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December 18, 2009

What Just Happened, and How Do I Feel About It?

Two facts:

  • I was once told that I am so blinded by Rebecca Herbst's hair that I am unable to see the character of Liz for what she really is, and that I give her a pass on everything she does. I don't know if this is true, exactly, because I spent the entirety of the Jason/Jake paternity lie story doing a "back-burner" dance in hopes that it would end the story and lessen Liz's airtime
  • I was informed by Simone and Mala's blogthat part of today's GH was rage-inducing, and I started to wonder if I should, like, "accidentally" delete the episode from my DVR, and make myself unavailable during the SOAPNet GH marathon, and block YouTube on my computer so that I'd never have to see it.

But I braved it and watched the full episode, and, dear readers, I am CONFLICTED.

However, there is one thing that I am not at all conflicted about, and it is the moment that Liz turned around and snapped at Rebecca "Why don't you shut the hell up, I'm not even talking to you!" and then she and Lucky made these faces.


The only reason to feel conflicted about that moment is being torn about whether to giggle with glee or cackle with delight.

Okay, so, back to my inner turmoil: Rebecca knows the truth about Liz and Nikolas and is planning to tell Lucky, and then Liz and Nikolas (who made a single douchey expression for the entire episode and I wanted to kick him in the face) interrupted and Rebecca made a smartass remark about Liz and Lucky's fairytale love, and shit got real, because Liz explained that their love started when she got raped.

Rebecca: Spare me, Lucky. I know all about the Four Musketeers. Emily's schoolgirl crush on Nikolas that turned into the love story for the ages. The magic of Elizabeth and Lucky.

Elizabeth: You know nothing. You want to know how all the magic got started? I was raped.

Did Elizabeth use her rape to shut Rebecca up, and did General Hospital use Elizabeth's rape in order to make her actions now more sympathetic? Or was it an appropriate response? This is why I need to have a point/counterpoint: "Uh, that was totally wrong" / "Liz was completely in the right (and also has shiny hair, which has nothing to do with her rightness in this situation".

Team Totally Wrong: Liz DESPERATELY wants to keep Rebecca's mouth shut about the fact that she's a brother fucker, as evidenced by the fact that she SPRINTED into Jake's to interrupt Lucky and Rebecca's conversation and spoke in a high-pitched, nervous "What, am I being weird? I'm not being weird! Ha! Ha ha! Is anyone else hot? Hey, look over there, a diversion!" manner, and told her a story almost guaranteed to get Rebecca's sympathy.

Team Completely Right: Really, the snide way that Rebecca mentioned "the magic of Elizabeth and Lucky" irked me to no end, and I don't really blame Liz for going the "Are you serious, you ignorant grifter bitch?" route, because really, as soon as she sneered that line, my head immediately jerked to my calendar to see how close we were to the end of Rebecca's time on this show. 

Team Totally Wrong: I understand the desire to school Rebecca in every which way, but seriously, who the hell has this kind of conversation standing in the middle of a dive bar?! That is GROSS.

Team Completely Right: All of what Liz said IS true. This IS how their relationship started

Elizabeth: I was fifteen. It was the night of Valentine's Day. I was already falling in love with Lucky, but he was all about my [charisma free and horrid--Ed.] sister Sarah, who was all about Nik at the time. There was a dance at school and Lucky wanted to take Sarah, but she was already going with Nikolas, so he had to settle for me...anyway, Nik backed out at the very last minute, so Lucky broke his date with me and took Sarah. Believe me, I ask myself all the time why I couldn't just let it end there, and I guess it was because I just didn't want to disappoint my Gram. She bought me this amazing red dress with these matching shoes. She even let me wear the bracelet my grandfather gave her. She was so excited for me. So I told her I was meeting Lucky, and I left. I went to the movies. To this day, I can't remember what I saw, and after, I went for a walk in the park and I sat on a bench just to pass the time. It was cold, there was snow everywhere. I remembe exactly what happened right before. Being struck by the stillness of everything, which confuses me, why couldn't I hear him coming? All of a sudden, there he was. He grabbed me, I went flying back. Then he raped me.

Lucky: Elizabeth, you don't need to do this.

Elizabeth: You found me, crawling in the bushes, desperately searching for my grandmother's bracelet.

Lucky: I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Your dress was ripped. Your arms were bruised, your face was bleeding.

