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December 11, 2009

The Fanboy and the Hitman

Any ambivalence I had about the Franco and Jason scenes of Thursday's episode went quickly out the window today, because the entirety of their time together had me giggling with delight. Delight that rivaled the look of delight on Franco's face whenever he looked at Jason!


Franco, offering Jason snacks: Chips and dip, M&Ms...only have the red ones, though. The other colors taste different. Have you ever noticed that?

(He REPEATEDLY offered Jason chips and dip throughout the episode and pointed out that the dip was spinach and artichoke, as if that would sweeten the pot!)

Franco: Conviction set aside for the murder of Luis Alcazar. Acquitted in the trial of his brother Lorenzo. What is it with you and this family?...and you shot up a church. Ever worry about eternal damnation there, Jase?

Franco: I would have thought that you'd see it instantly.
Jason: See what?
Franco: Us. We're the same.

Franco: Let's review: we're both obsessed with death, but today, who isn't? We're both obsessed with death. And we're both artistes.

Franco: Like I said, soulmates! You don't give a second thought to those you kill. You're not eaten up with regret, guilt. You murder, and then you leave the emotional baggage for someone else. THAT is art.

Jason: Is that what you do? Do you kill people? How many?
Franco: Gosh, who keeps count these days? Do you actually put notches somewhere?

Franco: I've killed dozens of times, in many different ways ::breaks into a demented, blissful smile:: All in my imagination!

Jason: About Claudia Corinthos--
Franco: 1,023 [seconds. He counted the seconds! DIES AND IS DEAD--Ed.]! That seemed like that took forever, didn't it? From now on, I'm not counting on you to pick up the conversation.

Franco: I swear, I almost started crying, for joy.

Franco: Unless you left [Joey Limbo] for me? So we could work together? Thank you...thank you so much. Now tell me we weren't separated at birth!

Franco: You and your girlfriend slamming into that cabin like Starsky and Hutch...


It's like the show finally said, "You know what? I am an absurd, terrible, murder-fetishizing show with an unhealthy love of a morally corrupt killer. Why not just go all out?" And then it did. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

The fact that I am now on the record as unreservedly praising General Hospital is shameful enough (although I hope to retain a small amount of street cred since I do recognize that some of the greatness of this Franco story is of the "so bad its..." variety), but how am I supposed to cope with the fact that I am unreservedly praising Bob Guza's words? He wrote all the Franco story, dialogue and all...dialogue that literally made me laugh out loud and clap my hands like a demented seal.

Damn it! You've won this round, Guza.

(Although the Franco half of the dialogue wasn't too much of a writerly stretch for him, was it? It's not like he needed to search for inspiration for how to write a Jason-obsessed maniac)

(Also, the fact that he knows that Michael killed Claudia confirms that he will be murdered by Jason. We all assumed that, but now it's a certainty)

The parts of the show not dealing with the epic Jason/Franco romance varied from very good to very bad to "Write about it? I'm going to pretend I never saw it."


If Franco didn't exist, Diane would have been my favorite part of today's episode, on her way out the door after trying to explain to Sonny that (A) he doesn't get to decide when the cops close a case and (B) dry-humping a new girlfriend while his wife is still considered "missing" isn't the best of ideas.

Diane: Stop acting like a hormonal teenager. No wonder there is such a surplus of Corinthos progeny!


Ugh, speaking of Sonny being a hormonal teenager: are we supposed to swoon at the elaborate setup he planned to get Olivia into a hotel room with a romantic meal all set up? Because I have to tell you, luring a woman to an empty room under false pretenses and jumping out of the shadows doesn't come across as "romantic hero" so much as it does "horror movie villain".


Spinelli overheard Maxie and Sam discussing the former's rendezvous with Franco (the one that she claims she was powerless to, because he was as mesmerizing as a cult leader, or something) and I prepared myself for angst and wounded looks and horribleness.



But Bradford Anderson gave a tremendous performance. And that's not me being a bitch, although that's an easy assumption to make since this performance actually had no words. I mean it, though! He was silent, but he conveyed a whole world of hurt without speaking and I think it was really effective. And that's coming from someone who has no emotion at all invested in this pairing. Kudos, to BA.


How much did I love Dante and Lucky? SO much. I loved Lucky figuring Dante's deal out, I loved their banter, I loved how they teased Lulu and I love that two cops were allowed to be all smart and charming.


