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December 14, 2009

Brought To You By "Every Breath You Take"

I was originally going to title this entry, "Who do I have to kill to get a little romance on this show?", but I knew that the General Hospital writers have an answer to that question (Quartermaines) and I didn't want to encourage the writers to add more bodies to that mausoleum.

Today's GH was incredibly unsettling. And what is, perhaps, most unsettling of all is that the creepiest parts of the show had nothing to do with the show's cold-blooded murderers, but were about love! Or at least the dark, bastardized definition of love that the show has seized upon.

Nikolas, for example, has decided he should take advantage of Rebecca's blackmail and use the opportunity to get with Liz for real. A slightly paraphrased recap of their conversation:

NIKOLAS: So, great news, you know how Rebecca is a con artist and basically unstable? Well, it turns out that she's willing to keep our secret if we hook her up with Lucky. Win/win/win!
ELIZABETH: Why is that...no.
NIKOLAS: If we pair those two dweebs off, we'll have the chance to be together forever, or until I find a new married, engaged or otherwise attached woman to have a connection with.
NIKOLAS: Is this about Lucky? Do you feel guilty?
ELIZABETH: YES, don't you?
NIKOLAS: ...meh.
ELIZABETH: I want to be with Lucky. It's the right thing to do for him, and for my boys...
NIKOLAS: Well, if it's the boys you're worried about, I've got one of those around...somewhere. With Alfred. Or...somewhere.

And then! This is not at all paraphrased:

Nikolas: You do not love him the way you love me.
Elizabeth: Don't tell me how I feel.
Nikolas: I don't have to tell you how you feel, because you already know it's written all over your face every time we're together.

We all know how she feels, because it's written all over her face every time they are together: she feels NAUSEOUS, Nikolas.

Seeing that his plan to convince Liz that she's in love with him wasn't going well, he threw a Hail Mary pass and confessed that he was so in love with her. He even attempted to muster up a lone teardrop! It was incredibly uncomfortable.



But the most uncomfortable moment came later:

Nikolas: Of course I feel guilty, I'm betraying my brother. It's a terrible thing to do, but--

Maybe it's just me, but that sentence shouldn't end with a but!

Nikolas: Just because he loves you doesn't mean I don't get to!

And with that immature tantrum, it became my greatest wish that someone put us all out of our misery by smothering Nikolas with his hideous, oversized coat.


Remember on Friday, how Sonny lured Olivia up to a hotel room on false pretenses to attempt to woo her? That was adorable, wasn't it?

Olivia: This is starting to get a little bit creepy. You're basically stalking me right now.
Sonny: "Stalking" is a harsh term. I like to think of it more as of, uh, you know, the only way I can spend time with you.

How delightful!

Olivia didn't get the hell out of dodge, because she realized that Sonny would just follow her and invade her personal space elsewhere, and was given the third degree about her life and, specifically, her relationship with Johnny, only to have her answers mocked and ridiculed by Sonny because, hello, how can anyone turn down someone who knows nothing about your current life and only wants to talk about the connection they had, back in the day, when Olivia was fifteen.

Newsflash, Sonny, it is modern day, not Bensonhurst in the early 80s. If you're going to woo a woman, at least update your flirting a little...and, for that matter, try not to recycle exact conversations you had with another woman and former love of your life who also had the last name Falconeri! Geez Louise!

Sonny: We still have a connection like we always had, and I'm just trying to figure out why you're trying so hard to fight it.

Yeah, Olivia, why are you making your own decisions about things and not reacting the way Sonny wants you to?

Sonny: The point is, I'm free now.

Ignoring Olivia's rebuttal that she's not free, uh, Sonny? Everybody thinks that your wife is missing, so technically you're not free. You also seem remarkably unconcerned that your newfound freedom is thanks to your son killing your wife with an axe!


The last creepy romance of the day is, of course, Jason and Franco's, which took a dark turn that led Franco down Brooding Lane.


But there was a hilarious who's on first? diversion with Spinelli (who went to Franco's, ostensibly to confront him about Maxie):

Spinelli: He is I...
Franco : Me.
Spinelli: You too?
Franco: No. He is me, not I. You.
Spinelli: Me?
Franco: You what?

Yeah, I laughed out loud, what of it?

I also laughed out loud at Franco's "I wanted Maxie for the same reason I want you" and Spinelli's alarmed look, trying to figure out how that would work.


Franco: Tell Stone Cold to next time show a little respect

I think that Jason should have just had the damn chips and dip, and things wouldn't have taken such a turn for the worse!


yes, Kendra, YES! Killing off Emily Quartermaine while sticking us with the blubbering prince. . . . makes no sense.

We have a plethora of young men on this show who are doing nothing, but Nikolas gets shoved frontish-and-off-centerish all the time with awful pairings that don't work and he has significant place on the canvas.

Get rid of Nikolas and Ethan. Give Matt and Steven Webber stories.

Yeah I don't get Nikolas at all. The charater has no real connections. And they gave him a kid? Why? He has no story or relevant screentime and really is not even talked about. Sam and Alexis may be Cassadines but they are used significantly on the mob side of the show than anywhere else.

I'd take Emily back anyday with all the men on the show and it's not like this show has had a good track record introducing new females to the show. Kate, Claudia, Rebecca. All come and gone. I never ever understood why they killed off Georgie or Emily especially with the larger male population on the show.

