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« I Assume This Is a Typo And They Meant "The Rest of the Couples of the Decade" | Main | When "The View" Met "All My Children" »

December 10, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure (A)I Hallucinated This and (B) It was the Greatest Hallucination Ever










Franco: It took you long enough. Welcome. Sorry, i don't mean to be rude, but you're a little slow picking up the hints. Or are you just playing hard to get? It's too much. Ugh, i knew it. Don't want to send the wrong message. Franco. Just Franco. Like Madonna. It's a pleasure and a privilege, Mr. Morgan. Can I call you Jason?

Obviously, the show needs to be canceled immediately. I'm just not sure if the cancellation would be in response to embarrassment over broadcasting a terrible, bizarre moment of sheer what-the-fuckery or the network realizing that, no matter what they do, they will never again come up with something so completely amazing.


Leave it to GH to think this is the way to set up date night with your local hitman!

OMG...I'd ask if they were serious...but Guza bragged to everyone how he wrote ever Franco scene and line....so I know they were COMPLETELY serious.

This is the greatest thing this show has given me in years.

Poor Bob. The only way for him to ever live out his fantasy date with Steve Burton/Jason Morgan is vicariously through Franco.

That scene does seem like a wet dream of the writers but I just loved the part where Franco was like "it's too much". He seemed like a guy who is nervous on a first date. He was so cute. Love the bowl of chips.

I really wish some exes had put this much thought into our first dates.

*sigh* Jason Morgan, you lucky, lucky killing machine.

At this point I don't even care what lines they give JF. I can put the tv on mute and just enjoy looking at him lol

The chips and candles were just awesome. :)

JF should have demanded to read the script first. WTFkery was that?!!? Totally diluted the awesomness that was the Michael smackdown a couple days before. This show is so schitzo!

I'm at a loss for words. Really this is Guza's best? Oh vey.

This? May be what drives me back to watching the show, or at least searching out Franco clips on the internet.

Franco broke out the CHAMPAGNE for his rendezvous with Jason, while he wouldn't even give a glass a water to his other piece on the side and Maxie?!

Jason IS a lucky killing machine.

OMG - so much hilarity in these scenes. The Gooze was really on fire here. Not.

Oh James Franco, Prince of Mancrushes--yes...the candle was indeed too much.

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