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November 12, 2009

I've Lost That Loving Feeling

Due, perhaps, to her adorable friendship with Maxie, or the fact that she works best as a singleton and has been single until her promising romance with Dominante, or Julie Marie Berman substantially toning down the smug face, I found myself liking Lulu again in recent months for the first time in YEARS.

And then Lulu found out Dominante's two secrets and I was reminded why the words I most often associate with the character are "vile", "shrieking", "shrew", "smug", "bratty", and "pout": because HOLY HELL, this girl is a judgmental asshole with a superiority complex and no moral compass.

Lulu: Now you've gone from a warning to overkill, because even if I did believe that Sonny would kill you, there is no way under any circumstances that he would ever hurt Olivia.

Yes, because there are no cases on record of Sonny ever lashing out and physically or emotionally hurting a woman who he felt betrayed him, except for that one case known as "Every relationship Sonny has ever had".

Lulu: Sonny trusts Dominic Pirelli. He depends on you. You guard his children. In Sonny's book, that is a huge compliment. But officer Dante Falconeri is betraying him. You are lying to his face. You are gathering evidence from his house that could put him in prison. If I know all of this and I don't warn him, then I'm betraying him as much as you are.

Is she for real?

Lulu: But the system can work both ways. And I was brought up not to trust it. And Sonny has done a lot of good for Port Charles. He bought a whole wing of the hospital for AIDS patients to be treated with or without insurance. He's donated millions of dollars to the head trauma unit that Carly started. He's done a lot of good for a lot of people over the years.

To recap: criticism of Sonny is not allowed, under any circumstances, because he helped take care of Stone and supports AIDS patients. And because he donated money to the head trauma unit started in honor OF HIS OWN SON? I'm not even going to mention the fact that his son had head trauma because he was shot in the head during a botched hit on Sonny's life, but, really, we're awarding prizes for Sonny donating money to his child's foundation?

Lulu: Why did you bring me here? Are you trying to impress me with how brave you are? Because Sonny's office is right there. I could walk right in and tell him the truth, and then you wouldn't make it out of here.

Lulu: Really? 'Cause if you could lie to Sonny and Morgan and all the other people in the organization, people who put their lives on the line for you, who depend on you to keep them safe, why should I believe a word out of your mouth?

I certainly don't want this show to become MORE violent, so I won't say anything like, "Is there any reason why Lulu can't be used in a mobster's target practice?" I will just glare angrily at my TV and curse the writers, which is pretty much what I do after every episode of GH anyway, but at least this time I have a specific reason for the glaring.


Yup! It is definitely time for Lulu to join ALL the other legacy characters in the sky above Guza's PC. She had a few good months when she joined GH & the past few were shockingly good too. But clearly it's her time to die for Sonny. And with her recent behavior towards Dante, she can't swim with the fishes soon enough for me. Way to go Guza, now you've got a long time viewer hoping you'll kill off even more legacy characters. Bravo you ruinous fucktard :-(

It started off nice with Dante, but now she's slipped into the harpy that she was with Johnny. The writers need to reign her back in and make her softer and gentler, maybe a more grown up Lulu, who hasn't forgotten what her dad is.

can i say how much i am loving your increased rate of GH posts! now if you could only find someone to cover B&B.

i too rolled my eyes at Lulu saying how much good Sonny did for PC ... and relevant to note--it's all connected to MONEY! Rich ppl throw money at stuff to make themselves feel better about it. Duh!

Please bring back the screencaps ;)

After today's show I have to ask the same question that Lulu did when she was in the freezing water with Dante: Why does he bother? Of course, now he has to keep an eye on her because she could get him killed. I'm wondering if this might (I hope, I hope, I hope) lead up to her seeing Sonny do something so horrific that she understands where Dante is coming from. Yes, I know....incredibly naive

Great....once again Guza has found the ONE thing I was looking forward to....ie Lulu dating a cop and Luke having to loose his mind that not only was his son a cop but Lulu was DATING one and just the SUFFEREING Luke would have had to do and the WORDS he would have had to eat over the whole situation...AND HE RUINED IT! Peed all over it like a bad puppy...except not a cute puppy but a really ugly one.

