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December 10, 2009

I Assume This Is a Typo And They Meant "The Rest of the Couples of the Decade"

December, in addition to being filled with holidays and snow and the official start of winter and the very best drinks that Starbucks has to offer, is the official month of lists, since everyone decides to reflect upon the year that was and put their highlights and lowlights into list form.

I am fully in favor of this; any query about my favorite things will generally include an answer related to making lists. Is there anything in the world more satisfying than writing a good list? Even when I am completely swamped with work and things to do, there is something therapeutic about writing it all down in a to-do list (bonus points if it is on an adorable notepad and/or in adorable colored pens), and then typing it up in a to-do list, and then re-writing it on a Post-it note. I...should probably stop this tangent before I delve any further into my OCD nature and endless love of office supplies.

Where was I? Oh, right, the end of the year lists. I always have a hard time picking my Bests and Worsts of the year. It's way harder than it looks (and no matter what Becca and I choose at the end of the year, there are always people who are sickened and aghast at our picks), and I am sure that listing the Bests and Worsts of the decade is even more difficult! 

So, bearing all of that in mind, I know that what I am about to say makes me a complete hypocrite, but I cannot let this go unmentioned: SOAPNet. Best couples of the decade. Crack-smoking and blackmailing almost certainly involved.

I mean...I know that the SOAPNet powers-that-be are perplexed and a bit horrified at the "SOAP" part of that title, but their confusion must also extend to the definition of the word "best", because their top five soap couples of the decade are:

1 - Luke and Laura - GH
2. JR & Babe - AMC
3. John & Marlena - Days
4. Angie & Jesse - AMC
5. Victor & Nikki - Y&R
JR AND FUCKING BABE? Second best couple of the decade, ahead of the LEGENDARY couples rounding out the top five. I'm sorry, but Babe has no place being in the top two of any list titled "Best", unless the list is titled "Best Soap Deaths" or "Best Reason To Light Your Television Set On Fire".

The rest of the list, after the jump!

6. Vicki & Ben - OLTL
7. Tess & Nash - OLTL
8. Leo & Greenlee - AMC
9. Robin and Patrick - GH
10. Star & Cole - OLTL
11. Maxie & Spinelli - GH
12. Shawn & Belle - Days
13. John & Natalie - OLTL
14. Sonny & Carly - GH 
15. Bo & Hope - Days
16. Ridge, Taylor & Brooke - B&B
17. Jason and Sam - GH
18. Nick & Sharon - Y&R
19. Michael & Lauren - Y&R
20. Carly & Jack - ATWT
21. Natalia & Olivia - GL
22. Nikolas & Emily - GH
23. Zach & Kendall - AMC
24. Todd & Blair - OLTL
25. Erica & Jack - AMC
26. Luke & Noah – ATWT

Nothing COMPLETELY egregious, I suppose (except that Ride, Taylor and Brooke shouldn't count as a couple, but whatever), although I obviously rolled my eyes at a few of them. The overall "Meh" nature of the list, and the inclusion of famous supercouples who were apart for most of the decade, certainly says a lot about the current state of "love in the afternoon", no?

Also, I need to say it again: JR AND BABE, NUMBER 2, OMFG, I WISH I WAS DEAD.


i'm sorry...this is...it's a late Aprils' fools joke right?

Like some of those couples I could be down with...but others? I mean Maxie/Spinelli number 11???????? oh shoot me in the head!

I looked at #2 on that list and said WHAAAAT???? and my voice got all high and shrill at the end.

And as far as Luke and Laura go, isn't it GH's story now that Luke hated every minute of his married life and chafed against it and was nailing every hooker in town or something?

This list is so wrong. That said, I am pleasantly surprised about the inclusion of Leo and Greenlee. There was a time when watching them on TV was one of the best parts of my day.

Honestly, when I saw Babe and J.R second on the list I laughed for five minutes straight. Did they just write a bunch of couples on slits of paper and draw out of a hat? That's probably what happened...

Don't get me wrong I love me some Luke and Laura, but it seems to me that a list of the best couples of the decade should include couples that a) experienced the height of their popularity in said decade and b) were actually a featured story in said decade. I know Luke and Laura are considered (and rightfully so, I think) daytime's greatest supercouple, but does that mean they have to top every list involving soap couples?

In regards to J.R. and Babe. That alone is enough to discredit this list. But to put them over Leo and Greenlee, who in addition to being my personal all-time favorite couple, I would have considered a lock for the top 5? That's just wrong.

A couple other bones I feel the need to pick: Starr and Cole? Maxie and Spinelli? The rest are, as Mallory said, mostly "meh," but these (along with J.R. and Babe) stick out like pack of sore thumbs. There is no way these three got the amount of support and attention as GL's Jonathan/Tammy and Original Danny/Michelle or ATWT's Simon/Katie and Dusty/Lucy, none of which even made the list.

Ugh. This is depressing. Maybe we should make our own list.

Beth R.:I mean Maxie/Spinelli number 11???????? oh shoot me in the head!

Careful what you wish for. Sonny and Carly aren't far behind at #14. I hope you aren't in labor.

You guys, I am loving the Greenlee/Leo love. I adored them beyond all reason. Extra galling that JR/IT beat them out.

KLe, I agree that Luke and Laura shouldn't be on a list of this decade's couples, but OMFG, imagine if they didn't top the list and JR/Babe were Number 1?! THE HORROR.