Elizabeth: You took care of me that night, and you never stopped.

Becky Herbst and Jonathan Jackson were amazing in these scenes. I know, I know, I'm an embarrassing fangirl, blah blah, but it's true--they were so, so good. I still have goosebumps.

Team Completely Wrong: She could have just said, "You don't know what the hell you're talking about, and I am not going to continue this conversation. I am instead going to go home to the most adorable boys in the history of creation" and not launched into that painful story at that moment. The scene can definitely be interpreted as...grossness. And it makes me seriously uncomfortable when GH uses past storylines and twists them on a whim to fit whatever slop they are trying to sell.

Team What the Hell Seriously, He Shouldn't Be Allowed to Draw a Paycheck Unless Nikolas is SUPPOSED to Be Coming Across As The Worst Person To Ever Be The Worst: Is Nikolas supposed to be a smug, terrible mess? If so, Tyler Christopher should put this on an Emmy reel because it completely fits the bill:


His supposed great love is opening up about her painful rape (granted, in a completely inappropriate setting) and he is glaring like he has somewhere better to be.



Liz was vile.

If Lucky is the one "healing her" then why was she telling Robin, that she's felt sexually dead since the rape until Nik came along and reawakened her. Please, that girl is telling whatever lie she can that will leave her looking sympathetic. Sorry Lizzie Kerrigan, your skating routine has lost its ice.

Liz said she thought a part of her was dead that Lucky awakened after the rape. It was the part of her that thought she would never be able to love again. Lucky helped her love again. Now I do believe what she told Robin in that Nik awakened a sexual part of her that she thought was dead after the rape. So to me everything she's saying fit. As much as I want to love Niz....scenes like today makes my LL2 love burst open. I loved them today and the flashbacks were amazing. Nik acting pissy cracked me up. Glad Liz set Rebecca straight on how LL2 really started and how all of them got to be best friends.

No mention of Maxie's fab conversation with Lulu. I love Maxie. Free her from Spinelli.

I suppose I shouldn't nitpick their minor history rewrite when they can't even remember what happens day to day on the show now....however being a L&L2.0 fangurl I can't resist.

Nothing last minute happened with Nik & Sarah. By that point Nikolas had already broken up with the airhead using the old "I was shot in the throat" excuse. Lucky broke the "date" because Sarah asked him to go with her and he didn't realize it was that big of a deal to Liz. And then Lucky realized Sarah was a self-obsessed bore and dumped her ass at Kellys. Heeee.

That said: I would comment but I haven't seen the show in a month mostly over confusion as to what the hell is going on with this storyline. I want to like L&L2 but don't hate myself enough to watch this poorly told Niz mess.

I appreciate any excuse for flashbacks to the LL2 glory days.

The thing that irked me the most was when Liz and Lucky were talking about when they first pledged themselves to each other, Nikolas was rolling his eyes! Seriously, Nik, sorry those two don't share the great love (voice dripping with sarcasm) you have with Liz, but keep it in check, buddy.

I must echo Sanity's sentiments. Liz is vile. She and her partner in swine can die. Free Lucky!!

That is all.

I heard that exchange in the background today and knew you would definitely blog about it. They're gross.

Isn't it amazing that James Franco is so freaking cute and dreamy, but I can't even get through an eppy of GH to watch him? That's some magical repulsion the show has going for itself. BTW, I love that he's promoting ABCD/GH in the NBC promo spots for SNL.

Liz using her rape to shut Rebecca up so she can keep screwing brothers is just disgusting. From what Rebecca knows, she has no reason to believe that Liz truly loves Lucky. Maybe Liz ought to give her own actions some consideration instead of being so worried about what Rebecca is or is not going to do.

Okay, it's stuff like this which make Nik into such a douche. Lucky conceded a relationship with Rebecca because of Nik's great love with her dead identical twin...like being her look-a-like means she's an automatic replacement for Emily. YET, Nik can't even respect the romantic history of his two best friend if it gets in the way of what he wants! Whether or not Lucky and Liz have screwed up their relationship 6-ways to Sunday...their coming together was deep and a lot more mature and real than his and Em's psychic connection while she was in a coma.

Still don't get the Rebecca Herbst lovefest but LL2 were amazing but I CAN'T believe they used rape this way. I found it vile and sickening the same way they used the rape to show Liz having some sort of sexual awakenings with Dikolas.