Of course I don't know why I was really excpeting that at all. This is the Lulu who backed Jason over her own brother in the whole YEAR OF SECRET PAIN OVER THE BABY NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT BUT EVERYONE DOES.

I KNOW. You would have think she would have liked him MORE because he wasn't all mobbed up, but instead she's announcing my boyfriend Dante's secret all over town? It's a good thing this isn't Days, those people love to eavesdrop. Then we (and by we, I mean me and my boyfriend Dante?) would really be in trouble!

Eh, she plays a legacy character, not to mention the daughter of Luke and Laura Spencer. Given Guza's penchant for offing legacy characters, her days are sure to be numbered. Remember, nothing says Merry freakin' Christmas like killing off a young girl who comes from one of Port Charles' cornerstone families.


RIP, Georgie, RIP.

I had no idea Morgan had officially joined the organization.

Bad news for Lulu: ridding the world of violent criminals is protecting people. And Sonny's children would be much better off if he were locked up for good.

But yeah, he did give money to a hospital wing established because of his own son, who got shot because of him. So he's a saint. In fact, Lulu should probably turn in her own brother to Sonny, since Lucky is also trying to take down the mob.


UGH! This show why?

Sidebar: Maybe, Lulu like most of us is clueless as to where that money (for building rainbows made of chocolate dreams) comes from....
Maybe we've all got this figured out wrong....
Maybe Sonny actually smuggles in Teddy Bears from Chile that are stuffed with coffee beans that make caffeine addicts out of five-year olds....
Maybe that is what those elusive shipments contain and when the HMS Titanic-GH does sink we'll discover that Sonny was right and the cops were "dead" wrong...

Yeah, Rain SR, what is Sonny smuggling? It's not drugs, right? Cause Sonny would never do that, righteous man that he is. So what else do you smuggle that makes you rich? Not coffee cause that's his legitimate business. Knock-off purses? Too sissy for the big man. Copyrighted videos? Maybe porn? I would love to know.

Can't Dante just have her locked up until everything is over since she's interfering (or threatening to) in a pretty crucial investigation?

Can anyone do me that favor? Every single time she calls him "officer" in public and starts smirking, I just want to smack her.

alice and RainSR....since Sonny is too good of a man to import drugs...or weapons....or deal in prostitution or gambling...like the other BAD mobsters.....I have decided he's importing Crocs, the revival of 80s fashion trends, the one designer on Project Runway that stays way behond thier talent level every season and and those nasty open toed boots. Something has to explain those vile pressences in the world.

Yes! Mallory, I agree with everything you said! I had actually let myself forget all the reasons I hated Lulu because I thought her and Dante were so cute together. But ever since she got out of the hospital (after Dante saved her worthless ass), she's been a smug bitch. I can't stand it. Dante has become my main reason for watching the show and I really wanted Lante, but now, maybe he should just be single.

I just stopped by SD after posting this on another blog. I thought it was very topic appropriate so I'm posting it here too.

I was really enjoying the Dante/Lulu storyline despite the fact that I can't stomach Lulu on a good day, but now she knows the "truth" about Dominic and is acting like Lulu again. It's not a compliment. What the freak is wrong with this girl? Why is she acting so freaking smug with this information? Dante's a cop. He's doing his job. He's not suppose to ignore Sonny's crimes because he has friends, family and donated money to good causes. Lulu's always been a mob princess but her attitude is really disturbing to me especially because she obviously likes and respects Dante (unlike her Lucky). The attitude of this show is ass-crack backwards. Run Dante Run.

There were shouts of "STFU, LuLu!" all over America yesterday, huh? Yappy the Smug is back and as obnoxious as ever.

Is it just me, or is there a twelve minute close-up of Luke at the end of the opening credits- right before the Dead Men of Port Charles scene?

