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November 17, 2009

You Know How I Love a Good Soapy Fight

I don't smoke, but after yesterday's Days, I think I need a cigarette.  And a martini, to drink while wearing a heavily sequined outfit with shoulder pads and possibly a headpiece of some kind.  And if anyone were to irritate me, I would happily toss them into a fountain.  Basically, the episode infused me with the spirit of Joan Collins circa-1986.  (Which is a very good thing, in case you are INSANE.)  What I mean to say is -- and I realize it is frequently difficult to decipher -- this was some soapy goodness!  Vintage, 80s-style stuff.

Note:  The over-dramatic, sound-effects-enhanced slaps start at 5:42.  There are two, they are glorious, and you are welcome.

I will post more soon, but my reactions to this confrontation are, in no particular order:


2)  Does this mean we may finally have a Nicole-free episode?  I am a bit worn out.

3)  Putting a mid-30s woman (particularly one with glorious hair) in a silver, bow-tied headband is not okay under any circumstances that don't involve a Halloween costume.  And even then I would need to be convinced of the necessity.

4)  I have really grown to adore Allison Sweeney, in a non-creepy, realize-I-don't-actually-know-her, non-"If I met her I would just hyperventilate and call her by her character's name" kind of way. 

5)  Arianne Zucker kicks ass at playing cluelessly crazy.  (And at carrying impossibly large, tacky, metallic handbags, but that's not from yesterday so it's off-topic.)

6)  The next time I steal a baby, my defense is TOTALLY going to be the amazing one-two punch of 1) "But you had so many already I didn't think you'd miss this one!" and 2) "Plus you've gotten pregnant by accident so many times I just figured you could do it again on purpose if you wanted a replacement!"  I mean, that's just beautiful.


Love Sami and her bitchy side come back !!


....no words....only emoticons...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Sure !

Sami has 4 kids, and there's a good 16+ year period between Will and the twins.

Ticks me off when people accuse Sami of being a constant breeder.

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