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December 08, 2009

Generic City

Three things madeThe Young and the Restless today must-see-tv:

1. Amelia Heinle making this face for almost an entire minute


I thought I had accidentally hit pause, but then I noticed that JT was moving in the background. I have no idea what sort of emotion it was supposed to convey, but it was pretty amazing.

2. Estimating the weight of Michelle Stafford's fake eyelashes


There was a point in the episode where I didn't know if she'd be able to remain upright!

3. This actually has nothing to do with today's show, and his role in the Chancellor story will, like the rest of the story, be the antithesis of must-see-tv (for realsies, is there anything on the planet duller than that repetitive story? It's three lines of dialogue that I don't care about over and over and over again), but Mr. Matthews (AKA William Russ, but I think I'll continue to refer to him as Mr. Matthews indefinitely) joining the cast as Tucker has led to me having Boy Meets World on the brain, and at the mall yesterday, I was convinced that I saw William Daniels. Needless to say, it was not him, but a kindly older man who didn't seem outwardly perturbed at the fact that I was staring at him and thinking "FEENY!"

The fact that an unintentionally funny facial expression, excessive cosmetics and my borderline psychosis when it comes to 90s sitcoms were the highlight of the show should tell you something. And that something is, "Oh my holy hell, everything about this show is dull".

I don't know how, but Y&R even managed to make a story about a crazy person bedding the ex-wife/love of life of his hated brother whose baby he stole and faked its death in order to replace the baby of his stepmother after he caused her to miscarry while gaslighting her boring!

When Adam was taunting Nick about his night with Sharon and Nick hauled off and punched him



all I could think to myself was, "I love Dannon's apple cinnamon fruit on the bottom yogurt". And I'm usually all over soapy fights! But it was just...eh.

The Sharon/Adam relationship creeps me out, hardcore, and the Sharon/Nick relationship has irked me for quite some time (I love how he promised to leave her alone if she'd see Adam for what Nick thinks he is. Way to treat her as a grown woman who can make her own decisions, Nick! I mean, of course, he is totally right about Adam and Sharon is an IDIOT who does need someone to make her decisions for her, but still), but I feel more bored than anything at how this story is playing out. Is it just me?

I did get a chuckle out of the most awkward mother/sonmoment of all time, though.


Sharon: Well, um, you know that Adam and I have been spending a lot of time together, right?

Noah: Yeah, sure. You're friends.

Sharon: Right, but now it's just-- it's become more than friends.

If I were Noah, I would have smothered myself with one of those hideous pillows rather than listen to my mother cheerfully talk about being more than friends with someone, let alone Adam.

Also in Genoa City:

  • Blah blah Daniel, blah blah jail.
  • The show is continuing to attempt to make Victoria interesting, this time by having her grand jury testimony about sexing up Deacon leaked to Billy and published in Restless Style. Their attempt has, thus far, failed.
  • Greg Rikaart has a very tiny head
  • Mac, The Superhero Surrogate. I just...I can't even. I hate this inexplicable, irrational hatred for Mac in this incarnation, and I hadn't disliked her before. I don't hate Clementine Ford exactly, but she's completely miscast and something about her version of the character makes me want to scream. I am so not looking forward to this story unfolding, because I don't want to be treated to details about every aspect of her pregnancy and Lily and Cane talking about her pregnancy and everyone talking about her being so awesome. I can't do it.

It's not that the show is bad (especially not in comparison to All My Children and General Hospital), but it is SO DULL RIGHT NOW. And it has no right to be! They have awesome characters, a stellar cast and great writers, so what the hell is going on?


"They have awesome characters, a stellar cast and great writers, so what the hell is going on?"

The writers are awful. Sheffer gutted ATWT and nearly got DAYS canceled. Hamner has spent years doing lame "mystery" stories involving people no one cares about. MAB is a bore and she seems to just meander from generic cliche to generic cliche, all while patting herself on the back.

Whoever let Sheffer near this show should have their head examined. Every single one of his trademarks - awful pacing, women who exist only as babymakers and blow-up dolls, scummy, sociopathic leading men who think with their dicks, psychos who do stupid stunts involving animal killing and man-raping - have been on display.

So many stories that are SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK and then go nowhere. Has there ever been a more boring baby switch story? Have you ever seen a show that kills off father and daughter in the same way in less than a year and then it's totally forgotten?

The direction on this show, if there is any, appears to involve slipping sedatives in cast members coffee. Sharon Case has never looked more bored. Josh Morrow gave up years ago. It's down to a few vets to sell stuff, and they are the ones who are least valued and respected by PTB.

"I did get a chuckle out of the most awkward mother/daughter moment of all time, though. "

I didn't realise Noah Sharon's daughter too, but I guess that explains some things.

Ha! Good catch, rameau. See, I was so bored that I couldn't even proofread an entry about this show properly.

I only recently returned to this show, primarily because Mr. Mumbles, aka Eric Braeden, was being shown the door. Not sure if I'll be sticking around when he returns. But I digress. While I get why many are skeeved by the Adam/Sharon relationship, I have to admit that I'm amused by it. Perhaps it's because I don't have the history that long-time viewers have with the characters, but I find myself amused by Adam's manipulative antics. I think it's being done well, and it's something I don't see enough in soaps anymore. At least not done well. About half of the rest of the cast and storylines don't interest me in the least (thank goodness for TiVo!).

One other probably unpopular opinion -- how did Michelle Stafford ever win an Emmy? If what I'm seeing on my screen is a reflection of her performances over the years on this show, I have to conclude that she has incriminating photos of the Emmy judges. And lastly, that poor unfortunate 'actress' playing Mac needs to go and soon.

"Ha! Good catch, rameau. See, I was so bored that I couldn't even proofread an entry about this show properly."

Or it could be because this show dress some men as if they were women. I'm amazed Amber has not called herself a lesbian by mistake.

"Ha! Good catch, rameau. See, I was so bored that I couldn't even proofread an entry about this show properly."

Or it could be because they dress some of the men like women. It's amazing Amber hasn't accidently called herself a lesbian.

Now that Mr. Matthews is on the show, they'll get Ryder Strong to play Scotty Granger.

Mac's having Cane and Lily's baby: boring!
Victoria's back: boring!
Nobody trusts Ryder: boring!
Trying to find Kay's daughter: boring!
Billy's drunk again: boring!
Neil's talking: boring!
I have to add, when Heather Tom played Victoria, the character was feisty, funny, well-dressed, and definitely someone not to mess with!! Right?? So now the actress who plays her is portraying her as really whiny and they dress her in horrible-looking clothing and don't even get me started on her rats nest hair!!

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