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December 07, 2009

Missed Opportunities Ahoy!

I'm not surprised that General Hospital completely missed the boat on being entertaining, because, well, that's what they excel at. It's the only thing they excel at, for that matter. So the fact that Natalia Livingston and Rebecca are being totally fascinating as her time on the show comes to a close is expected but disappointing all the same.

The show could have saved the viewing public a lot of despair, and could have saved Livingston the pain of having to come to terms with the fact that her stint as Rebecca Shaw was universally reviled, if they had just bypassed the whole "she's a scheming evil-doer. No wait, she has a heart! Never mind, we're bored with her", uh, "arc" and just made her COMPLETELY AND HUGELY INSANE from the outset, because I have to tell you, she had me clapping my hands in glee during today's episode. Not literally, but she did have me cracking half a smile, which is a more positive reaction than I usually have to this show!

The Awesome, Part I: Seeing Nikolas and Elizabeth Doing It



Her reaction, equal parts revulsion and "Are you fucking kidding me with this?", was amazing.

The Awesome, Part II: Showing Up At Elizabeth's Door

The mental instability and vindictive streak came out to play as there was a knock on the door as Elizabeth read a story to Jake and Cam (who looked none too pleased at his story being interrupted. I hope that he gets to finish the book about whales!)


And Liz was greeted with a drunken and angry Rebecca


Who refused to leave and sashayed inside to make herself comfortable on the couch with the boys and offered to tell them a story!


Rebecca: I know a story, too. It's about a castle, named Wyndemere, and a prince, named Nikolas, and a witch named...why don't you tell it, Mommy? Why don't you tell the boys what the prince and his sister-in-law did in the turret room tonight?

She was amazing, is what I'm trying to say. I have little to no faith in the writers that they will continue to work with this momentum and the follow-up tomorrow will probably be lame and terrible, and contain too many graphic references to Nikolas's sexual abilities, if there is any follow-up at all, so I will just unreservedly enjoy these few moments now and give NL props on her ability to play craaaaaaazy.


The rest of the show was filled with the lowlights we've come to expect from GH. Like the aforementioned Liz and Nikolas sex, which...I don't even want to remember.

I've decided that in order to protect my own sanity and that of my readers, I am going to replace all mentions of their sexual compatibility (you know, the sexual compatibility that we have yet to see on-screen) with quotes from sitcoms. Like, when Nikolas says something like, "I'm not getting tired of you", I can handily sub in a Kenneth the Page line like, "I'm a real good sex person. I do it all the different ways." So we don't need to think about Nik/Liz sex and we can have a hearty chuckle at Kenneth's genuine hilarity. Win/win!

I also love what a complete douche Nikolas is to his brother. Did I say love? I meant "despise, and hope to see someone kick Nikolas in his greasy face". His scene with Lucky today made me want to claw my face off. But it's okay, because Nikolas has never known anything like this before. Please ignore the fact that he uses this line whenever he decides to bone an inappropriate woman, this time he means it! TRUELUV4EVA!


Does anyone else get the feeling that when Carly and her amazing, beautiful, shiny hair


said that Michael doesn't know right from wrong, that at least half of the seventy people still watching this show spontaneously burst into the Grace Adler "Told You So" song? I am part of that 50%!


And then, blerg, we are being forced to watch Sonny go all out in courting Olivia. And, despite the fact that it defies reason, good taste and her son's safety, Olivia is charmed by him and his lame cooking! They even forced the time-honored pinky swear to be a part of their horrendous flirtation.


These skanks better stay away from rock, paper, scissors or else they will have completely ruined childhood traditions.


In truly jaw-dropping news, Jason was RIGHT that Franco and the Homeless Man are one in the same. The awed look on Sam's face as she came to this realization was hilarious, because of course Jason was right. Why did it take her so long to realize that? Runner up in the hilarious stakes: the notion that Franco dressing like a homeless person is the strangest thing a person can do. YOU LIVE WITH SPINELLI. YOU SEE THE STRANGEST THINGS A PERSON CAN DO ON A DAILY BASIS.


I do love it when characters are given the reaction of the audience. Rebecca's look of "OH COME ON!" is the one i've been throwing my TV for months now.

I am Team Cameron returns to his arsonist ways and burns Wyndemere this time with Uncle Nik trapped inside. Who's with me?