KLe - but then Sonny would be saying he looooooovvved me....it would be soooo special.

Jasus, Mallory, I hadn't even considered that! The horror, indeed.

In that case, Beth R., may bullets of love rain down upon you!

Mallory....do not scare me like that! Full body shivers....

Look on the bright side Ryan Lavery wasn't on the list once and he's had how many "epic loves" in the last decade.

This list is so screwed up. First of all, #2... no. Also, Maxie & Spinelli at #11? They barely qualify as a couple, and they've only been "together" for like a year. Even Scrubs at #9 is a bit of a reach... they had the same stupid conversation for the first 2 years of their relationship. Also, Lucky & Elizabeth didn't make the list and Nikolas & Emily are #22? Bullshit.

Lastly, where are all the ATWT couples? Jack and Carly should have been higher, and like KLe said, where's Skatie and Dusty/the entire population of Oakdale? Holden and Lily? Paul and Rose? Nothing? I'm so disappointed.

Also if you think this is bad, you should check out the best of the decade list for all my children. There are more than a couple things on that list that will cause you to scream obscenities at your computer scream.

I certainly won't argue L&L at 1. Despite the laughably tragic state of their current storyline, I love me some Luke and Laura, and hopefully they'll slowly draw them back together. I don't get the current Tracy arch. I appreciate Tracy Quartermaine has some zest in her, but Luke and Tracy's chemistry clocks some major negative numbers. Which is to say, if GH were a chem lab, the Litmus 'Luke and Trace Test' would be coming up Acid.

But still speaking in tech chemistry terms, I suppose acidity is slightly more watcheable than a solidly blah 'neutral'. Which brings me to my next question. Spinelli and Maxie at 11? EH??

I loved the concluding line of your article, by the way, made me laugh! Have never watched AMC. Am hoping 'Babe' is just an awful nickname, and not the character's real name (although maybe it's a coin toss as to which would be worse?).

As destestable as Ryan has become, Cate, I would have been OK if he and Gillian had made the list. The only time I've ever enjoyed Ryan was when he was with Gillian.

Fleur, "Babe" is in fact a nickname, bestowed on her by her equally appalling mother. I believe the character's real name was ('cause she's DEAD! Rejoice!) Arabella.

Why, oh, why, do I know this shit?

AH's Babe and JR had good chemistry and certainly had a decent fanbase but it is ridiculous for them to be that far up on the list.

Ridge, Brooke and Taylor is actually hilarious. And I feel like since B & B has managed to keep that shit cycling around for over a decade, they've earned their right to place it as a threesome. I think it's kind of deliciously subversive. Possibly way more "queer" than Natalia & Olivia or Noah & Luke (who are admittedly adorable, but are they anything else besides adorable? Maybe I haven't seen the right episodes).

I've never understood the appeal of the vast majority of daytime supercouples. None of them inspire Pacey & Joey-type loyalty in me. Bo & Hope and John & Marlena, for instance... I feel like when I watched Days, which was mostly in the 90's, these two couples were living in the past or something... I never saw anything happening onscreen to make me want them together especially, just lots of hazy flashbacks set to Roberta Flack songs. I'd be like, can we get back to Eileen Davidson or Louise Sorel being awesome, please? Cause I want to see more of that. (Although I do remember rooting for Roark Chritchlow's Mike & Carrie when that was happening). Because of when I started watching, I remember feeling way more attached to Lisa Rinna's Billie than I was to Hope and being sad when she left. It's too bad Lisa Rinna grew up scary. I liked what I saw of Julie Pinson a lot though. No comment re: Krista whatserfats.

Lauren and Michael are the only one of the couples on this list I've ever felt invested in. I've always found their vibe w/ one another really real-seeming and refreshing.

Regarding your point that . . . if this is the list of best couples of the last decade, it's a true testament to the sad state of romance on soaps. . .


And I think if you try to make any of those "Best of the Decade" lists, the only ones you wouldn't struggle to come up with items for ranking. . . would be the "Best at Completely Sucking and Leading to the Ruination of Daytime" categories. I mean, really. . . how do you narrow that down?

Not that this is any excuse to rank the crappy choices we have in some kind of "drew the names out of a hat" order. . .

Everyone, if you actually look at the list on SoapNet, they don't rank anyone. That just happens to be the order of the slide show they have up for this list. They don't say any couple is in any particular number spot on a list, it just happens to be the spot the photo wound up in the photo gallery. So no, JR/Babe do not come in at #2, but they are on the list.

Okay, I like Maxie and Spinelli, but how did they make the list and Anna and Robert didn't???

I don't actually understand why L&L are on there at all. Were they ever a couple after 2000? This is coming from someone who took a hiatus from GH after they put Luke & Felicia together, though, so I may have missed any reconciliation between 2000-05. But I digress. I also agree with the person that made the point that any L&L love was pretty much destroyed by the revisionist history as of late (i.e. ETHAN) and all the crap Luke spews about being "trapped" or whatever in his marriage to Laura. Luke & Laura of the 80's & 90's, yes, absolutely. 2000's? Eh.

Effing Guza.

If you think about it, they just made a list of couples. Best or worst. There aren't many any more, right? The supercouple & "Love in the afternoon" is gone, so there wasn't much to choose from.

Brian Frons wrote this list himself, didn't he? And then he decided to throw in a few couples from other networks to make it not look too obvious. Any best couples list that includes John McBain/anyone is obviously total crap.

John McPain? ....No.

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