Nik would never eat Spencer. That would be too kind. I bet Nik has Spencer locked in the dungeon. Really, what a jackass! I'm beginning to think that whine and whiner deserve each other.

Spinelli and Franco's scenes were great! Personally, one of favorites with Franco so far.

I don't want to see Olivia and Sonny hook up (which is exactly why this is going to happen). Sonny needs to learn that he can't get every women he wants into bed. Well, he can't get every women he wants into bed 2 and a half decades after the first time he got them into bed.

Excellent point, Kendra, about Stefan and Nik. I have always felt a part of Nik's character died in that s/l along with a huge drying up of s/l possibilities for Nikolas. Hence, we're stuck with Niz nausea.

Can someone explain why Liz always needs to be "freed" from one guy or another? Lucky, Ric, Nik and in some circle, yes, even saint Jasus. After numerous broken relationships, a girl needs to take responsibility for her own messes.

This just proves zero creativity. I read an interview with NL when she left GH and she indirectly admitted the writers had run out of story ideas for Emily Q who still had family and a brother and nephew in and connected to the mob. What kind of writers run out of story ideas for a legacy character. I assume it's why they killed off Georgie too. All Niks' stories are stupid romances. Sonny while I tire of the romances, actually does get story with his kids and Jason at times.

And all this talk about a new Cassadine - Spencer war. Been there done that. And without Stefan kind of pointless.

I love Niz. When Nik declared that he was so in love with Liz and that single tear, I fell off my couch. That whole Niz scene just killed me. they have so much chemistry and they have me hooked.

Niz and Lucky/Dante (Lethal Weapon) are the best couples on that show. I would say Lulu and Dante when she's not screaming about how great Sonny is.

Coleman and Kate? Solivia, YUCK

Nikolas had me hooked when he played out that exact same scene with Emily years ago in a far more noble storyline for him.

@Kendra i can't believe they told NL they had run out of stories for Em that is such a load of horse shit, like you said it really shows that the writers (Guza) have no talent and obviously don't pay any attention to what they write, as many have said here Emily had so many connections plus she was a doctor isn't the godforsaken show called General HOSPITAL* (*sometimes you find doctors there) Nikolas should have died instead.

I'm so glad we are critiquing Nikolas i really have an awful amount of hate toward him at the moment which is a shame as he is just a character but still does he have to suck so much in every damn scene? i can't stand his lifeless portrayal of Nikolas anymore i don't understand why Guza hasn't taken the opportunity to kill another legacy character and do away with him?

He's a man and one of the favored few of course he's still around. I used to adore the character and actor but have lost a lot of respect for him these past few years as I have watched his performance and appearence deteriorate on screen. I;ve watched much more talented and capable actors despite the material give their all day in and day out like Rick Hearst, Billy Warlock, Stephan Nichols only to get booted off the show. And who's Legacy? AJ was legacy as was Emily, Georgie. I don't see him leaving the show as any loss to the canvas.

And to tell that to NL? Look at all the story potential for her character. Long lost father, a baby storyline especially considering the character had cancer, another pairing.Lots of story but I am not a writer.

It pains me to say that I no longer like Nikolas as a character. Back in 2003, I loved him. The whole "Emily's cancer and fake engagement" story line may have sucked big time for ZEm fans, but as Nikolas and Emily fangirl, I absolutely adored it. That Nikolas was a good friend, a good brother, and a much better person. I barely recognize the character today (and no, not just because TC's face has gotten so much fuller). Nikolas used to stand on principles - yeah, he could be a whiny Prince at times, but he also had dignity. Remember when he confessed to pushing Helena off a cliff because he didn't want to be like every Cassadine before him who used and manipulated people to get away with breaking the law and satisfying their own desires? That was the Nikolas I loved.

Maybe it was only Emily that brought that out in him, because after she died, his character just went completely downhill. Even when they divorced after Nikolas was a tool, I could still see him as a good guy because he was still friends with Emily, and she brought out the best in him. They got back together, and I was happy with his character. But now that Emily is dead, he's become so much more of a selfish, entitled ass. The Nikolas of old would never do this to Lucky, and I can no longer tolerate his character, and that makes me sad. This effing show.

thank you! I was wondering if I was the only one who was troubled by

1. Nik's "just because he loves you doesn't mean I don't get to" declaration

2. Sonny's rapid weird (crazy) rebound from the Claudia marriage with an Olivia obsession.

I like Jason and Sam, I just wish there could be one other decent couple on the show to help balance the mafia murder plots. One other functional relationship in GH land right now beyond them would be a nice change.

And sidenote: After a long day of work, I'm watching today's GH. I the only one who thought today's episode is kind of amazing? A scene cut with a dark room and Lulu's scream? And the Nik/Luke scene? LOVE!

Fleur- It was potentially amazing until Nik decalred he loved his brother...and Luke seriously wondered when Lucky stopped trusting him implicetly.....then head...exploded...brain....blown.....not in a good way.

I didn't see anything amazing in the Luke/Nik scene. 2 putrid characters getting into a fight and Nikolas declaring his love for Lucky. Nothing says love like banging your brothers fiancee. And Puke can die.

Dani and Beth, your points are good ones. Sad as it is at this point, I find Nik's current personality so annoying that I just liked seeing Luke punch him.

Seeing Nik and Luke in the same scene makes me queasy.

Same with spinelli and maxie. I'm soooo tired of them. They are played out. Let's move on.

I'm enjoying JF.

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