*grabs a torch, some lighter fluid, and a copy of Oh the Places You'll Go and joins Beth R.*

Rebemily was the only thing that made the episode tolerable. She was outstanding today. Her reaction to seeing that disgusting sex and then barging into the house was hysterical. I about died of laughter when she told the boys the story about their cheating mother and lying uncle.

Why is it that characters only become interesting when they are about to be killed or written off?

Why is it that characters get interesting once they leave. The writers actually seemed to invest in Rebecca in the first time in the 11 months NL has been on this show. I loved her today but honestly the same thing happened with Sarah Browns Claudia at the end. I enjoyed her last few days with Sonny.

Kudos to Natalia. I hope she gets a few more gems of material and maybe she'll be lucky to show these hacks and get an emmy nom out of this, her ending episodes

Why is it that characters always get interesting towards the end of their tenure. Rebecca/Natalia was awesome today. No one can say Natalia can't act. Terrible that the writers did nothing with her on this show for 11 months until now. Why was it that I actually didn't like Claudia until she was written off. Guza is a no talent hack. NL is saving this repetitive Niz/LL2 snooze story as SBr saved that Claudia story with her performance. Here's hoping both ladies get emmy noms for their work. I hope NL continues to be awesome for the remainder of her time on GH. Kudos to her because no actress on GH has taken as much crap as she has.

Sid . . . probably because in the preceding eons of the character's run (well, it felt like eons), the writers were unsure what the eff to do with her, perhaps even at odds. But now, they have a common and certain end in mind . . .

Also, because they suck.

I love the Niz storyline and with Rebecca going crazy on Niz just makes it more entertaining. I just don't think Rebecca can faze Liz. Liz has had to deal with the two great Carlys (SJB, TB), Faith and Gia. So Rebecca will just be an ant she can squash. I hope to see more Niz. They make me swoon. Although I would love to see Firestarter get those matches out again and burn down something. And I hope Rebecca finishes that book about whales for Cam.

I love a feisty Liz and Niz is revolting.

Oh supposedly Liz calls her bluff but then goes whining to Nikolas who runs her down with his car. YEah Niz are smart alright

I might of enjoyed Rebecca for the first time ever! I love how she strutted past lying lizzie, plopped herself on the couch and started telling the fairytale of prince Nikolas and his sister-in-law. It WAS entertaining and since Liz loves to dish out her holier than thou attitude to people especially Rebecca when she has no business throwing stones, I enjoyed it even more.

On a side note, I'm not a huge fan of NL's acting and I'm seriously convinced that her inability to play the hard edged Rebecca was partially to blame for the character and her s/l going no where. She was completely unbelievable so they switched gears, gave her a heart of gold and tried to rekindle a pairing that in my opinion had been dead and buried long before Emily. That said, NL has had moments of goodness (one specifically being that scene during the Metro Court hostage crisis when she flipped out on James Craig about letting her dad go and monday, of course), but I think a lot of those good moments had a lot to do with the good writing she received. For me, that was yesterday in a nutshell.

Ckn but isn't that the key. I don't know yesterday was good writing so much it was how the scenes were played. Had NL played Rebecca a little bittle and cynical and a little nuts like she did yesterday, sort of like Annie on AMC, who knows. They never wrote her as the edgy con. It was all Num retread nonsense. The cancer redo the biggest. I'm no NL fan but I believe to this day had we seen her con game from day 1, it would have changed the whole tone of the story and character. But I think the show figured they wanted it both ways. The mistake was putting her in the same pairing.

And I detest the Liz character so it made part of yesterday even more enjoyable.

I watched SBr stumble though 2 years of Claudia until then end where they actually wrote for her and she was marvalous after almost 2 years of sucking on the show. And she got far more airtime and writing than NL ever did.

Viva La Becca! Viva La Natty! It was worth the two minutes it took to watch this on YouTube for the "oh shit" look on Liz's smug, self-satisfied, holier-than-thou face. Suck it!

Can you tell I don't like Liz?

Oh, and let me in on that "I Told You So" dance. "Told you so! Told you so! Told you, told you, told you so!"

I am a big Liz fan and even I loved it -- she certainly deserves this and more. I hope the fallout continues, and fast. I cannot stand to see more clandestine Niz sex.

