the very, very least we all deserve.


Is Aidan's manipulation of Kendall more or less uncomfortable and disturbing to watch than David manipulating Amanda into having sex with him in order to conceive a child? I'm not sure. Much like I'm not sure who had the bright idea, "And then? She'll finally consent to having sex with him, rather than wait a month to be inseminated, and then she'll be in tears when they do it!".

Amanda: What about Jake?

David: Easy. We just tell him that we went to the clinic as planned. I'll call ahead. I'll make sure that everyone's on board, that they cover for us.

Amanda: I hate even the idea of lying to him.

David: But you'd be doing this for Jake, right? Because you want to have a family with him.

Amanda: More than anything in the world.

David: Well, then this is a way to make that happen.

Amanda: You would have to swear on Trevor that you would never tell Jake. I don't care if we get in a fight, if -- if the planet explodes -- whatever. You could never, ever tell him.

David: I swear, on our son, Jake will never hear this from me. It'll be our secret.

David: Well, then you've made the right decision. Do you want to go outside or --

Amanda: Let's just get this over with. And you'd better make it quick.

David: I'll do my best. Well, I guess my back seat days aren't over after all.

Amanda: Ok, two rules. One, don't talk. And two, do not look at me.

It made me want to claw my skin off. I actually felt dirty having this episode on my DVR and erased it immediately, lest the FBI find me and take me in for questioning.

While David is a sleaze of the highest order and, let's not forget, responsible for Stuart's murder, Amanda is being SO UNBELIEVABLY STUPID. The writing for Amanda has ranged from "horrendous" to "horrendous doused with gasoline and lit on fire" for quite a while--remember, she was one of the main participants in the whole, "Your son is dead. Dead! He's dead, and he's in heaven with all of your other dead children. Here are his ashes. Oh, actually he isn't dead at all, he's being disguised as a girl and left in an alley so that I can adopt him through the foster care system" story--but this "storyline" "twist" is so ridiculous that there are no words in the English language to express it. I feel so bad for Chrishell Stause, who is obviously broken up over the crap she has to play. I want to give her a hug and tell her she's better than this show, and ask her for her haircare tips.


And then there is Jake, who I am sure is going to give his high horse a gigantic cube of sugar before using a ladder to climb off of it when he hears that Amanda and David had sex. And he totally has every right to, because he's such a fine, upstanding moral citizen. Please see Exhibit A: The Aforementioned Dead Baby Life and Exhibit B: Friday's episode, where Ryan tells Jake, a medical doctor, that Annie is faking her miscarriage and must be punished with a public stoning.

Rather than telling Ryan, "Do you have a medical degree? Are you a doctor? No, right? The only degree you have is one in dickitude", Jake was all, "Okey dokey" and proceeded to spend the rest of the episode violating all sorts of laws and ethics because Ryan Lavery told him to.

Like when Annie explicitly asked Ryan, the rage maniac who hates her with a passion, to leave the room, and Jake ignored her. And when Annie requested another doctor, and Jake ignored her.

Ryan: Don't worry, Annie. I'm not gonna stay for the examination. I just wanted to say that once it's over, the whole charade will be, too.

Annie: Are you gonna do something, or do I have to call security?

Ryan: I'm leaving. I'm going. I just wanted to say that you really did take it, didn't you, hook, line, and sinker? The whole bit about you not being able to conceive? Falling down the stairs? That was a nice touch, though. That was impressive. You've always had a flair for the dramatic, haven't you?

Annie: Get out.

Jake: I'd like to just do the examination --

Annie: Oh, no, no, no. I want a new doctor now. You're obviously working for Ryan.

Jake: I don't work for anybody. I'm at the hospital.

Ryan: Jake, listen. I'm sorry. Could I have two minutes with Annie just -- please?

Jake: Sure.

AND HE JUST LEFT! He completely ignored his patient's request and them ambled on out of the room so her ex-husband could berate her. Why does Ryan get to do whatever he wants? Really, I don't understand a) why he thinks he's entitled to just roam around town telling people to do what he wants or b) why everybody just sits back and lets him fucking boss them around! Not once has anybody said, "Why don't you put your bulging eyes back in their sockets, you delusional caveman, and use a fucking indoor voice?" and I'd like to know why!