Yep. We all knew it was too good to be true. We all thought we saw some small changes on GH like Lulu NOT being annoying and like Dante being a "good guy". Well Lulu is back to being ShrewLu and I just KNOW Dante is going to be sucked in by the mob. It makes me so sad. Oh well. I was hopeful for a while.

Ugh Lulu. I can't tell if it's the character that I despise or JMB. She's either mumbling or shrieking. I have to fast forward her scenes.

I still don't understand the writers. Why have Lulu and Dante flirty and have fun with each other only to do this to her. She almost ruined Johnny because her attitude. Dante just stayed in freezing water for her and now she dangling his life right in front of his eyes. This is one storyline I just don't understand. You don't ruin a great start to a relationship like this. This is weird.

I surfed on over, hoping you ladies would touch on this very subject, and I wasn't disappointed. I haven't uttered the words "what" and "huh" so much since I tried to watch one of those telenovelas. I don't speak Spanish, and I understood those characters better than I did Lulu's lame-ass Sonny defense.

Did I miss an episode where Lulu slept with Sonny? Because even though everyone in town thinks Sonny is the second coming of Christ at one point or another, it usually takes a visit to Sonny's mystical magical man meat for a woman to get THAT vigorous about defending him.

I was an avid Lulu hater during the Johnny era, and her "Carly-like" transformation was hideous to the extreme. Dual banshees. Great. BradfordAnderson.net is full of my blogs about my Lulu hatred during that time period.

Then when the Johnny/Lulu thing finally ended in the typical He-Man Woman Hater's Club way Guza so enjoys, Lulu softened a LOT, and I really started to like her again. Her scenes with Dominante were so awesome and fun. I had such high hopes!


All I could think yesterday is that Dante is friggin' saint for putting up with her shit. He takes her to a nice, romantic Italian restaurant and she grills him like a steak. I would have thrown her plate of eggplant pasta in her face, told her to go pound sand and let the chips fall where they may. She isn't going to do anything anyway.

Geez. Thanks for ruining what COULD have been a decent, NORMAL relationship, Guza. You fuck-shit.

P.S. - Another big fine and howdy fuck-you-very-much to Guza for not letting Liz have the balls to tell Lucky the truth about her feelings yesterday - even going so far as to give him some sympathy sex. You guys who were so mad about Greg Vaughan being canned? Looks like JJ is going to get the same "I'm a dumb ass who can't figure things out" storylines, so you can feel vindicated.

Shit! I guess my Dante/LuLu shipper days have come to an end. I should've known ShrewLu would return.

Alice and Beth R. -- Crocs and Porn?

Hmmm.....its all making so much more sense to me now...

So GH is ACTUALLY an excessively long morality tale (about unfashionable voyeurism, no less) and we're just not "trained" enough to recognize Guza's brilliance yet, eh?


JMB does not have chemistry with any of her leading men. The writing sucks, but she is just ice cold, that jaw clenches and takes over everything in the scene. She has tanked pairing after pairing after pairing.

Lulu is a waste of time, like basically everyone in the Spencer family who is still around.

I agree completely, but I still have hopes for Dante and Lulu as a couple. I'm hoping this need to prop Sonny will come to an abrupt end when Sonny inevitably finds out the truth and tries to kill Dante--because that is what people who kill people for a living do, and Lulu not knowing that is stupid and out of character.

I have always despised LooLoo, I mean the girl came between my Georgie and Dillon, and cannot stand the need for every red-blooded 20-25 yr old male on this show to always get a chem test with her. Odd thing is that the only person she has ever shown even the remote bit of chem with was Ethan. But just when a miniscule portion of me was finding her entertaining BOOM the Shrew appears again reminding me why this girl should be shoved off the nearest turret

Alice & Beth--could be those frightening Zhu Zhu hamster robots. I mean, this is the show that has treated us to Airborne Toxic Balls Syndrome, and Monkey Virus after all...

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