Dare I hope that this signals the dawn of a new era? This IS GH, so, um, I probably shouldn't, since I'll only wind up disappointed.


I have no idea what the hell is going on with Rebecca taunting Nikolas and wanting Lucky, and I don't particularly care (sad, isn't it, that my fondness for Rebecca lasted all of one hour? Boo!) but it led to Liz's hilarious

Elizabeth: Is that bitch insane?

The answer is yes, and also I know she is, but what are you?

Because REALLY, Liz, what are you thinking? You know Steven wanted to ask her exactly that when she confessed to him that she's engaged to Lucky but sexing Nik. But he didn't get the chance to ask her, because there was absolutely no follow up to that scene at all! NONE! The least the show could have done was not have Steven leave, off-screen, but just had Elizabeth explain to Nikolas when he showed up, "My brother is here, passed out. He lost consciousness due to the horror of hearing about the thing we've got going on". It would be follow up AND a rational reaction to hearing that news!


Like you, shouted with glee at Diane's comment! And totally agree with you about Lucky and Dante -- loved, loved, loved them together. Notice, too, how Lucky is once again the computer whiz kid of old?

I'll echo Beth and Mallory's comments. Loved Diane's remark, loved Liz's 'what the feh?' reaction (am glad she knows. I'm an Lucky/Liz fan of old and it would be great to see her get territorial), and LOVED the Dante and Lucky cool guy cop rapport--partly because it was clever and partly because of their combined hotness factor. Am hoping we get a good deal more of them working together now that Lucky knows he's a cop.

And Beth, I *did* notice the Lucky computer whiz reference (and it caused me a middle school era squee! Lol!)

Any chance will see James Franco and Bruce Weitz in a scene together? I would FLOVE to see the two of them banter.

James Franco is either channeling Stephen Colbert or Andy Kaufman...either way, it's just all one big joke. I do love the irony of those lines though. It'll be a shame to see him go.

So, I haven't watched GH in ages, not even for Robin and Patrick but I couldn't overcome curiousity and had to watch the Jason/Franco scenes you so helpfully posted right in your recap. And I have to say...I'm ashamed. REALLY ashamed...because I liked it. *Hangs head in embarrassment* Can we just chalk this up to more of the Awesome Writer escaping from captivity because it goes everything I stand for to give credit to Guza for anything other than for being the douchiest douchebag in all of doucheville. Although...I may just be blinded by James Franco's presence. Yeah, lets just go with that.

James Franco's scenes were awesome! Best acting on this show in ages. The character is supposed to be off his rocker and JF plays it to a T! I think some don't like his acting or character b/c they watch the same lame azz sheet every other day. I can't stand the character of Jason (mostly b/c it's the same story, different sweeps), but I'm loving this story with Franco. JF is sex on a stick btw, so cute! I'm going to have to disagree though on Franco being killed, check it...


I was shocked GH remembered that Lucky was a computer whiz. I couldn't believe that. It's like they are erasing all of GV's Lucky.
Franco: I've killed dozens of times, in many different ways ::breaks into a demented, blissful smile:: All in my imagination!
The BEST scene of the whole week. I was laughing so hard on that part. I still can't believe Guza wrote that. It was brillant and James Franco expression had me rolling. Oh and I love when Liz said that about rebecca.

This Franco/Jason storyline is just bizarre and makes me shake my head. There were so many lame/creepy pickup/stalker lines in today's show that I don't even really know what else to say except at least it's not a rip-off of twelve previous stories GH has done.

But amen to what you all said about Lucky and Dante! They were so enjoyable, and it was nice to see Lulu and Lucky behaving like siblings again. I hope we get to see more.

Mallory, I, too, behaved like a demented seal. I want to put Franco artiste in my pocket. Love it, love it, love it.

Still hate the Franco stuff don't care. Lucky and Dante were good but lose Lulu. She's a waste. Hate Liz. Now she's got another enabler in her brother. Still love Rebecca. She's nuts and who would have guess NL would make a great soap bitch. Nikolas though is boring. He's about as exciting as a piece of dry toast.

I'm just not feeling the Franco love, even after seeing that fabulous "Acting with James Franco" video. That was a hoot! But these scenes are just cardboard demented. I could write them. They are definitely B-movie material.

I thought the scenes with Lucky and Dante were great. Such an easy rapport--and on the right side of the right/wrong issue, for once.

