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December 20, 2009

Close Talking and an Acting Master Class

I admit I found some of the developments on One Life to Live last week overly contrived or frustrating (to name just one, they're just dropping the whole gay marriage thing lickety-split by have the no-nonsense, strident Amelia ditch the whole plan to get back together with her ex-girlfriend, local psychic Delphina?!), but for me, Friday's episode made up for it in spades.  No, I didn't enjoy Todd's bored discussion with Starr (was this supposed to be a bonding moment so that later it'll hit harder when she learns he has another daughter?), and I find Mitch rather dull and utterly un-menacing from a hospital bed (discharge papers, please!), but how soulless would I have to be to complain about an episode in which Dorian was wearing this hat:


I wouldn't mess with someone in that hat.  That is a power hat, people.  That is the kind of hat you wear when you just got dumped by your fake fiance and then got a special delivery threatening your family.  Dorian means business.  (Side note: this was really Robin Strasser's year.  She was front and center from beginning to end, and reminded us why she is an institution in this genre -- I'll get weepy if she's shown no Emmy love, but unfortunately Daytime Emmys seem to only love women who play mental breakdowns.)

Then there was Blair and Tea's bizarre "conversation" in which Tea told Blair that Ross getting killed was Blair's fault.  Eh?  I was waiting for a "Hey, thanks for that little GPS trick that made it possible for the cops to find my daughter," or "Oops, sorry you got held hostage at gunpoint because of the choices I've made regarding my daughter's parentage," but at the end of the day that would be out of character for Tea.  And as much as I don't need to see Blair and Tea becoming besties, I did love that no matter what, Blair (despite being a schemer) has a huge, huge heart.  I do like it when Carlivati remembers that, since he seems hell-bent on using her as a punching bag most of the time.  We'll see, though.  I'm crossing my fingers for a non-Todd story for her.  And speaking of Blair being the bigger person?  And how!


I knew Kassie de Paiva was tall, but damn!

So while Tea was going off on the wrong person, her daughter was across town doing the same thing to Destiny.  Dani/Danielle/Daniela had the good sense to retract it afterward, though, so she doesn't completely mirror her maternal and paternal genetics.  And I know soap operas are famous for people yelling at each other from, like, three inches away, but the girls brought this one to new heights on Friday:


Yikes!  (Oh and, by the way, I literally applauded later in the episode when she swore vengeance on Todd.  If I had any hope that it would last, I'd give a standing ovation.)

The real centerpiece of the episode, however, was the fallout with Nora and Clint.  I'm sounding awfully fangirly right now, but trust me that if I had mustered up the energy to write about the show earlier in the week I'd be much more critical, but it's just so easy for me to forgive when they can still deliver like this.  Clint and Kim faking an affair to get back at Nora is about as soapy as it gets, but I did get nervous that it would kind of let Nora off the hook.  I'm all warm and gooey about Bo and Nora, but they also deserve whatever they get for this.  I appreciate that they showed restraint by not actually hopping into bed (hey General Hospital!  Take some notes on how to write a sympathetic love triangle involving two brothers!), but they've still betrayed Clint and both of them should've been honest about this from the beginning.  But Clint awesomely told Nora that the whole thing was a fake so that she'd know how it felt (of course it stings a little less when the affair isn't, say, with your own sibling), and Nora isn't off the hook at all.  Plus:


I am loving Amanda Setton.  Kim is hilarious, a nice throwback to the classic soap opera gold-diggers (just think about how many of our most beloved characters were introduced that way).  And then Jerry Ver Dorn ripped my heart out.  Until now, Clint's presence in this storyline had been sort of an afterthought (they mentioned him a lot, but didn't give him much to actually do), but this was handled beautifully.  I loved the shift from Nora reaming him for carrying on with a "two-bit whore" to that pitch-perfect turn of tone:

Nora: What the hell is that?!
Clint: (Pause.) I never had any doubts.  And I did not ...have sex with her.  We just made it look that way.  So you could feel as stupid as I do.

Good stuff, and expertly executed.  But of course just in case it started to feel a little too painful and real, we got reminded that it's just a soap:


A Buke with a gun is never a good thing!

Anyone else love these scenes as much as I did?  Maybe I'm just feeling generous with holiday spirit.  Then again, I'm feeling no such warmth toward my other shows.

I am, however, thankful this holiday season for the fact that same-day episodes of OLTL are now available online for our viewing pleasure at abc.com.  It's about time!

Destiny out!


That picture of KDP and FL looks hilarious.

I need to go in order because I totally agreed with your summation of the week, except for maybe one or two things. Let's see.

Todd and Starr's little convo bored me too, despite me enjoying how well the two acted within the scene. Starr even looked really pretty on that day (hair people were on target).

Amelia and Del???!!! Ugh.... Everyone looked uncomfortable in that scene.

Yes, I'm hoping to see Mitch discharged soon and wreaking some great havoc and horror. I'm new to this show, but he is one great, creepy villain. You just never see good villains like this nowadays.

I didn't really like Dorian's hat, but I agree that she has been superb. (I fangirly squeal with you on Robin Strasser.)

Your take on the Tea/Blair scene was spot on. But then, it was so in character that I really didn't mind. Nobody is truly taking responsibility as they should, but then what's new with Tea and Blair? I would love to also see Blair out of Todd's orbit and in a good s/l. I love Eli, but he's probably just a Mitch minion.

