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December 18, 2009

What Just Happened, and How Do I Feel About It?

Two facts:

  • I was once told that I am so blinded by Rebecca Herbst's hair that I am unable to see the character of Liz for what she really is, and that I give her a pass on everything she does. I don't know if this is true, exactly, because I spent the entirety of the Jason/Jake paternity lie story doing a "back-burner" dance in hopes that it would end the story and lessen Liz's airtime
  • I was informed by Simone and Mala's blogthat part of today's GH was rage-inducing, and I started to wonder if I should, like, "accidentally" delete the episode from my DVR, and make myself unavailable during the SOAPNet GH marathon, and block YouTube on my computer so that I'd never have to see it.

But I braved it and watched the full episode, and, dear readers, I am CONFLICTED.

However, there is one thing that I am not at all conflicted about, and it is the moment that Liz turned around and snapped at Rebecca "Why don't you shut the hell up, I'm not even talking to you!" and then she and Lucky made these faces.


The only reason to feel conflicted about that moment is being torn about whether to giggle with glee or cackle with delight.

Okay, so, back to my inner turmoil: Rebecca knows the truth about Liz and Nikolas and is planning to tell Lucky, and then Liz and Nikolas (who made a single douchey expression for the entire episode and I wanted to kick him in the face) interrupted and Rebecca made a smartass remark about Liz and Lucky's fairytale love, and shit got real, because Liz explained that their love started when she got raped.

Rebecca: Spare me, Lucky. I know all about the Four Musketeers. Emily's schoolgirl crush on Nikolas that turned into the love story for the ages. The magic of Elizabeth and Lucky.

Elizabeth: You know nothing. You want to know how all the magic got started? I was raped.

Did Elizabeth use her rape to shut Rebecca up, and did General Hospital use Elizabeth's rape in order to make her actions now more sympathetic? Or was it an appropriate response? This is why I need to have a point/counterpoint: "Uh, that was totally wrong" / "Liz was completely in the right (and also has shiny hair, which has nothing to do with her rightness in this situation".

Team Totally Wrong: Liz DESPERATELY wants to keep Rebecca's mouth shut about the fact that she's a brother fucker, as evidenced by the fact that she SPRINTED into Jake's to interrupt Lucky and Rebecca's conversation and spoke in a high-pitched, nervous "What, am I being weird? I'm not being weird! Ha! Ha ha! Is anyone else hot? Hey, look over there, a diversion!" manner, and told her a story almost guaranteed to get Rebecca's sympathy.

Team Completely Right: Really, the snide way that Rebecca mentioned "the magic of Elizabeth and Lucky" irked me to no end, and I don't really blame Liz for going the "Are you serious, you ignorant grifter bitch?" route, because really, as soon as she sneered that line, my head immediately jerked to my calendar to see how close we were to the end of Rebecca's time on this show. 

Team Totally Wrong: I understand the desire to school Rebecca in every which way, but seriously, who the hell has this kind of conversation standing in the middle of a dive bar?! That is GROSS.

Team Completely Right: All of what Liz said IS true. This IS how their relationship started

Elizabeth: I was fifteen. It was the night of Valentine's Day. I was already falling in love with Lucky, but he was all about my [charisma free and horrid--Ed.] sister Sarah, who was all about Nik at the time. There was a dance at school and Lucky wanted to take Sarah, but she was already going with Nikolas, so he had to settle for me...anyway, Nik backed out at the very last minute, so Lucky broke his date with me and took Sarah. Believe me, I ask myself all the time why I couldn't just let it end there, and I guess it was because I just didn't want to disappoint my Gram. She bought me this amazing red dress with these matching shoes. She even let me wear the bracelet my grandfather gave her. She was so excited for me. So I told her I was meeting Lucky, and I left. I went to the movies. To this day, I can't remember what I saw, and after, I went for a walk in the park and I sat on a bench just to pass the time. It was cold, there was snow everywhere. I remembe exactly what happened right before. Being struck by the stillness of everything, which confuses me, why couldn't I hear him coming? All of a sudden, there he was. He grabbed me, I went flying back. Then he raped me.

Lucky: Elizabeth, you don't need to do this.

Elizabeth: You found me, crawling in the bushes, desperately searching for my grandmother's bracelet.

Lucky: I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Your dress was ripped. Your arms were bruised, your face was bleeding.

Elizabeth: You took care of me that night, and you never stopped.

Becky Herbst and Jonathan Jackson were amazing in these scenes. I know, I know, I'm an embarrassing fangirl, blah blah, but it's true--they were so, so good. I still have goosebumps.

Team Completely Wrong: She could have just said, "You don't know what the hell you're talking about, and I am not going to continue this conversation. I am instead going to go home to the most adorable boys in the history of creation" and not launched into that painful story at that moment. The scene can definitely be interpreted as...grossness. And it makes me seriously uncomfortable when GH uses past storylines and twists them on a whim to fit whatever slop they are trying to sell.