Sonny "courtship" of Olivia is just slimy. I would run from the room if I were her, but not before shuddering in his presence and yelling "ewww".

I am with you Alice. All the Franco love escapes me. And I do agree with the Lucky/Dante stuff. With this disgusting LL2 storyline, Lucky with Dante is about the only scenes I can stand JJ in.

And maybe the bloggers need to figure out why they feel Rebecca is uninteresting now. I'm no NL fan but I think she plays a bitch beautiful but Newsflash. I enjoy her with Liz, Lucky, and actually Ethan now oddly and I enjoyed her scenes with Stephan Webber. I happen to agree with another poster. Nikolas has become about as interesting as a rock and I roll my eyes when he's in scenes with anyone. He to me is the vapid of suck. I wish I could understand the appeal of the actor now. He hasn't been interesting since Nikolas had his tumor and was attacking everyone in town.

Too bad Emily didn't strangle Dikolas during the B&W ball two years ago...

I normally agree with Mall and Becca here because they are normally dead on but I felt the Franco stuff was JF himself thumbing his nose at the soap genre and I was LMAO at him for that.

And ladies I have to point something out and I wish you'd dedicate a blog to this. Why is it that Nikolas's love interests like Sonny's all seem to disappear off this show. I have to say I have detested Rebecca's entire stay on this show other than her scenes with the Q's and Becky Herbst. But I've been loving her this past week. I shamefully admit to enjoying her with Ethan, Liz, Lucky, and especially Steven Webber. NL and SR actally have some chem. But the minute Nikolas walks in it all goes to crap. Ask yourself why.

I'd love a little column about Nikolas and TC's sleepwalking portrayal of him not just now but for the last 2 plus years. Yeah MB and SBu take a lot of flack for their acting, but TC should as well. The fact that Rebecca is tolerable and actually enjoyable away from him gads kill me. I even enjoyed Nadine until the show paired her with him and then it all went to pot.

And another cheating storyline for Nikolas? Can they come up with a storyline for him other than one that involves finding his one and only twuwuv by poaching someone else's wife or fiancee.

OH EM GEE. Elle, that would be the greatest pairing of screen partners in the history of the screen.

Kami and Millie and Val (and anyone else I may have missed!)--you are preaching to the choir about Nikolas/Tyler Christopher's completely half-assed portrayal (which, yeah, has definitely been going on for way too long and he just skates by). I will definitely try to do a full entry about it, or at least dedicate a larger part of a post to it.

Thanks Mall. I know most here don't care for NL and I ain't a big fan but egads her sweet exterior with the calculating schemer and bitch had me LMAO. This is how she should have been written from the beginning and she makes a better adversary for Liz the Sam or Maxie ever did. What a waste.

This show has no bitches at all(well except for Liz which the show doesn't acknowledge) and I wish she was staying. She actually added some life to this storyline. I love her tormenting Liz. I really wanted to see her lay into Dikolas the same but never expected it because of how this show treats the men.

It enforces to me where the problem is which was never with NL but lackluster writers and acting partner who is about as interesting as a dead fish.

I can't stand actors who choose to bring it on when THEY want to. It's the problem I have with all the leads on this show. MB., SBu are that way. IR and TC are that way. And the actors who give it their all ALL the time such as Rick Hearst or Stephan Nichols or Stuart Damon get shown the door. While the actresses take so much more flack, and while the females on this show are simply blow up dolls and enablers for the men, from an acting perspective they carry the show. And that's ALL OF THEM.

Bless you Kami. Val, Millie. I love Becs and Mallory but the one thing I've not agreed with is the unfair criticism of every love interest Nikolas has had. Now they wrote a TERRIBLE story for Rebecca and same for Nadine but I can't help but thing how diff things would have been if it had been Lucky versus Nikolas in all these stories. It's kind of telling when each character is enjoyable away from him. I can't stand watching even he and Liz together and I am a Liz fan. It seems to me the actor's been sucking since 2006 when that pilot he was supposed to do wasn't picked up and he was forced to stay on lowly GH.

I have a question - does anyone recognize the liquor or wine that Franco is drinking in the above clips? It's clear, in a green bottle with a white label, a gold band around the neck and a cork top. In an earlier show he poured some for Maxie and called it poet's muse. She spit it out, he laughed and said it tasted like 10 year old cough syrup. Just like me to wonder about simple details.