And they really think they are telling some epic love story for Niz this way.

Lastly I'm glad Tyler Christopher is finally getting is due. He's a lazy actor and the fact that his screen partner of ages who I was a fan of for maybe 2 weeks, gets shown the door while he's still collecting a paycheck, no words. Make her Emily, and let them both walk off the show together for good.

Hmmm Mallory I love you girl and no offense, I don't recall wishes from this blog for Liz to be backburned during the Jason/Jake mess. I do recall comment after comment on Steve and Becky's amazing chemistry which, I'll be honest, still escapes me. Steve Burton has had that certain magic/chem with 3 people on this entire show over the years. Kimberly McCullough. Rick Hearst, and oddly Natalia Livingston's Emily. I never saw anything more special with Becky then I saw with Alicia, and see now with Kelly Monaco. But aside from Liz/Jason devotees, I think most viewers of the show hated Jason and Liz regardless of their "amazing chemisty" because of how they completely decimated a good part of the canvas and despite having almost the entire show pimp them, failed miserably.

I'm not picking on Becky Herbst but I'd also love to know where all these amazing pairings she's had on this show are. I keep hearing what a chemisty magnet she is but her only successful pairing IMO has been with Lucky and that's both JJ's and GV's which the actress herself seems to not want any part of. She certainly is no Sharon Case that's for sure.

As for LL2, they have an amazing history which the show is hell bent on using as a tool to make the break up any the more painful for longtime viewers of this show who may have been interested in JJ's return but are now completely turned off and have probably tuned out due to the storyline. The fact that the only ratings boost this show has gotten has been from Claudia's murder and have gotten zip from Franco and JJ's return, in fact ratings are back down, speaks volumes to me.

I like JJ and was looking forward to a real story for LL2 when he returned and this is what they told. It's disgusting and revolting and I don;t care how much Nikolas supposedly "Loves Liz", I have seen none of this douchebag's great love for Liz play out anywhere on screen unless typical Nikolas, love equates to banging an easy lay.

I am one also who doesn't get the Becky Herbst love fest. The fact that in this storyline she's been unable to show any vulerability to me is a key reason the storyline is failing. Couple that with one of her screen partners being completely disintersted, and you have disaster.

I was the other day comparing this story to the Zander/Emily/Nikolas triangle where viewers I think were pretty evenly torn between the 2 for a time. And why? I think while NL is not as good an actress, her ability to show true emotion and vulerability in that story had viewers in some sense cheering her on. Becky, who I know is popular, seems unable to do that. Why was Liz/Jason such a failure. Why were people rooting for a woman(Sam) who watched as Jake was taken. Why was I rooting for Ric to smother her with that pillow. Why have I ALWAYS rooted for Lucky against Liz when it came down to it over the years. She's no Sharon Case as someone said that's for sure. Sharon who despite everything she's done, makes you continue to want Sharon to win. Most viewers over the years that I've seen may like Liz and Becky but aside from LL2, I want to see a pairing of hers that actually was successful and worked.

The problem with the Liz character is that she's supposed to be a heroine but she's always been at least for the past few years a smarmy judgemental unsympathetic character. And pairing her with yet another smarmy judgemental character(Nikolas) after that hideous Jiz nonsense is just adding more fuel. I personally bought Georgie and Emily as heroines over Lulu and Liz, both 2 faced judgemental hypocrites. That's not a heroine. I find nothing appealing or "heroine like" in either character.

I forgot to finish. And as far as Liz pairings, someone needs to look at the character and see why Lucky is the only one that worked. And Lulu. Well yet another flop.

If this was anyone other than Liz would you be as forgiving? This is just another step in whitewashing her character for what she's doing. I don't think the audience it buying it this go around. As for Nikolas, this slimeball cheated on a rape victim yet can partake in this with a blank stare. He seemed like he'd rather be sleeping than appearing in this scene.

Team Completely Effing Wrong!

Everything Liz said was true, but that wasn't the time nor the place to bring it up. Does she have no shame? (Obviously, that is a rhetorical question.) She would use the most horrific thing to ever happen to her as a means to shut Rebecca up. I've seen characters stoop low, but there are no words.

Liz looks selfish And greedy. She says she wants to protect Lucky, protect his relationship with her brother but I only see her wanting to protect herself. She wants Lucky's devotion and Nik's joy stick. It's that simple.

I really wanted to smack that look off of Nik's face. What happened to that man's soul?

