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December 18, 2009

A Recast and an Anvil

I am late in commenting on this, but holy cannoli! Mr. Matthews (AKA "William Russ) is out as Tucker McCall. Replacing him: Stephen Nichols. !!! That is insanely exciting.

My friend Erin and I have a list of celebrities who can do no wrong and all celebrities must go through a complex vetting process in order to earn a spot on the list. Were there such a list for soap actors, Stephen Nichols would most certainly be on it; I think he earned the spot based solely on Steve Johnson, but when you figure in that he was also Stefan Cassadine, well...I think that's pretty much the definition of "can do no wrong".

I am SO seriously looking forward to seeing him interact with the Y&R cast.

But at the same time, I'm sad for William Russ. Especially since I no longer have the chance to work bizzarre references to Boy Meets World into all of my Y&R posts. I mean, I guess I still can, but they'd be bizarre and out of context without him in the cast.

And about that anvil...

Lauren: We've had some pretty close calls. You know, our honeymoon, the warehouse.

Michael: We are still standing.

Lauren: The only other time I felt this uncomfortable--

Michael: Don't. Don't say her name.

Lauren: I'm not gonna pretend that Sheila never existed. She ruined my life and my relationship with Scotty for many years.

Michael: Sheila is dead. There's no reason for you to go there.

Sheila is not dead, on her way back to town and also Ryder's mother, isn't she? If that is the case, I offer a heavy sigh and eyeroll in advance!


People of Genoa City better watch out...anvils like that falling out the sky could get some one killed.

Boy Meets World references are always okay.

And Sheila... granted this is coming from a place of ignorance re: current storylines, but Sheila is always fun, isn't she? And nobody ever thought she was really gone, did they? Really? And anything that gives Lauren screen time can't be all bad, can it? And if there's even the slightest chance it might be Kimberlin Brown this time, even if they need to come up w/ some convoluted way to explain-away the Phyllis lookalike Sheila, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? And additionally, isn't it always a good thing to erase Lynn Marie Latham's wrongdoings?

I think the fact that a lot of people are ok with Shelia coming back proves just how bad these storylines have gotten. Sadly, she's the Stefano DiMera of Y&R. HATE the thought of her coming back.

Tim, those are all incredibly valid points! Perhaps my pessimism is a bad move...

ICAM! Stephen Nichols can do NO wrong.

While I applaud him for landing on a show that will no doubt use his talents, i cannot be but a tiny bit saddened that this makes his possible GH return even more remote.

And yes, BMWorld references are always okay.

Really not invested in Tucker McCall enought to give a s*** about that recast.....but what about the Malcolm Winters recast???
So much for the smoking hot, swoon-inducing Malcolm of Y&R past!

Sue, I am practically dry heaving at the thought of Malcolm going from Shemar Moore to Eddie Winslow. Who on EARTH thought that was a good idea? I have no interest in seeing Malcolm at all unless it's Shemar Moore.

Stephen is such a consumate actor who always excites; how can you not be blown away that he will be taking over the role? I know I can hardly wait.

This is so exciting! SN is a phenomenal actor and I can't wait to see him in the role of Tucker. Y&R just gained itself another viewer.

You and your friend Erin obviously have great taste : ) I have those same thoughts and feelings about Stephen Nichols. And can I just add that the man looks so amazing for his age. He still can make me swoon like back in the original run Steve Johnson days.

Hey, are they planning an Ashley/Neil hookup? Those two seem to spend a lot of time running into each other and giving not-so-subtle hints that their both getting away from Victor now may turn into some celebratory bed-bouncing!
Or is it just me? lol

The whole anniversary episode was awful. Very disappointing after all the hype.

I am so sick of Carly taking Sonny's side about the boys. He signed over his rights to the boys so should have no say in where they go or live. Can't wait for Jax to divorce he skanky ass.

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