Rebecca's face was Expression Hall of Fame worthy.

I'm apparently the only person who was disturbed by Rebecca's behavior in front of the kids. How many times have we had to hear adults on this show having inappropriate monologues or conversations with the little people? It seems like it's the only way they know how to include kids in a s/l.

"Okay, you wanna see the kids? Watch as Emily hints threatens to tell Liz's kids that mommy's a lying whore." On top of the weekly, if not daily, throwing around of whore/tramp/slut or whatever (though refreshingly coming out of a mouth other than Sonny's), it's in front of kids. Again.

I totally want to see Liz called on her shit and I thoroughly enjoyed Rebecca pointing out her trying to hide behind her kids when it's convenient, partly because that conversation happened, as it should have, when the kids were already in bed. What came before was just wrong.

I'm not sure I get all the outrage about Liz and her kids. Lord it's a soap opera not reality. And the setup for this was brilliant. Rebecca letting the cat out of the bag by starting the story of a prince and a fairytale. she couldn't have done that without the kids.

It sort of thumbs it's nose at the whole Emily and Nikolas story IMO and I can't help but believe NL at the end of her second run enjoyed that after a lackluster story and writing for her current run and screen partner who was completely bored with working with the story also the past 10 months. Of course he still looks bored but I'm completely enjoying watching her unhinged as she lays into Liz and hopefully at some point Nikolas. It's the most enjoyable thing on this show since te Spixie wedding reception.

Well the writers didn't disappoint. The follow-up to this was brilliant. What's disappointing about this is that just when Rebecca becomes a fun and likable character she's leaving and allegedly doesn't tell Lucky anything. At least she added some interest to this story finally which has been on SSDD for weeks now.

I think they missed the boat on this. How fun it would have been to see Rebecca stick around and make Liz and Nik's lives a living hell at least for a couple of months. Another missed opportunity as our brilliant bloggers noted. Props to Natalia for this.

Anyone who knows anything about a Dikolas romance knows some character is always sacrificed to sell a pairing of his. Stefan, Zander, Mary, Jax, now Rebecca. Rebecca as unpopular was this go around but the writers underestimate how vile and putrid most find this "romance" which is why most find Rebecca laying into St. Liz enjoyable. I'm sure they will be cheering her on if she gives Nikolas the same.I give the writers props for giving BEcca some decent stuff finally after 10 months of horrid writing. Here's hoping for more.

Favorite line..."You live with Spinelli, you see the strangest things a person can do on a daily basis."

And the open door policy of the loft that they broke into...well, I was horrified until it dawned on my...That's Jason's place. It's in his name. Jason could move in there (which he may have to do now that, for reasons I am not quite clear of, Maxie is going to redecorate his penthouse. (Side Note: Carly will probably blow gaskets since she probably decorated it in the first place.)

But finally, and I know I am supposed to suspend all reality but come on...how exactly did that guy rent that loft/warehouse in PORT CHARLES NEW YORK WHERE JASON MORGAN IS IN THE NEWS AND ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE METRO SECTION PROBABLY WEEKLY FOR HIS ARRESTS? Franco does not look like Jason Morgan. Hell, Corinthos Organization probably owns the damn building.

Also, again I know I am supposed to sit and say..."It's just a soap" but it burns my but when they take female characters and for dramatic purpose have them do horrible things to or in front of kids. The majority of the audience is female and have children, grandchildred, nieces, nephews, etc... and when you have a character plop down and start effing with a 3 year old and a 6 year old...women in general do not sit and go..."OHHHHHH this is COOL!!!" They say "Get the kids out of the room before you do this shyt!!!"
I too think the Rebecca Shaw finding out is great and has so much potential and I want that cat fight. I want bald spots. I want Nik to show up to break it up and wind up on his royal arse and I want Alfred to accidentally put her in a coma when only half the sentence to unLucky is out telling him his fiancee is riding his brothers royal rocket. But I want the children (any child under 10 basically) to be out of view and earshot.

Alexis being smeared as the adulterous DA was cool. Her kids are older and there was more to play that they are embarrassed, having a hard time at school, reading things on the internet when they are just going on to EEEEEEEE like a fangurl. But when little children who don't even know where babies come from are pulled into it...it's just skeevy of the writers, directors, all the way down the line.