And THEN, after ignoring Annie's prior wishes, Jake PERFORMS A GYNECOLOGICAL EXAM ON HER WHILE SHE'S UNCONSCIOUS, WHICH IS A LIFETIME MOVIE WAITING TO HAPPEN and THEN! Announces the results to everybody, including Ryan!

Jake: Well, I have some news that might come as a shock to some of you.

Adam: Should we go somewhere private?

Jake: No, no, no. Annie wanted me to say this in front of everybody. She didn't have a miscarriage. The baby is fine.

Adam: Ooh. Wonderful. Wonderful.

Jake: Ok.

Ryan: Jake? I -- I don't understand how --

Jake: It's, uh, it's the way it is: She's pregnant.

The fuck is wrong with this show? Are the writers trying to get me to hate everybody so I'd be less upset when the show is inevitably canceled after scaring all of its viewers away? Too late, AMC, I've already been hating most of these characters since Pratt took over!


Every time I read one your blogs on AMC, I get down on my knees and thank the lord for giving me the wisdom to give up this damn show.

Given that I loved Jake & Amanda when last I watched, I am just revolted/broken-hearted to read that shyt. Oh Chrishell why didn't you leave when you said you were going to? WHY?! [And Ricky please leave with her when she goes. Please.]

I have no words for that Aidan b.s. Well I do but I cannot articulate properly through the rage & disgust I feel.

Pratt is a plague on AMC.

Jake should go work for Adam on Y&R.

I feel sorry for you Mallory, I need to take a shower after reading this post I feel so disgusting. I can't imagine watching a full episode of this crap.

I used to love this show years ago and now I cringe every time I watch it. Pratt needs to DIE NOW! Thank god I have OLTL to watch after it, it helps me recover from my rage. Pratt needs to take writing lessons from Ron Carlivati!

I used to love this show years ago, now I just cringe every time I watch it. Pratt needs to DIE NOW! Thank god I have OLTL after it to ease my rage! Pratt needs to take writing lessons from Ron Carlivati!

I SO don't watch this show, but Jake performing the exam on Annie while she is unconscious ... OMFG!! Are they kidding me?!!!

This show needs to be cancelled--stat!

I love Chrishell's comment about filming the Christmas episode and hoping Amanda could open a moral compass as a gift. Poor thing.

They really should just have a big bus breakdown somewhere in Oklahoma and set up shop at a community theater there on their way to California. Except what they're putting on would be a deep insult to Oklahoman community theater.

Glad I've missed every second of it. AMC is still on my DVR and occasionally in weak moments I linger near the "select" key, but thankfully I never push the button.

My heart breaks to say it, but nothing short of euthanasia will cure this show. It needs to be put out of its misery.

After Thorsten and Alicia are gone, they'll be nothing holding this show together. I'm gone then too.

Pratt needs to be banned from writing even emails.

The saddest part is no matter how horrible this show is..just when you think it can't possibly get any worse, it does...and it's continuing non-stop.

I am not sure why anyone at ABC thinks that a predominently female audience would want to watch any of this at all. It boggles the mind.

I've only been watching for Jake/Amanda b/c I enjoy them, but after Friday's show I may not even hang in there until Chrishell leaves. Unbelievably revolting stuff. What do they think they are, General Hospital?

What honestly disturbs me the most about AMC and GH as well, is the fan base that truly enjoys these shows. Especially the most revolting misogynistic men and the women who love to be abused by them, these leading characters still have the fan base that keeps these shows on the air continuing their downward spiral PAST hell.

A largely female audience who cheer on Sonny, Jason, David, Carly, Claudia, Ryan etc.... I just don't get it and it kinda scares me. I've been skulking around other sites since Claudia's murder on GH. And it was shocking to read how many people loved it all! "Michael is now a man, Jason was sexy burying Claudia, Sonny is a great father, Jax is a pussy and doesn't deserve Carly" It all goes on and on. What I feel is the very worst on ABC Daytime is delightful titalation to the women who love these shows. I read o a lot about how Ryan Lavery is beloved, fans adore everything he does even when it is truly vile, like Sonny and all the others. Nothing about how Annie was treated by Jake and the gang at the hospital was even brought up! They think David was smart and sexy to find a way to get Amanda naked below the belt again, I swear!

