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« This Truly Was the Episode I Never Saw Coming | Main | General Hospital: 2009 In Review »

December 23, 2009

Happy Holidaze

At the risk of sounding like a shill for ABC, with the way I've been complimenting them left and right this week (hopefully the fact that I am still persnickety about some aspects of the show means that I've retained some semblance of street cred), the holiday episodes of both All My Children and General Hospital made me smile, almost from start to finish* no doubt because they featured two soap hallmarks: family get-togethers and cute children.



So super cute!

*Notable exceptions:

  • Eric and Ryan ki...I can't finish that word, because I don't want to remember what I lived through. What we all lived through!
  • Ryan once again using Greenlee's video to him to justify getting with someone instead of grieving for her (while, hilariously, Greens is actually alive and being tended to by creepy nurse Gayle).
  • Ryan pawning his child off on a baby sitter so that he could be with Erica on Christmas Eve! Worst father ever!
  • Do you think it's a coincidence that all of my exceptions have to do with Ryan?!


Shut it, Ryan.

Zach and Kendall's reunion, and her reunions with her mother and her boys, and their weird, dual, Father Clarence mandate dream, will get a post of their own, but I have to say that I loved all of it, and not just because we got to laugh at new and exciting ways of hiding Alicia Minshew's baby bump (although that game is always a fun one to play). She and Erica were so sweet together that I almost forgot that, moments before, Erica was making out with Kendall's ex-boyfriend and the father of her son. In a camisole, in Pennsylvania, in december.


And Spike and Ian in their jammies? 2Cute2B4Gotten.


Greenlee being alive also adds to my good cheer. Not that I ever thought she was dead, or anything, and not that I have any faith that even the new writing staff will write well for her, but still. Rebecca Budig is the cutest, and with Alicia Minshew out and Amanda being the dumbest person in all of soapdom (although I have to admit, I was impressed with her for realizing that something was up with David going to Gloucester. So she's mostly, not totally, braindead), I need an adorable character to root for! And if we have to sit through Ryan and Erica being disgusting, the least the show can do is give us an insane Greenlee reaction to the two of them being disgusting.

General Hospital was all about the cute kids.

Emma, sassily stealing a toy out of her stocking!


Look at that smile! Tyra Banks wishes she could teach her wannabe models to smile with their eyes that naturally.

Josslyn, who is so cute and adorably round that I almost clapped my hands in delight at the sight of her.




While this is a step in the right direction in terms of Nikolas's parenting skills, I feel a little bad for Alfred, whose sole companion is now out for the night, leaving him alone.

Jake and Cam!


Alexis's daughters!



I loved that Sam (looking dressed down and beautiful) celebrated Christmas with her family and not Jason. Not that I relish the thought of the Holy Hitman being by himself, but he probably isn'ttechnically alone. You know Franco's in close proximity, watching him, photographing him and writing fanfic in which Jason DOES eat the chips and dip, thereby receiving the key to Franco's heart, or at least one half of a BFF necklace.


With that, I'm out for a few days, with posts starting up again probably at the end of the weekend ( I WILL actually have more to say about these episodes besides "Squeal, cute kids!" and "Argh, Ryan is the worst". I will probably repeat those thoughts a few times, though).

Reminder: Days of Our Lives is the only soaps with new episodes Thursday and Friday; The Young and the Restless is new tomorrow, but showing a "classic" episode Friday, while the ABC soaps are in repeats. And make sure to check back next week for a look back at 2009 in soapdom, and our picks for Best & Worst of 2009.

For all of you who celebrate Christmas, have a very merry one! For all of you who do not, enjoy your Thursday and Friday! You are, as ever, wonderful! And I am apparently seriously fond of exclamation points, which I will blame on a sugar high from holiday baking and lots of candy canes!


Omg, those kids are just shining beacons of joy in pretty much a huge crickey-f**k of storylines, aren't they?? Also, seriously...I think I might love Xmas just because little kids in Santa hats are so cute it should be illegal (Jake's looked like it was twice the size of his adorable head!).

So we are ending the ABC week on a high note, which is good but also scares me at how they are setting us up for a helluva drop next week back into blinding sensory depriving moments of rage and disgust.

PS- Slight note of contention: As The World Turns (even though you don't blog about it) is also running new episodes Thursday and Friday. It might be "cancelled" but don't forget about it just yet. :)

Come on now...clearly Nik only took Spencer because Alfred was busy fighting the crowds at the mall buying the last minute Christmas gifts and then running back to wrap them. Cause we all know that Nik didn't do a lick of that.

Happy Holidays one and all!

I LOVE Josslyn and Emma! <3

The GH episode was lovely, start to finish. Well, except for Luke offering to order up a hooker for him and Ethan to enjoy for Christmas. But otherwise, yep, really great Christmas episode!

Who knew Guza could actually go one year without shitting on Christmas!!!?

The Children of port Charles are LOVE and how nice was it to catch a glimpse of the little prince (i bet he'd rather spend the Holidays with Alfred rather then his putrid man-whore father and Aunt "legs wide open")

Any-who.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! and a big THANK YOU to MALL and BECCA for an awesome year of awesome posts = )

I've said it before, there needs to be an entire episode of just Emma. And now there needs to be an all Josslyn episode! How adorable is it to hear her little baby coos and gurgles? LOVE!

As for Spencer...it's nice to see that Nik remembered he had a kid at the holidays!

"You know Franco's in close proximity, watching him, photographing him and writing fanfic in which Jason DOES eat the chips and dip, thereby receiving the key to Franco's heart, or at least one half of a BFF necklace."

This is probably the greatest thing ever because now I'm imagining James Franco doing all these things and it's HILARIOUS.

Happy Holidays, thanks for always being awesome.

I totally agree. I was smiling from start to finish. This is something that rarely happens with this show so it was extra special!

Where's One Life to Live?

Hey Margie, I promise I'll bring up OLTL's holiday episode in the upcoming Year in Review!

Thanks Louise! Happy New Year to you! I love your posts!

I did enjoy the family Christmas scenes on GH but I have to say I did miss the old school Christmas scenes at the hospital.

I loved seeing Spike and Ian around the Christmas tree and playing with their toys. Those kids are adorable. I'm going to miss them along with Zach and Kendall.

Happy New Year!

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