Stop making women look like douchella's. It's not attractive and you also may find that years down the road when you want the character to be forgiven...some DON'T!

Rebecca was the evil one. Why don't they stop having the character of Elizabeth use her kids to first get Jason and now as a phony. She's protecting her kids? She's protecting herself. People don't see how hypocritical she is.She;s the one putting her kids future in danger. I had no ojection to any of this because I suspend reality when watching a soap. And as someone said, this would not have played out so brilliantly had becs not walked in telliing the fairytale story.

Nikolas makes my skin crawl. They are nastola. And I feel like Jonathan Jackson is kicking himself saying, "I can back for this crap?"

I think Jonathan is going to get some really good material out of this. And he is getting story with Michael as part of Claudia's death. Maybe this is a plan to try and integrate him into the other half of the canvas. I always wanted Lucky more involved with the mob side as sort of the anti establishment cop. Hopefully that's where his character is going.

Nikolas/TC has practically gotten zip out of any of this story. No POV. Other than sexing Liz up, he's getting nada. Am I supposed to see him totally in love with Liz. He just appears like a sex obsessed tool.

Becky/Liz can't stand the character since Liason and this is more revolting. But typical Liz, I am sure the character is going to get totally whitewashed.

Natty/Becca finally found her groove as the scorned woman, Man she was awesome. Too bad she can't stick around to stick it to Liz even more.

Hey Alison, I'm using logic on a fictional story (LOL!), but I highly doubt Jason Morgan would EVER rent anything on his own. That's what he has lackeys for, so no one would know whether it was really him or not. Franco wouldn't do it on his own either, for that matter. I'm sure all anyone has to do is walk in, say they are there to rent something for "Mr. Morgan" and that's all that's required. In real life, you'd have to sign papers, provide a driver's license, etc. etc., but not in the mob-controlled world of Port Charles. Eh.

Could Nikolas look anymore bored? He didn't even have enough in him to play outraged at being attacked by Ethan yesterday. Why doesn't he just phone it in? They can put a cardboard cutout of him in the scene and have a voiceover playing.

I may have found Rebecca remotely interesting IF she hadn't been another woman scorned who refuse to sit at the adult table and deal with her lover instead I get another drunken con artist plopping herself on Elizabeth's couch insinuating herself using her children

and again the lop sided scribing where Elizabeth doesn't get dialog for a snappy comeback so of course Rebecca is scribed to look marvelous...while Elizabeth stands there to take the hits.

Why don't these women deal with the man they are banging.

Its actually "the same storyline" right up to her getting hit by a car

I feel like Claudia being paired w/Sonny from day one their mistake (for me) is they plopped her with Nik

LnL2 is always the fix-A-Bitch couple for a tanking Rebecca / Nikolas duo so Elizabeth and Lucky get stuck again in the whitewash redemption of another con artist who now has a heart of gold.

Seen them in this story already...

Elizabeth saintly?
I don't see it when you're constantly thrown under a bus with no over a year long redemption like Lucky and other characters nothing saintly about that and not getting "special writing" with a positive focus.

...sorry folks Rebecca remains not interesting

been there done that
Zzzzzzzzz I went to clean my refrigerator.
Her drunken tirade didn't impress me.

Poor Poor Poor Poor Liz. Yeah she never gets any story or POV. She was completely whitewashed with Jiz while they attempted to throw a number of characters under the bus for her great love story with St. Jasus. And the extent of her being thrown under the bus I am sure is Rebecca's lashing out. So far both Luke and Robin have patted poor Liz on the head and told her she needs to tell the truth. ALl the bad stuff she has and will suffer will be these idiotic fantasies. At the end of the day the men in town will still all worship er as she does now and she'll continue to use her kids as a tool to either get a man as she used them with Jason or to save her own skin as she did with Rebecca. The only thing missing in Rebecca's tyrade of beauty was Sam and Maxie joining her in called out Miss Halo.Robin got more crap from people for having an actual illness (PPD) then poor poor poor Liz will ever get. What a hypocritical character. The day I see Liz goto the big table and admit her lying and mistakes is the day I ask these other characters like my hero's Sam, Maxie, and now Rebecca to do the same. I've seen Carly, Sam, Maxie, and now Rebecca all get called out and get called every name in the book but not St. Liz ever. Her sainthood is constantly preserved.

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