Team What the Hell Seriously, He Shouldn't Be Allowed to Draw a Paycheck Unless Nikolas is SUPPOSED to Be Coming Across As The Worst Person To Ever Be The Worst: Is Nikolas supposed to be a smug, terrible mess? If so, Tyler Christopher should put this on an Emmy reel because it completely fits the bill:


His supposed great love is opening up about her painful rape (granted, in a completely inappropriate setting) and he is glaring like he has somewhere better to be.


Dikolas. Teehee!

Whoa, just read the last few posts before mine and noticed how harsh a couple of them were. The Becca and Mallory, I just wanted to say that even when I disagree with what you have to say, I'm always entertained and enjoy the lively discussions you inspire!

When the show makes me ask "What the hell was that about?" or enrages me to the point of throwing things, I know I can come on here and share all that. So thanks, and keep it coming!

Okay, I got carried away and forgot to proofread before posting, it's supposed to say "to Becca and Mallory", not "the".

So I know Rebecca shouldn't have said anything because she doesn't know the history of the Four Musketeers and it really wasn't her place to be throwing stones, but Liz rehashing the rape did nothing to help her case; if anything, she only dug herself deeper into a hole of awfulness and irredeemability from which she may never emerge. Just last week, we were supposed to believe that it was Nikolas who reawakened her sexual nature (Gosh, I almost vomited just typing that), yet now it's back to Lucky as her savior and true love? If Lucky "took care of her that night and never stopped," then why is she screwing around on Nikolas? This scene only served to make Liz look even more desperate to keep her tawdry, gross affair with Nikolas a secret and, thus, even more unsympathetic. I didn't feel sorry for Liz - I just felt even more disgusted at how she's treating the man who has always loved her. Just IMO. I wish someone would just tell Lucky the truth already so that he could beat the crap out of Nikolas - maybe then the Prince will show another emotion other than smug.

Sorry, that should say "screwing around with Nikolas" not "screwing around on Nikolas." My soap opera rage prevented me from catching that error.

I continue to love Liz and always will. I hate the writing for her right now, I'm sickened by her and Nikolas, and I want to slap the writers up-side-the head for twisting and using the show's history this way. To have had this conversation at that time and place is inappropriate I feel, but I'm still on Liz's side because she has always been my favorite character. But the way the writers are tossing around a past storyline like this, a storyline which affected me more than any other on this show and which hooked me on GH in the first place, that is what disgusts me.

Georgie and Emily were my favorite females on GH and something on this show died when they did. You need some sort of balance on the show especially with the women. Every women on GH is a slut and if not that they they are tedious, spinsterlike, and boring like Alexis and Robin.

The problem I have with Liz is that the character does wrong, the audience sees it, yet never gets called on it, never pays for it. That type of writing hurts the integrity of a character. We want to see characters pay so that they can rebuild and redeem themselves. The problem is the show really isn't telling us Liz is wrong because the only one allowed to call Liz on her crap is Liz's fantasies. Everyone else pats her on the head.

I have no doubt once the show turns Nikolas back into Prince Charming and Lucky does something "terrible" you know like dare to doubt Liz, everyone will be rooting for the epic love story of Niz and Lucky again chastized and won't be allowed to hold the higher moral ground for once.

Well said, Hillary and to Beth, I absolutely agree that the fact that Liz never pays for her wrongs is the single most infuriating thing about the character. She's told two people about her affair and they've both essentially given her a pass. This only a few years after the whole Jiz nastiness. Come on, folks! Enough with the hand holding. The bitch needs to pay!

Personally, I love Alexis, Robin and Georgie and if they are considered "tedious", "boring" and "spinsterlike" than I guess I'll take that over the "slut" alternative any day.

Dear Becca and Mallory! I love Serial Drama and while I don't agree with every opinion you express, I think your blog is entertaining, well written, intelligent and hilarious. Keep up the great work!

I read this blog a lot and get a lot of enjoyment out of the snark but I had to comment about this one. I wasn't bothered so much at the point counterpoint what kind of surprised me is how the bloggers didn't highlight as Mala did the inappropriateness, not of the rape dialogue happening in a bar, but the rape dialogue happening at all int he context of the situation. I don't care if it was Liz and Rebecca in a room alone together, or Liz selling this on the PA system at the hospital, this dialogue had no place in this scene at all. It screams of manipulation of the audience and as a card to try and gain sympathy for the character, sickening. I've seen Guza use rape as a simple plot device before. Remember how disgustingly Emily's rape was handled and now using this as not only some sort of testament to when Liz was "good" but also as a device to highlight her burgeoning sexual freedom. You know I can't say which situation plays of manipulation and disgusting plot device more. I'm still trying to understand when rape because a sexual experience versus an act of violence.