So the whitewashing starts for both Liz and Nik. First we have poor poor Liz the rape victim using her own rape to save her own skin. Next we have Dik again talking to Emily's grave to confess his misdeeds.

Perhaps if the only way the show can redeem these 2 characters is by lamenting about their pasts when they were not both repulsive putrid characters, they need to dump them both and start fresh. Liz and Nik as 2 used up worthless characters as far as I'm concerned.

Celie, probably...? I just imagined a few other characters having similar speeches and it didn't bother me (aside from Sonny, who can literally do no right in my eyes).

Like I said, I see both perspectives--it WAS gross to be talking about that in the middle of a bar, especially since it did come across as a trump card of sorts, but I also think it was true, and that as the memory went on, it became less about Rebecca. Mileage varies and all, that's just how I am seeing it.

Well Mallory we can agree to disagree. I liked Mala's view because her fangirl glasses were off no offense and she saw this tactic for what it was. A cheap attempt to use powerful and thoughtful storyline to try to diminish the still disgusting behavior by this character.

So when Nikolas starts confessing his misdeeds to the Quartermaine Crypt once again, are you going to see that as some redeeming factor for the character or just another cheap tactic to manipulate the audience and try to create some rootability for his character.

Both characters IMO have been too damaged these past years, Liz especially, to be able to survive this type of blatant manipulation. I saw nothing beautiful or wonderful in Liz's actions same as I didn't see her "protectiveness" of her kids when that terrible Rebecca came in to tell the kids that lovely fairytale story.

I think I need to take a break from this blog for a while. While the lament by Liz was accurate, the sitation it was used for, to try and prevent another character from disclosing her misdeads was disgusting. And how the bloggers here find that type of writing acceptable or even point counterpoint material boggles my mind. But I think I'll stick to Mala for a while, no offense. Her opinions of late seem to be unobjective and on the mark for the most part.

Hey Mallory I usually LMAO at your blogs but there are 2 exceptions. When it involves Patrick and Robin and when it involves Liz.

They are faves of yours so I get you are always going to give them the benefit of the doubt forgetting Patrick and Robin have become completely dull and stale(I guess that's my opinion) and Liz as a character is pretty much used up.

I'm honestly trying to even understand how anything Liz said in the context it was said in was acceptable. Does anything the character does get criticism? It was clearly as someone else said, trying to elicit sympathy for her character by bringing up a time when her character was still relatively sweet and vulnerable. Well that was 10 years ago and lots has changed.

As for the claims of wanting Liz on the backburner during Jiz, I don't actually recall any such wishes but of course I only read this blog off and on. Only that Becky and Steve had undeniable great chemistry and were beautiful together. No offense I call em like I sees em.

And for all the accollades about Becky Herbst and her terrific acting, as someone said, her ability to elicity vulnerability is clearly lacking. Put her up against the likes of Sharon Case and she fails miserably. I watched Sharon during her breakdown story sleep with 3 men and get pregnant, lie about the pregnancy, and I still felt for her. When Liz slept with Jason and lied to Lucky, I just wanted to scratch her eyes out.

I for one can't wait until they finally pair up the much awaited pairing of Nik and Liz who fans allegedly have been clamoring for for years. At least I can FF them more.

On a side note, Steve Burton's interview with Michael Fairman on how GH respectd and still holds onto it's history? Steve stop smoking. Tell that to the Q crypt with all the names on it or to the destruction of the 4 muskateers first with the murder of Emily then with this repulsive story.

I'm sorry if I've turned you all off from reading the blog! All I can do is post my own opinions. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, and obviously the character of Liz is a lightning rod for controversy, but I am just telling you how *I* feel. Becca and I do have favorite characters, and we are biased about some things, but that's the nature of the blog.

And we both agree about Sharon Case, BTW, who is criminally underrated.

Niz is gross,,,,love, love, love Liz, but this story line is nasty. As for Nic, the dude looks like he needs to take a serious dump...

One more thing, if this Niz crap puts a final nail in the LnL666 coffin then I will do a happy dance, while Franco slashes Nic's throat.

I love your blog. Niz is nasty and I love, love, love Liz, too bad she's stuck between Doofus and Dikolas. If Niz puts a final nail in the coffin of LnL666, I will do a happy dance while Franco slashes the throat of Nic and dumps him in Emily's coffin.

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