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December 22, 2009

Everything Changes On A Dime

Um, the show does realize that when something airs, that means that we saw it happen, right? And that, unless we have memory problems, we remember it, especially if it happened only three days earlier.

On Friday, Aidan was angry:

One question, Zach: What makes you think Kendall wants to be rescued? You know, she told me about you, about how when things get really tough, you just shut down. You know what? Kendall deserves better. She deserves to be trusted and loved unconditionally. The two things that you can't possibly give her. Just like when you turned up to that boarding house, and you looked through that window. You know what you saw? Two people making love. That wasn't Kendall. That was someone that looked like Kendall, and what did you do? You just -- you didn't even give her the benefit of the doubt, did you? You walked away. You walked away, and you gave up on your wife, the mother of your children, and you did exactly what I thought you would do.

On Monday, Aidan was a wounded bird:

Hey, listen. Just let me say something. I just want to say something, ok? Kendall, I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry. I'm sure that doesn't mean a damn thing to you right now, but...this is not the way I intended it to go down. Ok, you're right--about a lot of things. I--I've lost it, and...I haven't been the same since Greenlee died. You ran her right off the road. And I can't forgive you for that. And I wanted to make you see my hurt--how much I'm hurt. I'm sorry for this, ok? I'm sorry. Whatever happens to me is fine. Because I'm just fed up with Pine Valley, anyway. There's too much flipping drama.

So he wanted a better life for Kendall, a life that she deserved, but he really wanted to punish her for killing Greenlee. And he also wanted her to be loved unconditionally. While he held onto his grief and steadfastly refused to forgive her. Got it.

And it turned out to all be about Greenlee? That will totally delight her when she returns from the dead this week!

But, then again, this is the same show that had Amanda call David in a panic because she can't get Trevor to stop crying while Trevor is clearly having the time of his life, chilling out in his jammies. It was amazing in its ridiculosity. I'd ask why they couldn't just play the sound of a baby crying, but I already know the answer (continued failure at everything they do).

More blandness from Marissa, an exceptionally bad performance by DA Willis and the long-awaited Zach and Kendall reunion for real rounded out the episode. The reunion will be getting its own post later, if only to highlight the hilarious bathrobe they put Alicia Minshew in to hide her baby bump. She looked like she was getting ready to play The Bumble in a live-action adaptation of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.


With a stellar commitment to continuity and such well thought out plots and reasoning.....it's a total wonder why Charles Pratt was fired.

You know I can't even be bothered to hate this show anymore, not when I'm now addicted to the Vampire Diaries (Awesomeness). Seriously the way characters turn on a dime is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the fact that they ever gave Chuck Pratt this job. And now I heard D.A. Willis is going to end up dead. Seriously who cares? He wasn't even on contract.

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