Even though I am not watching Le Crapfest anymore I love you guys and the blog no matter what your opinions are about the show. This blog is funny as hell and will make me crack up laughing out loud even when I am having the worst day. The blog is your opinion about fictional people in fictional towns and I take it as just that. Keep it up ladies. :-)

Mallory and Becca, I don't always agree with you, but you ALWAYS keep me entertained, so kudos! Honestly, I don't know how to interpret Liz's actions at this point. I have no use for her as a character, but I'l say this - if she goes back and once again sleeps with Dikolas, then all bets are off and I officially find her to be totally repugnant. Of course, if the writing would ever bother to be consistent, then this conversation wouldn't even be necessary, but hey, what more can you expect.

And I just want to say this as a card-carrying die-hard NEm fan. Basically the show, including the actors, have intimated that the reason that Nikolas has no luck with other pairings is because we NEm fans won't let him move on to other characters. Whatev. It's surely not my fault that this show screwed up so royally and killed Em off and caused a major stink with its fans for doing so. And they compound it by constantly bringing her up. So let me give you hint GH - we can't miss Emily IF YOU WON'T STOP TALKING ABOUT HER. And once again having Dikolas whine about his selfishness at Emily's grave doesn't help the situation. Bring her back, or drop her. You can't have it both ways.

Oh, and maybe you've never considered that the common denominator in Dikolas's failed pairing might be the ACTOR - one Tyler Christopher. Just sayin'.

This blog is always entertaining if anything. I don't agree with the assessments of Becky Herbst as the "bestest evah" but I really have no use for Liz as a character, but I always find this blog entertaining and amusing, even if I don't agree with it a good amount of time, the snark is beautiful.

As for this story, it reeks. And using Liz's rape now twice as a means to sell her as the tragic heroine when she's basically a cheating slut is the most repugnant. As for Nikolas, I haven't seen the actor show up in a scene on this show for years. Key is if you are bored playing a character and it shows on screen, leave.

Hey Beth I don't comment here usually but I had to chime in on your points. I was a Nem fan and have been ready for 2 fecking years for them to move Nikolas on only to see them feck up time and time again. This time is the worse of all. I oddly would not have minded Nik and Liz at one point but this storyline reeks and the fact that the actor looks about as interested as my old pet rock says volumes. IMO the Cassadines haven't been relevant on GH since Stefan left the canvas. Alexis's connection is pretty much ignored as it the rest of her family. They can write off Nikolas, hell kill him off, and the canvas would survive just fine. It obvious to me the actor is completely bored anyway.

Phyllis, I'd gladly sacrifice Nikolas and TC to get Emily back on the canvas again. She has ties and relevance and stories to tell. Nikolas is just useless at this point. And it's hard to admit as a fan, but I'd never want Nik and Em back together again. He's just repugnant and TC obviously doesn't care. But until GH stops the fangurlism with their over-the-hill male actors, we're stuck with this crap.

Rebecca is bitter b/c no one wants her. And now that her crazy side is rearing, she's running her mouth about any and everything and I had no problem with Liz shutting her up b/c Rebecca has no idea about their history to start flapping her gums about it. She does not know these people for real and it's irritating listening to her.

Imo, Rebecca isn't upset that Lucky is being betrayed, she's mad that she got played. I don't get the Liz hate, but for a s/l like this, I'm not shocked. I still love her and have to disagree with a comment suggesting BH isn't showing vulnerability and that's why this story is failing. She's doing an awesome job.

And I'm just going to say it: her sleeping with Nik isn't the worst thing in the world and it doesn't bother me. It's not like she put kids in danger.

becky is the best. absolutely love her no matter what shit they throw at her. and I don't think ll2 has faired any better than her other pairings. the show just chose to drum ll2 down our throats. they gave the other pairings very little to work on, and frankly a lot of time just used those pairings as plotpoints. anyways, no actor on this show is great. and i completely disagree with the post about steve only having chem with three specific actors. as much as I detest jason, SB has chem with a lot of actors. but enough about that character. Love BH, even as she wades through this shit.

I love liz. I wish she would shit on more characters. I want her to destroy lucky and nik. Lucky more so than nik. I can't stand sanctimonious Lucky, especially when played by JJ. When he opened his mouth to his mother about her rape, I wanted her to kill him. THat little shit acted like she had committed a crime againt "him." I can't stand him. he's done a lot of wrong in his life, yet as soon as JJ comes back he's sainted by the almighty halo. I already see nik and liz being thrown under the bud for this man-child. Cannot stand him, and as no matter what nik and liz do I will cheer them on to completely destroy him. of course that won't happen cause the bias in the writing is plainfully obvious. but one can only hope.

Completely WRONG! i don't know who blows more recently, Liz or Nik but I'll say this much the douche bagary levels of them together is astounding, i really wished that Rebecca would have rolled her eyes and given a "you've got to be freaking kidding me" look and said something along the lines of "yo this shit is wack i'm out" when Liz pulled the rape story (now don't think I'm saying she deserved to be raped or that it's not a big deal because by no mean would i EVER say or think that) however it was completely inappropriate of Liz to use the story in that way and i have therefore lost any respect i ever had for her.

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