I love the actress who plays Dani. Where did they find this little wonder of talent? She even looks like Todd and Tea. She's amazing. I'm glad she apologized for the outburst and then I'm looking forward to her plot of vengeance against Todd. I'm with you on this.

Clint and Nora? This is what superbly good actors do. I was rapt in attention with their scenes. My goodness I loved how it was written, delivered, and everything else. Fantastic!

And Amanda Setton is a comic gem. I'm hoping to see her around for a long time. She is upstaging the Rex/Geedge/Slutty/Schuy folks and I would watch her instead of them in a heartbeat. I am thrilled and looking forward to how her story plays out.

I am wondering your thoughts on Jolie Part II and Charlie's drinking, Brody's suspicions and following John to doing something illegal. I'm wondering your thoughts on Layla and Cristian (but I really find them boring, so it's not that I care - in fact, forget about covering them). I'm also feeling no love and rather bored with the Evans family (poor Rachel being stuck in this mess), and Nick's conniving his way in between Kish. Or, the weird way Rex threw Gigi out on Christmas from her own place and from the son she's raised for the last ten years. That was just... weird and a really dumb plot point. I'm curious if you will be covering the bad of OLTL also?

I can understand why you would not want to. ^^ This is the holidays and why bring us down? LOL

Maybe you are just feeling the holiday spirit, but maybe I am too. I couldn't wait to watch this week's episodes on my DVR in anticipation. This show always has something that tempts me, despite the cruddy parts now and then. It's those fine actors you pointed out that makes it worth it.

Thanks for the post Louise and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and Mallory and Becca! ^^

Louise did you also know that KDP is almost 49 years old. She looks freaking spectacular for her age.

I'm in soap heaven with the Clint/Nora/Bo stuff. It's just so freaking good. I especially loved the scenes today with Bo and Clint. Then, "It wasn't loaded, pa" to Asa's picture. Awesome. I hope Clint sleeps with Kim, because I love her and it's what Asa would do.

Dani rocks. It's hard to believe that someone so awesome was spawned by Todd and Tea. They should order another DNA test. Maybe she's Ross's kid afterall.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who hated the Del/Amelia scenes. I was cringing and covering my face with my hand the entire time.

I'm very happy that ABC.com is finally making full episodes of OLTL available. I've e-mailed them a few times to complain about it, so it's good to see them finally come through.

When Destiny took off running like that, I was so pissed. It almost ruined the episode for me until I saw Clint with that gun. I just love Kim and I really hope she can worm her way into the family. I also love Clint.

Robin Strasser is always fabulous but I agree there will be no Emmy love for her this year....mainly because if I am remembering correctly she did an interview last year or the year before where she revealed she so hates the way the Emmy process is decided that she has personally taken herself out of consideration by telling the show and the Academy she refuses to be nominated or pre-nommed. For that...she has my love for life.

>>>Or, the weird way Rex threw Gigi out on Christmas from her own place and from the son she's raised for the last ten years. That was just... weird and a really dumb plot point.
I thought that was very strange too. Because she and Rex had become so boring/weird/gross since Stacy I was interested in whether she and Schuyler would have any chemisty but I am just not feeling it. I just don't know what would work for these three. Maybe Rex should solve a case to distract us from his personal life and appear smart. Maybe Gigi needs her own story. I used to like her more...
I have to say that I am surprised at how much I am enjoying Kim. Great stuff and I find myself hoping she will land Clint. Does that mean they are doing it wrong??? Am I supposed to like her?
I am surprised every week when John and Natalie are the favorite couple in SOD. Does everyone still want them together? I felt the chemistry way back when but not so much now.
They need a new AWESOME man for Blair ASAP. No more Todd for her. A man who chases HER. And is AWESOME. As in hot, nice, and smart.
All in all: great show!

I didn't see it as Rex throwing Gigi out. I saw it as Rex being dumb enough to think that if he gave her some time to think about her feelings for him vs. her feelings for Sky, he would somehow come out a winner. I love Skigi, but I know TPTB/Frons are obsessed with Gex, so that's what we'll get eventually. I'll just enjoy my Skigi while I can.

OLTL is hot! Bo/Nora/Clint/Kim,,,awesome

This is totally my must-watch show! You hit on all the important points except the John/Natalie thing. I'm wondering if the show is saying that John still is in love with Nat, or just cares enough to take care of her when she needs it, or is just a supreme sucker for any damsel in distress. Are they just taking advantage of all the freaky Jolie fans and leading them on? I don't know but I'm loving them right now almost as much as the first time around! (Maybe this is aided my my lack of attraction to or interest in Jared after he stopped trying to get revenge on J(T)ess.)

Throw in the awesome acting by Bo and Nora and I am watching this show everyday only ffing the older teen set/Cristian/and older Evans. Which is not bad compared to other shows! (Cough, GH, cough, Y&R, cough)

Beth R., thanks for the info -- I had no idea Strasser had taken herself out of the Emmy running. She's such a badass! I wish they'd just give her one anyway. She's so little and wonderful.

A few of you are asking for my thoughts on the John/Natalie reunion (I mean, it hasn't happened, but we're not blind, right?), and I can't really say anything other than INAPPROPRIATE TIMING!!!

I think OLTL is going with John/Natalie/Kelly triangle if Dan Gauthier does not hang around as Kevin...just a guess.

I guess I'm in the minority re: Dorian. I absolutely can not stand her and have been FFing her scenes. I also can't stand Mitch. I like a good villan, but he's just too over-the-top for me. I'm actually thinking I'll quit watching the show for a while. I only watch a few scenes these days so it's really not worth my time.

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