I guess AMC and GH are now pretty much snuff films for disturbed women? I just don't understand daytime dramas anymore. I watch for the reasons I always have the incredible stories about love, passion, adventure, intrigue, drama, comedy and characters you loved or loved to hate over decades. But barely exists anymore.

I need to break this old viewing habit and lose the hope that my soaps will get great again before I become a women who thinks Sonny is worth dying for and that Carly is the kind of woman I want to be. Shit, I'm so disgusted by these shows I don't even want LW's hair anymore.

And the Aiden thing, THANK YOU! Why couldn't they just have left him offscreen and then in a few months he could have sent an email to Tad saying he found work in England or something. To destroy him this way, so totally out of character and with zero premise is cruel stupid and a waste of time. I think Pratt is doing this as a favor to Guza. Even though it is NEVER mentioned on either show, Aiden is a Devane. And all things Devane Scorpio and Quartermaine must die a hideous death at least in character on all ABC Daytime now. Maybe this Aiden destruction is Pratt's Christmas gift to Guza?

What happens after TK and AM leave doesn't matter to me cause I'm gone too but ya know Prass could successfully write a how to book. The title he should use is "HOW to KILL A Daytime Icon in 18 Months or Less" that would finally be writing of his that makes sense. I just still have a hard time believing that ABC is standing still for all the mockery and bad press his writing is giving them....oh well.

It was all kinds of despicable hideous, alright- but one other thing- as much as I lobster-hated RyanLavery bullying Annie- I hated her just as much for her own brand of sanctimoniousness that is beyond creepy itself- I mean, how could a mother want another mother to be separated from her kids? I stopped caring what happens to her a long time ago- tho' I'm not giving Ryan a pass here for his behavior. PV has gone to hell in a handbasket!

I'm glad I gave up on this show months ago. Seriously, I don't understand how anyone at abc allows him to put this crap on tv unless they are paying him to trash the show. I'm just so happy Thorsten was smart enough to not uproot his family for this crap. I just hope Alicia does the same and decides not to go back after her maternity leave.

I beg you -- please give up AMC and GH and come over to the OLTL fold. There's umbrella storytelling, stories that don't piss on the show's rich history, romance, intrigue, comedy...in short, it's everything a good soap should be.

Seriously, Charles Pratt and his brand of "writing" are toxic.

Just say no, girls.

You know, outrage has piled on outrage to the point where I can't even remember when or why I stopped watching this show, but a gynecological exam on an unconscious patient who has requested another doctor?!?!?!?!? (Not to mention the usual HIPPA medical privacy violations.) I am AGHAST. Jake should be PROSECUTED.

@Sarah. A thousand times: Word. I only watch GH through the occasional YT clip (usually when I hear from this site that Awesome Writer has made an appearance) and reading the comments there -- it's like they're watching a different show than I. In particular, the attitude towards Jax as inferior to Sonny and Jason is just incomprehensible. I mean clearly Guza would love nothing more than to throw Jax under the bus once and for all. But who's falling for this? Has Jax traditionally been a perfect character? No. But I feel like when he's done something "bad" it's been the soapy scheming variety rather than, I don't know, the murderous, misogynist variety.
ANYWAY, I know this was an AMC post, but I just wanted to agree with Sarah for eloquently stating a concern that I share: what the hell is wrong with these viewers??

Well we can put that dialogue in the "I can't believe they get paid to write this crap" file. Seriously I don't know how these actors do it, they have to know how terrible it is.

I have not words for what they are doing to my favorite Aidan. I get into a rage induced state so I will move on to the following...

"Why don't you put your bulging eyes back in their sockets, you delusional caveman, and use a fucking indoor voice?"

LMFAO!!! Thanks for that! I needed it!

As soon as Kendall and Zach are done/gone, either he realizes Aiden drugged her, kills him; he takes Kendall and the boys and hits the road OR he dumps her for once again cheating ... either way, since neither will be there once the show moves,I am quitting AMC!

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