Yep, I've been bitching in the comments for the past umpteen posts that Tyler Christopher is turning in a doughy, disinterested "performance." He stares off into space when someone is speaking to him, rolling his eyes like he's trying to avoid an epileptic seizure. He just seems bored, and a SWAT team breaking through every window of Wyndemere and shooting up the place wouldn't bring anymore than a "hurumpff" on his part. As much as I loathe Natalia Livingston's real lack of acting talent, I do agree that ANY actress is going to have a hard time garnering chemistry with a personality that has been dead since the early 90's.

So much word in every one's posts, i thought i was the only one totally bored to death with TCs portrayal of Nikolas, it seems like ever since Emily died (which should have meant he upped his game since he was getting what he apparently wanted... a new direction) Nikolas has just become this over-sized muscle neck ken doll on heat, the last time i saw real emotion of any kind from him was when Emily the tumour finally floated away, i didn't mind his scenes with Nadine but toward the end he started to look like he'd rather be somewhere else and has stayed that way ever since, there are so many actors out there that would love a job i really hate that TC keeps his job and acts as though he'd rather be anywhere but there. Now i know NL doesn't have a lot of fans here but i do like her, i liked her Emily and adored her with the Quartermaines, i was so looking forward to her coming back but why on gods earth did they put her back with Nikolas "the the black hole of boredom and doom" Cassadine? Rebecca had Chem with GV's Lucky and with Matt but that wasn't pursued. I FLOVE! the whole Liz vs Becs, i didn't know NL could do bitch so well and i hate that she is leaving again because I'd really love anyone who hates Nikolas to stick around and make his life hell same for Liz too she gives as good as she gets with Rebecca, RH and NL work well together but it is GH after all can't have the women taking centre stage.

I'm just going to say it, because I feel that it needs to be said:

I need to see some Franco/Jason slash fiction, fanvids, etc NOW.

Franco may say that having and expressing emotions slows you down, but I can guarantee that before he goes to sleep at night, his last thought is of Jason Morgan. He probably caresses a photo of him.

Good lord I am glad someone finally recognized the douchebag TC is. That's being kind. The show seems to think he walks on water and he's looked disinterested on screen for over 3 years now. I am beginning to believe he can only generate chemistry with someone he's banging in reallife because the only time he remotely has had chem with anyone it was with NL for a time.

I am one of the few here apparently who liked NL's Emily and was looking forward to her return only to see a terrible storyline coupled with her having to work with a disinterested acting buddy.

I normally love Mallory and Becca but I've entirely disagreed with their posts on Nadine and Rebecca because both characters and actresses have now been proven far more capabale and interesting away from him. Bottom line the actor sucks, he looks terrible, and his acting is disinterested at best. Maybe he should try exuding some emotion versus constantly looking away when other actors speak to him. I wanted to throw something at my screen last week in every scene he was in he was so bad. And people call NL a bad actor. At least she was remotely entertaining the past couple of weeks. He hasn't been interesting in over 3 years.

I am SO thrilled to find people who agree with me on the Franco front. I have been BORED out of my mind with this storyline. Weeks of build up (Mad World, anyone?) and then this lame storyline comes on. I get this sneaking suspicion that James Franco is playing a cruel joke on all of us. I find his acting to horrendous (i know, I know, I get he is crazy, but crazy and bad actor are not the same). And the writing! I cannot disagree more with those of you who have said that Bob Guza is in his prime. The writing for Spinelli is better than Franco! I find myself fast-forwarding through 75% of the show these days. I hope it gets better with February sweeps. The only light for me is Lucky FINALLY figuring out his mess someday soon.

Michelle and company ICAM. I feel like I am the lone wolf because I find this Franco story nada interesting. Throw him on screen for half the show so what. Doesn't make the character, story, or actor any more compelling.

And bless someone for FINALLY mentioned the badness that is Tyler Christopher. I thought they killed off Emily so he could be FREE FREE FREE and now when he is he continues to stink up the screen.

It's a shame NL is leaving because let me tell you she and Becky rock together. Plus I actually loved her scenes with SR and *gulp* Ethan. It's like she's thumbing her nose at the assholes who brought her back to WORK with TC only for TC along with a terrible and awful story to tank the whole thing. He should be patting himself on the back. IF anything, he should be leaving the show and fired.

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