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December 21, 2009

The One Thing This Show Won't Murder

The worst thing about winter, besides the snow, and the cold, and the days getting shorter, is that it's time for soaps to break out the heavy outwear which means that, for the third year in a row, Robin Scorpio is roaming about town in the hideous plaid coat of which I have an irrational, obsessive hatred.






I'd like someone to explain to me why the General Hospital writing staff refuses to acknowledge history, character motivation and events that unfolded on-screen earlier in an episode while the General Hospital wardrobe department is all, "Put Robin in a different coat?! No! This coat has been an essential part of the character for the past two years! It's who she is!"

There were many developments on today's GH that are crying out for discussion, and discuss them I will, once I gather the strength to re-watch a scene that irritated me so much that my ears intervened and wouldn't let me hear the rest of it. You know which scene I mean.


I was waiting for a post on the plaid coat as soon as I saw it!

you know i have been convinced for years taht Guza knows who each and every one of his critics are...and he's out to make our lives miserable.

You know, if Beth R. up there is right, you might want to test that theory. If an Ode To Sonny's Awesome Ways of Awesome And How If He Were To Die We'd All Die were suddenly put up, we would all understand.

Haha! I keep thinking are RNP talking to Lulu about there Tree??
Nope! That's the "new girl" here for more DRAMA:(

She's a doctor. Please let her buy a new coat!

Oh now come on, it's like a rite of winter! Sleighbells, eggnog, and Robin's fugly plaid coat! I feel incomplete if I don't see it.

I don't know where GH spends the two bucks a month they have for production, but it's surely not on wardrobe.

Haha. I knew this post was coming, as soon as that ugly ass coat graced my screen. LMAO!!

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